Mining "Serenity" for propaganda

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Anonymous, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    V for Vendetta and Fight Club have traditionally provided Anonymous with strong visual and thematic elements to borrow from in creating artistic expressions of the whatever-the-hell-anonymous-is and recruitment for operations. I think we've left out an important cultural resource in not drawing from Serenity for cultural references.

    The whole plot is basically "INFORMATION SHOULD BE FREE." For those of you not familiar with the film: mentally unstable government experiment accidentally uncovers the terrible secret of space and is chased all over by the big government until the good guys finally discover documents that prove the secrets and broadcast it to the entire universe, and the government gives up because they have nothing left to hide. The actual tagline for the actual movie was "can't stop the signal." I am not making this shit up.

    Potential problems: mostly nerds saw it, and we have a pretty good saturation in the nerd market already; since the movie drew its influences from cowboys and traditional chinese imagery, it can be mistaken for one or the other; and most of the marketing for the film was done through silly viral stuff, so getting things to spread with the same imagery could be difficult.

  2. Anonymous Member

    You broke Rules 1 and 2...

    The game.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I hate you and everywhere you've ever been. That doesn't even make sense.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    It is a great movie, but the simple fact that most people haven't seen it renders it usable for our purposes. V For Vendetta works simply because of how well known it is.

    Which is a real shame since Serenity touches on some subjects a hell of a lot better than V For Vendetta did.
  5. Anonymous Member

    *unusable - typo in the above ^
  6. the anti Member

    something like river taking on the reavers?
  7. Shinythings Member

    When this all started, I kept reading a lot of "you can't stop the signal, scientology". Google it, you might end up in some of the old Entubulation threads...
  8. Trapan0n Member

    That is an interesting point, though like many of the other Anon said, it isn't popular enough. It is a shame, because the alliance in “Serenity” is exactly the direction our governments are going. Hiding info, committing atrocity that no one can see, and covering up everything even at the expense of contradicting themselves. When I watched the wikileaks videos I was so appalled I lost my appetite (as I typically eat while watching Documentaries). These sorts of things shouldn’t go unnoticed, what has happened in the recent decade to bar so much information? I mean I can recall things being revealed by the media in the early 90s that were pretty huge, but they weren’t called terrorists. Now if anyone has a contradicting opinion to the government suddenly they are terrorists. The word is used so much it drives me bonkers. You can see this in Firefly/Serenity too. When Malcom's band the "Brown Coats" are seen as terrorists for having opposing views even though a lot of them aren't active in terrorist activities.
  9. Herro Member

    Battlestar Galactica is vastly superior because it actually makes you think... which wouldn't make it good for propaganda. Never mind.
  10. Shinythings Member

    Actually Battlestar Galactica was pretty popular. Maybe some mining could be done there!
  11. Trapan0n Member

    I agree with you Herro, and Battlestar Galactica has a bit of a larger fanbase. You shouldn't sell the idea short~
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  15. Herro Member

    Don't. You. Dare.

  16. Anonymous Member

    Without fail, BG puts me to sleep. Serenity/Firefly much more entertaining.
  17. Anonymous Member

    No one said "shiny" yet?
  18. CarterUSP Member

    You're gorram right.
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  20. Anonymous Member

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  22. Trapan0n Member

    Awesome, the fact that you made Anon the Reavers makes me so happy. I feel like that is exactly how it is, small guy is being battered by corrupt governments then Anon shows up and roflstomps them. Allowing the little guy to continue communications and carry out their objectives.
  23. River Tam is my roll model
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  24. Anonymous Member

    No more mister nice Gaius

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    Battlestart Galactica is good because it's mostly based on fact.
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  27. Anonymous Member

    "Serenity isn't popular enough"? I have no idea what you're talking about. Literally EVERYONE I know has at least heard of Joss's Firefly and its sequel movie, Serenity. Most of them have seen it.

    There. I just asked the random person sitting next to me in my University's lobby. He's heard of it.

    Firefly is one of Joss Whedon's most popular works, and he's a pretty popular guy.

    I feel many of you are underestimating just how popular "geek culture" has become in mainstream entertainment.
  28. telomere Member

    Google: Battlestar Galactica
    About 35,600,000 results

    Google: Serenity
    About 79,700,000

    Obviously, Serenity is twice as popular as BSG.
  29. telomere Member

  30. chymira Member

    BSG. .. no
    That is all lol.
    I hate that show and people think we live in our parents basements anyway. Way to make it worse? BSG.

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