Milwaukee, Wi

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by SolidSnakeInHisPants, Nov 15, 2008.

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  1. Milwaukee, Wi

    IDK if it was the site being down or just the cold but from what I saw there wasn't a whole lot of a turn out for November 15th. None the less I'm hoping people come to the one in December, same time as always.
  2. SmellDriver Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    I know for me it was the site being down, I had no idea when shit was happening so I made other plans. I'm up for December's though, as soon as we know what day.
  3. DarkWolf89 Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    Who all exactally came? From what I heard "Joesomebody" barely has access to the internet nowadays so he wasn't even aware of when the next protest was. I on the otherhand couldn't round up my crew since I couldnt come to begin with. I've made it to every protest since April except for this one. I'll be there in December, guise.
  4. Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    when we drove past one single person stood out there. we asked if he was Dan Marino and he replied "No I'm anonymous". epic fail..................
  5. Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    Virtual Logistics are easy for me, Real life Logistics require me to get a ride, any WI Anons up for helping out a fellow Anon make the winter fun?

    PM me please
  6. Mirrorshades Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    Mnfag here. You guise still don't have your own website? Lrn2Decentralize. Srsly.
    I bet though if you asked around someone would be able to help you out if you needed to get set up... In fact you probably should visit and ask how there, too. It's good having our own site away from all the faggotry here. And if WWP gets ddos'd or something happens to it again, at least we have a place where we post regularly and can plan future raids for our cell. Therefore, WWP going down has very little affect on us.

    Just some advice. Have a nice day, /b/rothers.
  7. Jacob Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    Greetings folks. how does "Happy Holidays Hubbard" sound to y'all? Thinking about getting a present for the people in the building, and in clear wrapping to show it isn't hiding any bomb like materials. This middle eastern terrorist doesn't want to be related to other middle eastern terrorists.
  8. anon098 Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    Now that I'm finally allowed to post.

    1st: Raiden FAILs. Straight up FAILs. Don't say you're gonna be back and then disappear forever.

    2nd: Mirrorshades, that's a great idea.

    3rd: Jacob, I like the holiday thing. Maybe associate with Triple H pwning Co$. As far as the presents, I think no matter how clear the plastic, no matter how thoughtful, and no matter how innocent it is we should expect that they will call it a suitcase nuke. That in mind I can't deny there's some humility and holiday cheer in the idea.

    Can I suggest a more Lisa McPherson oriented protest? This being December.
  9. SmellDriver Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    I love the present idea but you know they'll just turn it around on us. They used a little girl to get us harassed, for God's sake.

    Maybe we could get like a fruit basket or something like that and leave it by their door? With a Christmas card from us? There has to be something we can do.
  10. Jacob Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    And here I thought I did have clear enough plastic for gift wrapping (no, not sandwich wrap). That won't stop us from trying though, will it? Maybe.

    Lisa will get a lighter lit up from me. Probably a good idea in itself because it's going to be freaking cold.
  11. SmellDriver Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    So when is this going down?
  12. Jacob Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    This Saturday. Same time as always? We aren't very original at that. I'm sure The end time will be considered when we find out how cold and bitter we become in the weather.

    In other news, it seems someone set up a ning page for Wisconsin Anon. Not a web page, but at least it's...amusing?
  13. 2rare2die Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    hai guise, newfag to protesting here.

    For anyone with participation issues, you can def count me in for a January protest. I go to college in Milwaukee so I'll be around the city next month, for right now I'm stuck in Connecticut. Please feel free to contact me with any plans.

    aim - madhuman93
    windows live -
    or private message yo
  14. JoshTheater Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    Still Alive - Marcab

    If folks would be so kind as to throw together some quick, one paragraph summaries of what's been going on in their local cells here, the hope is to get a nice website up compiling everything (kinda like Anonymous Resources, only with some more information about the groups). We could even *gasp* KEEP IT UP TO DATE!
  15. KTnon Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    This still in the works? If so im in. PM me
  16. 1million Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    gimme a time and a place and i'll be there
  17. Jacob Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    January 10 at 11 AM seems to be the date, so prepare your ass to get raped with quick planning. And butt secks.
  18. SmellDriver Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    I'll be there. Me likey the new site, by the way.
  19. Jacob Member

    Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    Valentines Day. Nuff said. Plus it's time we looked through all our resources provided in the previous threads, including the wiki. Also, more planning for ANonymous Pizza to come (sponsored by Mark Stanley).
  20. Re: Milwaukee, Wi

    Well I've been away for a while and missed a lot. valentine's day sounds good to me.
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