Minister Farrakahn tells his followers about scientology July 1, 2012

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Anonymous, Jul 26, 2012.

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    LOL, alien worshipping fake muslim dickwad.


    Farrakkan is notifying us that we should embrace the events of the next few days as aliens descend on Earth and return us to our natural way of thinking. We have never heard him be so adamant about the placement of U.F.O.’s in the world. He received help from renowned investigator Jaimie Maussan. He gave him a translated platform where he could get loose and tell us how the American government has been trying to hide this information from the world.
    But now, he is certain that there will be sightings all over the world and they will no longer be able to withhold this truth from us. What do you think? Do you believe you will see the UFO’s in the sky soon? Farrakhan is certain that we will see them and some have already been sighted.
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    The black Hubbard.
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    What sucks the most about this noi/scientology clusterfuck is having, on occasion, to slog through Farrakhans 20 minute rants in order to try and gauge where things are going. Apparently things may not be going all that well.

    Beneath all of the repetitive pulpiting and the adoring chatter from his peanut gallery, the entire sermon is nothing more than a weak attempt at trying to justify his own relationship with the cult which has obviously been brought into question to a point where those questions have gotten his attention, forcing his hand to come up with some kind of a response.

    Suddenly, all of those cry's to get everyone up on Dianetics and auditing seem to have gone quiet. They've been replaced by lame apologetics over Hubbards clear lack of character, particularly where his own community is concerned.

    Most likely he'll be keeping some small cadre of what the DC org has referred to as "those people who come and go all the time" but that army of noi dianeticists? Hasn't happened, doesn't look like it ever will.
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    not to be an asshole, but we have been getting second hand news too much recently. this is worrisome. carry on.
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    I love this. Maybe he is the downfall. It's so weird but when I listen to L Ron, I feel very disturbed, just like now.
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    Has anyone informed Farrakhan's followers about Hubbard's description of the prophet Mohammed, and Jesus, both being "implanted" into human psyche 75 million years ago by Xenu and his nasty henchmen during the volcano incidents?

    Involving volcanos that of course didn't even exist, nor was any significant land mass in their current location 75 million years ago.

    Hubbard was such a retarded fool. I could probably allow the Nation of Islam their brand of white devil alien bullshit they usually spout but to align themselves with Dianetics is just disappointing.

    I laughed at them during the million man march, it was unattractive cult faux Islam bullshit even back then way before 9/11, but to sign up for the billion year slave contracts designed by the biggest fattest whitey bigot motherfucker on Teegeack ... well brothers, I'm afraid that's niggers trolled by niggers sent to troll nigger threads x 9000.
    They are an embarrassment to the black man, like Doug E Fresh or Will Smith with their cult bullshit.

    Farrakhan is a fake, but I expected more of his followers than to fall for L Ron Hubbard.
    This is yet more prime evidence that stupid religious cults like this make people go really, really full retarded.
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    It's Sue's fault. Farrakhan Ragequit WWP after having been Domelocked for the second time in a matter of weeks.
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    Also: We need a esmb/wwp warlord. Kha Khan is missed.
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    he says:
    "you mean you sat in the classroom with a white teacher and got you a degree and now you are working for white people?"

    great grammar and great spin Louie! lol
    A total 360 of the hatred and racist crap you used to spew about "white devils" before.

    he said "can you imagine white folk calling me a racist? that Farrahan (and he did say Farahan not Farrakhan) is a racist! How am I a racist?"
    hmmm the term "white folk" should be a big clue.

    and a little later "how many people have I enslaved?"
    Louie you are further enslaving people as I speak with "Dianetics"
    We shall see how many Sea Orgers you are responsible for!

    Later he "thanks God for Mr. L. Ron Hubbard and thanks God for his research and teaching"
    he also brings up AGAIN that if Hubbard was racist, he was buried with that".
    His last "sermon" *cough* he said hewas not going to bring that up again.
    I guess he felt he had to bring it up again. I guess he is feeling some pressure from the new book that came out.
    He also said "you can critcize me all you want, that does not bother me".
    But he has stated earlier, "either you get on course or you can sit down"
    So I guess that didn't work and he is laying low a bit with more or less "forcing" people to get on course?

    Someone needs to pull up his old lectures about jews and white devils and do a compliation of the two back to back. Would be juicy. Can be called "Farrakhan The Flip Flop King"
    Anything to rack in da cash, huh Louie?

    The nodding and yelling sheeple in this vid are so very sad and brainwashed
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