Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by JohnSmith, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Dunvegan Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Promises, promises, JS....

    Lap dance or GTFO. :woot:
  2. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    ^^^ THIS. :cheers:
  3. JohnSmith Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    I am SO sorry I couldn't make it today. I've suddenly fallen ill with some flu-like symptoms, so I had to call it off.

    *sigh* I hate being sick, too. >.<
  4. anmoyunos Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    You ate the mystery puffs, didn't you....
  5. JohnSmith Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    No, but I got plenty of hugs.

    Do I really have to give lap dances?
  6. anonymizzz Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    So basically you spread your flu AIDS around to tons of people...

    And yes you do. Tits or GTFO.
  7. Castrato Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Just know, John, that if you attempt to lap dance within even ten feet of me I will have your head in a jar on my desk. Right here. Next to my computer.
  8. JohnSmith Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    I do not believe that the majority of SFAnons would allow you to perform such an action.

  9. Castrato Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests


    at the very least, I'll give you a deadarm.
  10. number 6 Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Are we giving out free hugs again this Saturday?
  11. number 6 Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Alright. San Francisco anons who have not already done so should go to to find out more information about our next mini raid this Saturday.
  12. rawrz Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    This is true.

    ATTENTION ALL NEWFAGS: A lot of us will be bringing flyers, but $5 at Kinko's gets 50 flyers, which can last between 30 minutes and an hour when given out sparingly. If your usual excuse of not passing out flyers is becuase you'd be by yourself, There is usauly 10 to 15 anons that show up, and we pass out flyers together in groups, so you won't be by yourself.

    Stay for a couple hours, or less then a hour, doesn't matter, everybit of help matters.
  13. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    ^^^ QUOTED FOR MO'FOING TRUTH. SF is one of the most active cells out there.

    PROTIP: Use half flyers. They last twice as long and are more likely to get picked up.. For $6.50 + tax, you just doubled your flyers to 100.
  14. rawrz Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Here are the multiple small flyers. We do have others loaded up on the ning.
    3 Pack Flyer*ifI...1kEkQa*DCYVVgXqT2nVWpJ38R27GzQXq0eR/3pack.jpg

    2 Pack Flyer

    Newfags: We meet at Powell Bart, then are going to walk market and go to the intersection of 4th and Market, our table, "home base" will be set up in Bart, Total time we are out there 11:30-4pm, stop by anytime to help.
  15. JohnSmith Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    4PM? Pffft. I recall we were there until 5:30 last Saturday. I'm down for THAT. (especially since I can't be there until 3:30)
  16. rawrz Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    mmmmm, your right about the outside Bart, we stay longer, but Bart Permit is until 4 I think. Either way, thier will be anons there. So I guess outside Bart 11:30-5:30-6ish. Good times will be had by all.
  17. number 6 Member

  18. dollfaceanon Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    and i still look like a dude ಠ_ಠ

    todays raid was freaking awesome, gaiz

    re: fliers
    everyone else brought like a bazillion fliers, i just took big handfulls of the halfsheets, mixed them all up, and then went and handed them out, AND WE STILL HAD SOME LEFT OVER, i must've handed out hundreds of them
  19. anmoyunos Member

  20. A Nonymoose Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    tl;dr - fun times, hugs, enturbulated some scilons

    Hey all,
    I was one of the two guys who showed up on Sunday for the shift-change at about 3.

    We passed out all of our ESK fliers in or around that little plaza with the trolley and distributed many hugs to many different people. I think the most effective bit of signage we brought was the "Ask me why I'm wearing a mask" one. Lots of people who were otherwise uninterested in the hugs were very keen to know why we were dressed like freaks and some of them were persuaded in the end to indulge in one of our spare hugs. We even met some maskless Anons who either told us they would be attending Saturday's protest or had missed the memo about Enturb being the new center of info but were none the less interested in 4/12.

    We also directly approached the officers who were stationed in the area to thank them on behalf of Anonymous and tell them that our experience with the various Bay Area PDs has been an overwhelmingly positive one. Though they wouldn't hug us or even shake our hands citing safety protocol, we did get a good fist-pound from one. Sadly no pics of this but hopefully we can stage a similar photo op on the next mini-raid.

    After we had pretty much exhausted the crowd in that area we moved on up the street to enturbulate some more thetans. Hugs abounded as did good questions from many of the passers-by (on a side note, i think SF is probably the only city in the country where an enthusiastic "Why not ALL religions?" would be a fairly common response to "We're protesting Scientology").

    As we walked around for a while we were warned by someone that a Scilon had set up with a box of the pink pamphlets almost immediately after we had passed by. Being brave, and some would say stupid, my fellow Anon and I walked up to a point right across the sidewalk from where this guy was busily rifling through his boxes and stood. And waited. He eventually stood up and though we didn't get the jaw-drop we were after it was evident that he was surprised by our ninja-like prowess. He instantly got on the phone and blackup (or, well, brownup) arrived in about 1 minute with a VERY large camera and a pudgy asian man. Frankly I was impressed with their speed. I pulled out my own camera and got some pretty good pics of the camera man and a couple less awesome pics of the other two. These will be posted somewhere shortly and I'll put up the link when I figure out where. At this point we were out numbered by 1 and the first guy was still calling in more so we did the wise thing and bugged out.

    Over all, I am very happy with how the raid went and you can expect to see me out there every Sunday I can manage :)
  21. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    There are very few scilons working booths; the small asian guy is usually there every day.
    I use the BART often, and from what I see, they have sort of an acting routine with roles. The people doing the test are always the same, and the scilons pretending to do the test are always the same. Weird...
  22. anmoyunos Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    GOOD! MOAR Southbayfag represent!
  23. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Caturday Recruitment / Co$ Circlejerk
    Event Details

    Time: April 19, 2008 from 11am to 4pm
    Location: Market St.
    Street: Powell Bart Entrance / 4th and Market
    City/Town: SF
    Website or Map: Google Maps
    Event Type: Raid
    Organized By: Your Mom
    Latest Activity: 3 minutes ago

    We’ll start at the Bart Entrance and move out from there.

    • Fliers promoting the 10th,, and the misdeeds of the Church of Scientology.
    • Water, food, etc.
    • Clothing for warm and cold weather.
    • An iPod or CDs with whatever music you want to hear.
    • Sweet signs with awesome catchy propaganda.
    • Any retarded stuff you want to drag along.

    Special Updates:
    • Apparently there’s going to be a huge scilon flier drive all weekend. woopty doop.
    • We’re cutting it short this time for a special event. If you show up, you get details.
    • I'll be bringing trash cameras for anyone who doesn't have a digital cam to record $cilons. After raid hand them off to me and I'll get them digitally developed.

    Things to say and document responses with ANY $cilon you confront:
    1) Are you clear?
    2) If you are not clear how far along are you? Have you done all the Basics?
    3) Do you realize you can get all the doctrine online now for free?
    4) Are you out here today to help lower your training costs?
    5) Xenu is not Zeno of Elea, when you reach OT 3 they will explain that he's an evil galactic overlord. Did you know this?
    6) Did you know that there’s a group that practices Scientology doctrine that doesn’t require payment? They’re called the Freezoners. They even do auditing sessions.

    Note: If someone is not clear there is NO point to discussing anything having to do with Xenu or past OT 3 knowledge. Remember, these people are sent out as bait. If they’re low level don’t get in their face. They don’t even know why they’re out there selling books.
  24. rawrz Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    haha, oh wow.

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