Milwaukee, WI - March 14

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Jacob, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. Jacob Member

    Milwaukee, WI - March 14

    Posting to state the fact I suppose. It's late, I'm tired, whatever. .

    Also, it seems someone touched the wiki. Because of this, I am also touched. In a very inappropriate way. Thank you for that.
  2. bawman Member

    Re: Milwaukee, WI - March 14


    so it occurred to me as I was walking down memory lane that I still have the money you guys gave me tucked away somewhere! I am not going to protest again so I guess that means that I should give it back probably so here's your options:

    1. gimme an address via PM, I don't think it has to have your name on it or anything and I'll send the money without a return address
    2. gimme your paypal; I'll make a donation to the amount I owe you
    3. name a charity and I'll donate your donation to it
    4. let me keep the money so I can get something rad someday maybe!
    5. name an option I stupidly forgot and I'll see what I can do

    the poor sods that donated are as follows:

    Pantomime - $20
    Spiral - $10
    Jacob - $4
    Catula - $2
    WisAnon - $10
    Smell_Driver - $20
    Frosticle - $1
    McKraken - $10
    precious - $4
    dups - $10

    I'd appreciate it if you used your original screen name to claim it but I guess if you can prove you're who you say you are there's no hard feelings. If you're still in contact with any of these people let them know! I'll also be posting this in the IRC when I figure out where exactly it is now and if anyone is still kickin around in it. I might also forget about this for a bit but I will get you your money eventually I promise!
  3. Re: Milwaukee, WI - March 14

    I've been trying to get to WI protests for a while now, I can never actually find WI anons to carpool with.
  4. Re: Milwaukee, WI - March 14

    how far away from the "hot spot" do you live?

    west allis? New berlin? milwaukee? Brookfield?
  5. eddieVroom Member

    Re: Milwaukee, WI - March 14

    Green Bay
  6. Jacob Member

    Re: Milwaukee, WI - March 14


    if I'm recalling, the absence of our moneys was the reason we said we could never have good things. Many were frustrated and felt cheated. Which is why I'm glad to hear you remembered, even though its been close to a year. What the hell, you deserve some cake.

    If I recall, the funds were collected to collectively pay for an Anonymous flag. Funds should probably be used as such. If you are unable to use funds to pay for flag on your own (or can't deliver flag in some fashion), I'm willing to collect and pay the rest to get flag or pay for future nice things. Peoples need some propel.

    Please come and party Green Bay Anon! And bring cute Girl with you. :p
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