Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by JohnSmith, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. JohnSmith Member

    You guys are epic.

    I'm trying to get justsomeanon to bring the booth stuff again on 3/29. Megaphone and I are both busy this weekend. I hope he replies to my PM.
  2. number 6 Member

    We can't have booth stuff on a public sidewalk. The police will be fine with us picketing, I think, but not with a set up.

    Please people, please come.
  3. JohnSmith Member

    Check the date. I said 3/29. That's next Sunday. The BART mini-protest.
  4. JohnSmith Member

  5. Hay guise... I was looking through the CL events in Mountain View and GUESS WHO'S SPAMMING???

    Search for:
    Man's Search for His Soul
    Dianetics & Scientology Self-guided Tour
    ... up to Marriage

    and enjoy flagging for SPAM! :D

    EDIT: Hmm.. I'm looking at the posts AFTER 3/10 and the bodies of the posts stopped containing the words "Dianetics" and "Scientology". Instead, they're using "Life Improvement Center " for the Mountain View org....
  6. JohnSmith Member

    Keep it coming. I <3 this stuff.
  7. everanonymous Member

    these lectures would be awesome opportunities for mini-raids. walk in, flier, and walk out. that, or stand outside the building and flier.
  8. XenuLovesU Member

    Sorry for the x-posting...

    ...but Tommy has said that the LRH b-day party will be held on the 22nd at the Hilton, 5PM. I presume we're going to be there in force?
  9. number 6 Member


    Does anyone know a good store where I can get the V for Vendetta mask.

    Oh, and do the police know?
  10. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    I don't think the cops know yet but can't get your hands on a v mask. Wear a bandanna instead.
  11. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    We're meeting at the Trans building 4-5sh in front of Co$
  12. number 6 Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Oh, I'm so happy today. After much searching and calling around, I finally found a place that carried the V for Vendetta masks. And I got one. You'll see me, the short one, in a V mask tomorrow.
  13. JohnSmith Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Sweet. Excellent job.

    See you all there tomorrow. I'll have to bail @ 8, though. Oh well.
  14. number 6 Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Check out the photos on this thread:;page=3

    And here are mine:


    See complete photo album here: Birthday Party Crashers

    Overall, I think this was a decent turnout for such short notice. I wasn't expecting 100 people. It was great to see Lawrence Wollersheim without a disguise, and he did speak on the megaphone a bit. I did find out he won't be at the April protest, sadly. That's fine. Tommy Gorman is there, and he will always be there. In fact, this raid was his idea.

    I was in a black hooded jacket and V mask. Needless to say I won't be wearing that again, at least on my face. I'll just stick with the mask I wore last Saturday. The V mask kept on slipping, and it was rather hot. I'll wear it on the back of my head next time.

    It was great to see Dunvegan in person. I hope you managed to get in contact with the San Francisco Bay Guardian.

    I also got to talk to one policeman, Alvarez his name is. In fact, Alvarez chatted for a long time with Tommy and Lawrence. I'm so glad the SFPD is not like the LAPD and the Dekalb County police.

    Jamie DeWolf is freaking hilarious. It was great he showed up. I hope he shows up on April 12th, wherever he may be at the time.
  15. anmoyunos Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Shame we didn't get our ride on the SF Tour Bus, but that was a damned good time.

    My eyes are having their own protest right now. I'm gonna keep fighting these two assholes in the name of Mudkips to get the 50 or so keepers tweaked and uploaded.
  16. JohnSmith Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    I'm doing the same. I'll be cutting up the 20+ minutes of video I shot tomorrow. Expect it. But right now, I need to use the can.
  17. rawrz Member

  18. number 6 Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    I was wrong about who set up this surprise raid. It was OT666. I don't know if he posts on Enturbulation though. But thanks dude. He and Tommy made this possible.
  19. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Laney College - Oakland, CA - Micro-Raid 3/21/08

    A few days ago, a fellow SF anon discovered that Laney College in Oakland had a handful of new LRH books on their shelves.



    So we took the liberty of going there on 3/21 (since we're missing the 3/22 raid) and proceeded to inform the public of the dangers of $cientology through the books they're pimping out.


    I also added stickers inside the front page of the book stating &quot;BEWARE! $cientology is a cult, etc...&quot; If someone were to remove those stickers, it would ruin the first page.

    Also, we noticed that the For Sale cart (photo forthcoming) had a whole bunch of $cientology books all shrink wrapped and for sale for $2 a piece. We couldn't vandalize those. :(

    I will post a new topic if people are noticing pervasive &quot;library dumping&quot;. I remember someone else posted that the saw free Co$ books in their library...
  20. number 6 Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    About a couple of weeks ago, I noticed a whole bunch of shrink-wrapped LRH books were on display at my college library, in the "free" pile. That means those books were absolutely free. I took the liberty of putting flyers between the book and by the Monday of the next week the free pile books were gone.
  21. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Interesting. See, if the shrink wrapped books I found were free, I would've taken them and destroyed them. That's what shredders (or fireplaces) are for.
  22. number 6 Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    So, is there anything planned for this weekend?
  23. anonymizzz Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests
  24. anonyme Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Please be very careful if you are doing this kind of thing!
    I'm guessing it's illegal?
    A good legal thing to do would to be to make sure all these libraries have copies of L.Ron Hubbard:Madman or Messiah,A Piece of Blue Sky and the Tom Cruise biography,not to mention Scientology:Welcome to Hell,when it comes out.
  25. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    If I had more money, I'd be donating copies of the Andrew Morton book or the other anti-Co$ books.

    Don't worry, I'm very careful. ;)

  26. JohnSmith Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    I'm kicking this up to the top for two reasons:

    1) Recruitment Raids
    Saturdays and Sunday, 12 noon @ Powell St. BART. We'll be passing out fliers and spreading the word about the upcoming protests. Megaphone has Saturdays, I'm covering Sundays. This is going to be every weekend from now until we say so.

    2)Fund raising
    Since I'm trying to raise funds for 4/12, (and likely any other upcoming raids) this would be the best time to catch me so you can kick in. So far I've only collected my pledged $300, but with more we can do so much. Every little bit helps. After the noise permit and equipment is paid for, the remainder will go into the next raid. It can also serve as money for basic foodstuffs, or whatever Anonymous sees fit.
  27. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Paranoid anon is paranoid so I will give you a blank USPS money order on 4/12. I will let you know by PM what I will be wearing on 4/12 and/or what sign I'll be carrying so you know who to approach for $$$. :tinfoil:
  28. JohnSmith Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    That is fine, too. :D You should know by now that I'm trustworthy, but we cool. I understand the paranoia well.

  29. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    So, what's going on on the 29th? I might not be able to come but I'm considering. Is it just regular Powell St. flyering?
  30. JohnSmith Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Pretty much. I *may* be whoring myself out to the ladies to try and get moar money for the 12th. We shall see.
  31. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    I know you're trustworthy. :D I'm just paranoid. ;) Cuz you never know what might happen to messages between point A and point B. Besides, there are spais everywhere!!! :tinfoil:

    I'm gonna ask the fellow anons in my group if they want to contribute too.
  32. A_nonchalant Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    It's SF, check for Adam's apples.

    Something work-related came up this afternoon for the 29th, so I might not be able to show this weekend. However, I'm in touch with at least 2 other anons who'd probably be interested for the weekend after. :D
  33. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Just check the calender at If you click on the date it will describes the event, time and place...
  34. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    3/29/08 High Noon Raid Roll Call

    When: High Noon
    Where: We'll start at 4th and Market and move down into Bart at around 1/2pm.
    What to bring: Fliers, signs, masks, water, food, musik, etc.

    Special Updates: I will be bringing a large double sided sign with reads "Free Hugs" on one side and "Dude, Tom Cruise can't fly." on the other. We will be actively delivering hugs to all comers and handing out recruitment fliers.

    Note: SFPD has already been contacted and apparently it's legal to give out free hugs. Nothing like promoting reconnection with a little love.

    /b/lackup people.
  35. rawrz Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Confirmed for brawl.
  36. JohnSmith Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    In for win
  37. 3/29 protest + hugs

    Big win guys!

    I didn't participate (no masks for me, I'm just a sympathizer and supporter.) But it was awesome to see you deny the scilons their usual stomping grounds of Market and 2nd and Market and Powell.

    I did see one person with one copy of the stupid pink flier the scilons give out. I tried to figure out who was giving them and where, but couldn't. I spent maybe three hours, between 3 and 6, in that area taking pictures. No scientologist to be seen anywhere, which actually is unusual for a Saturday. I've been roaming those streets for maybe 8 years (I'm a street photog), and they are very very often out there. I used to stop by to ask them about Xenu and how far along they were on the bridge and stuff like that, so I know many of them by face.

    I actually feel bad that I'm not participating, so I offer to help like this: next time, I can come by with water/sodas/snacks. Would that be any help?

    If this keeps hapening, it denies the SF Co$ of the main part of the city where they always give out fliers and 'stress tests'. Awesome.
  38. Re: 3/29 protest + hugs

    They haven't had market for over 2 months. Since the raid started they've moved off market. period. So, we win. haha!
  39. Re: 3/29 protest + hugs

    Actually, as I said I spend quite a lot of time walking those streets, and I'm quite sure I saw one of them giving out fliers on Market @ 4th as recently as three or four weeks ago. Also, they always set up on Geary in front of the square to give their 'stress tests.' The pic in my avatar was taken on March 1st.

    Still, yes, we win. But as fungus, they'll keep reappearing unless this effort continues.

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