Million Mask March Minnesota 2015 - State Capitol - 9AM

Discussion in 'Planning' started by TruthAnonymousMN, Oct 27, 2015.

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    Greetings WhyWeProtest brethren,

    "We are here to chew bubble gum and kick some ass. It seems we are all out of bubblegum!"

    Have lurkd moar for some time and now I wish to call on the collective here at WWP. We need you!! Come for a friendly gathering of lulz, laffs and a little revolution too. I will spare you the rhetoric as most if not all users here are very likely aware of what we are doing and why we protest. It's that time of year again. A number of our local anon brothers and sisters in the Twin Cities have for year three, organized for the Million Mask March Minnesota 2015 at the State Capitol in Saint Paul, Thursday, November 5th 2015 at 9AM.

    We wish to inform everyone here at WWP and extend formal invitation to all, aware or unaware, to the Captiol Grounds this year. This effort has been put forth for the benefit of everyone and organized by local anons, some whom wear there faces, some whom wear the mask... ALL of whom are wholly dedicated to the support of the hive and the MMM effort globally and all it represents.

    Anyhow, the March is on! I do believe there may be some sort of a 'field trip' going to pay visits the glorious buildings one which is belonging to our friend Tom Cruise... er wait is that right? And too, the Wells Fargo building, both of which are conveniently located nearby in beautiful downtown Saint Paul. This may occur at some point over the course of the day. So, the stupid permit required by state statute to make use of the Capitol Grounds for demonstration has been fully approved by the Capitol Administration. Yep, we gotta ask for permission to protest... LULZ! At least until we grow a bit more... We have access to power. There will be many signs and flags and banners. We have bullhorns, amps and microphones coming too. We intend to maintain a presence at the Capitol all day. We are well prepared and very much would like you to come down and say hello, share some conversation, knowledge, ideas and smiles.

    All are welcome and if you would like to contribute in any fashion please do not hesitate to inquire at the facebook event page ---> <--- or on Twitter ---> @MillionMaskMN <---

    This is a peaceful march so if you intend to cause ruckus, vandalism, hate speech or violence of any kind, pick another day. Such action will not be tolerated, period.

    Thank you for the efforts put in to maintain forums. WWP is a great vehicle to the idea anon and for humanity all together!

    We expect you!
    They expect us.
    Disobey... we remove the control! <3

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