Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by JohnSmith, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. squid Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Excellent, excellent points. Perhaps if I shed light on my behavior other newfags can better prepare for the 15th.

    The reason I would first say "We're protesting Scientology on the 15th!" was to put people at ease. If I was descending the escalator at a mass-transit station and masked people in black were down there (with cops closely eyeballing them), I'd be AVOIDING EYE-CONTACT AT ALL COSTS. I was hoping that by letting them immediately know what we were about, we could set them at ease and get them to take a flyer. You outline a totally counter-intuitive style, but one that I now think would be more effective and most importantly, FUN!.

    That's my take-away from this.. Don't get so caught up you don't have any fun. It's easy to adopt the Berkeley-style activism mentality, but that's boring unless you get some crunchy ass afterward. :D

    Have you considered the idea he thought you were sexy? This is San Francisco, you know. :D

    Re: SOMA mission. Locked down tighter than a fucking bank! I mean seriously folks, have you ever seen a "Mission" with huge iron bars and gates? As if someone is going to break in and steal their Dianetics! You can't even see the sign that says "Scientology" very easily. At first I thought the print shop next door was a front.
  2. LordCeptimos Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    i will definately bring a cam with me. this way i dont sound like a nut job no mo
  3. squid Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    who was that photog that spoke with us at the booth and mentioned coming on the 15th? what paper was he from?
  4. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Word of warning. Hot photographer that spoke to me and the the girl anon out front... I've seen her before. In fact, 3 times. And she keeps asking anon what our name is. Be mindful. Don't get namefaged.
  5. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Which girl photographer? Hotness does not tend to register with me so much as the rest of you...
  6. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    short, nose piercing, dark short hair, white, hipster. She took a photo of me and.. I think you? .. or whoever the girl was out rickrolling. I've seen her to many times. She asks to many personal questions.
  7. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    The one in the dark jacket with all the buttons? ...She seemed okay to me..... yarrrgh, dammit. We need some kind of secret 'it's a trap!' signal, I could've used a heads up.
  8. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    New rule: the middle finger means plant in SF.
  9. squid Member

  10. Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    Oh, I didn't need any special signals to spot THAT one, the bright teal eyeshadow was plenty.
  11. Stress Test Table Alert


    Sorry it's late but I received some intel that last Sunday (March 9), a Scilon stress test van/table was seen at the Laney College Flea Market in Oakland. Apparently, they were there before 9 am.
  12. JohnSmith Member

    Re: Stress Test Table Alert

  13. SanFranAnon Member

    Re: Mini - SF Bay Area Protests

    I can confrim the redhead dude is a Scilon. I've seen him Stress Tabling at Powell, about a week before Feb 10th.
  14. SanFranAnon Member

    Any East Bayfags have any info on this?
    I just found out about it today, and looking at the map, it seems that it's across the street from the Flying Colors comic book shop, and near De La Salle High.

    Oh, and will the Anon who mentioned seeing the Scilon Tent at the Solano Drive In Flea Market please PM me. Thanks.
  15. JohnSmith Member

    ^^^ Didn't know about that one. I smell a road trip coming up in my future. >:D
  16. SanFranAnon Member

    If you do, let me know.
    I was thinking of getting a table together at the Solano Drive in Flea Market in Concord, and getting some Anons there to combat the influence of the yellow tent.

    I may try to get some intel on the Concord church next time I'm at Flying Colors Comics.
  17. everanonymous Member

    I'm the one who mentioned the flea market tent. Thing is, i've been to the flea market a few times afterward and there wasn't any tent. so it's more or less hit or miss (maybe i scared them away with my questions? ;) )

    i had no idea about the scilon branch across from flying colors. i'll try heading on over there this week and scout it out.
  18. everanonymous Member

    whoops, wrong thread
  19. Update:
    Megaphones girlfriend is going to leave him if he keeps going out and spreading the word all weekend every weekend. BART / 4th St. party flash raids moved to Saturdays so I can keep having sex.

  20. SanFranAnon Member

    I wanted to go scout it out this week too, but didn't want to go at it alone. /b/ackup?
  21. JohnSmith Member

    Damnit, I work every Saturday. How about you skip Saturdays, buddy. Or tell her that you're out saving the world.

    Or bring teh boobz with you.
  22. JohnSmith Member

    PM or AIM me. I'm down.
  23. rawrz Member

    Pics of this red head.

    Also, megaphonebitch, since I can't pm that account, I pm'd your other, but just keep me updated.
  24. SanFranAnon Member

  25. JohnSmith Member

    Friday. Epic Friday.
  26. everanonymous Member

    i can do friday as long as it's not too far past noon. i got work at 3.

    how's 11am sound to ya?
  27. JohnSmith Member

    :confused:. This is a mini-mini-place. Not worth doing anything other then plastering them with fliers. I wouldn't be there until evening anyway. Like, 6:30 ish. Anons must be like ninja. Come swiftly in the night, do our job, then GTFO.
  28. everanonymous Member

    alright. i'll just scatter fliers around then. i dont even think we need to come in a group or anything.

    i should walk in with OTIII material and just throw it in the building. :p
  29. I scouted out that location a while ago (before Feb 10th) and I couldn't really find it. The address is for an office complex type thing seemingly inhabited mostly by dentists. When I looked I left that actual information at home, so didn't have the suite number to check, but none of the places had any obvious indications of being a scilon location... I'm thinking it's just a mailing address they use, or it's a "church" that's even smaller than the Berkeley one... The only people I saw walking around were going to the dentist... I don't sense any impending lulz from that place.

    PS: Note that I wasn't able to find the Berkeley church when I looked at first either... So my finding abilities may be a bit lacking...
  30. I suggest the dude who just posted about the raid \erase that post until tomorrow before someone sees it that shouldn't.
  31. Update on Laney College Flea Market in Oakland, March 16, 2007

    No Scilons spotted from 9 am to 1 pm. Will keep eyes peeled on other Sundays, other hours.
  32. Tommy Gorman talking about why he left scientology it is march 16th 2008

    For some of the people in Anonymous that don't know why i don't like the Evil cult of scientology. I was born in scientology and was on staff too. I worked in OSA in san francisco. Here is a short video that will give you a good idea why i speak the true harms of scientology.
    click on here

    here is some more of my story here that you can read what woke me up

    here is some of the things i did while i worked in the cult scientology for OSA
    here is when we got in the paper SCIENTOLOGY SEXUAL ASSAULT NIGHTMARE
    Tommy Gorman

    P.S Anonymous I could not login with my other sreen name so i put the money sign at the end lol. I am going to post something very good that everyone needs to see on thursday and if this site is not working then go on on thursday and you will see i will make a thread.
    This is my own opinion. I'd rather die speaking the truth about the harms of the cult of scientology than hide and be afraid.
  33. Tommy, PM a mod. They can fix it for you.
  34. number 6 Member

    Okay, it is now Thursday afternoon so I can finally tell you guys.

    This Saturday the San Francisco branch will hold the official birthday celebration for LRH at the Hilton Hotel across from the CoS building. We should meet there at 5 pm. I'm bringing 50-100 copies of the Xenu story, and Tommy will also be there. Tommy should have a video up soon on Youtube.
  35. Yup. That's what Tommy told me on Saturday. We should do a monster announcement on CL or something so we can get as many people out as possible.

  36. number 6 Member

  37. number 6 Member

    Hey, the more listings the better. But you listed it under Oakland downtown. It's in the financial district of San Francisco. They didn't list Little Italy or Chinatown sadly.
  38. I know cuz I made it. ;) Remember, the $cilons will be flagging this shit anyway.

    EDIT: I did mention it's in San Francisco in the ad.

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