Milestone Two says people lose interest in Scientology because it works too well

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  1. Independent Scientology Milestone Two says people lose interest in Scientology because it works too well.

    Yet another way to make the hypothesis "Scientology works" non-falsifiable (see also here).

    Yet another excuse.

    If only Scientology wasn't so damn effective, it would be more popular and have more members.

    * * * * * BEGIN EXCERPT * * * * *

    People who lose interest in Scn

    By Lana M

    There are many, many people who come into Scientology, read some books, get some auditing and then drift off and are never heard of again.

    You could be lead to believe that these people are unhappy or dissatisfied with the results they got, and thus left. Certainly there have been campaigns at various points that the numbers of people that have been involved in Scientology over the years is not reflected in the numbers that are seen in present time (whether that is in orgs, or in the field, or where ever). The false datum that is pushed is that people do not continue with Scientology as they are unhappy with results or that the tech does not deliver results– but routinely that is not the case. They came into Scientology with a problem, or something they wanted handled. They handled it, and then went off to continue their life – often with a very broad smile on their face.

    There is a classic story of a lady who I was introduced to who I was told had read a few Scn books and had had some Dianetic auditing on a major ruin/incident in her life. I was told she was not interested in Scientology and in fact was somewhat hostile to it, so I was surprised when she showed up at a gathering at my place and was cheerfully talking to others and seemed to be very at ease and comfortable.

    I invited for her for a walk, and as we moved around the property I made sure she understood that I was a Scientologist and that we deliver both auditing and training, and if she was uncomfortable with that, it was OK, I was not going to try and audit her, or make her do something she was not wanting to do — and I wanted to be upfront and find out what her objections or upset with Scientology was. She completely surprised me and told me that the auditing she had had was wonderful and changed her life, and that she had read ALL the basic books and they make sense to her, and what she was trying to solve now was how to go exterior again (as she had gone outside her body a few years ago and was fascinated by what had occurred and wanted to learn more about it and how it is done).

    This was a person who I had been lead to believe had received some auditing and had no desire for any more, and who was supposidly borderline anti-Scientology. Nope. Not at all.

    I am convinced there are many, many people who have come into Scientology, read a few books or did some courses, received some auditing and handled what they were worried about, or anxious about. Then they headed back off into the world to continue life. That is a good indicator. That is a product well achieved, and the fact that they have not continued up The Bridge to the very top is really not the issue or a problem. Scientology technology helped them and they have then gone off that little bit more at cause, less restimulated and more able. They were brought up the Tone Scale and life improved for them. And if they wanted to return, the door is open for them to do so.

    That is what Scientology is actually all about.

    I have run into many of these people. Some have been off-lines for more than 20 or 30+ years. They moved countries, or got a new job doing something very different, or they drifted off and had not come back into Scientology – but you talk to them about their auditing or gains and their faces light up and they talk about how good it was. One man I spoke to had been on staff for many years but never really had any auditing or training. He routed off staff after some 10 years and now successfully works in a large marketing firm and does not plan to do any more Scientology. I asked him what he attributes his success at this new job to, and without hesitation he said it was the training and knowledge he gained as a staff member and as detailed in the Management Series, that has made him such a dynamo in his current role. He had only ever done the Purif, and I asked him how that went and he grinned and started telling me about the great gains he had, and how it changed his life. He has no plans to continue with Scientology at this time – he is happy and living life. He has lost interest. But to use him as a statistic that proves that Scientology is “bad” certainly aint right, as he is living proof that the tech does work, does improve lives and helps people become more able and more at Cause.

    “We all want a “royal road” to Clear, but anybody who believes that full progress to Clear is a short and easy one is making a mistake which will cause him disappointment.

    “What you should realize is that about half the way up from release to Clear the case is de-intensified to such an enormous extent that the person has to think a couple of times to remember that he is still a therapy patient.
    ‘He gets up so high that sometimes it requires somebody else’s attention on the subject in order to take him all the way through. The material no longer even interests him. The whole engram bank is deintensified, and you have to keep alert to the subject if you want to get the case all the way through.
    ‘The person feels good. He doesn’t get tired. He feels able to cope with things.”
    LRH lecture called General discussion of Auditing, on 31 August 1950

    * * * * * END EXCERPT * * * * *
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    L. Ron Hubbard's lies worked so well that many people left, the vast majority broken financially and mentally after years of intense, insane, controlling, abusive Scientology processing. Once they've left, they're fair-game, like you, Lana M. and that includes anyone who speaks out aginst their abuses including Independents.

    Lana, Please stop trying to sell your lies about Hubbard's lies. Get some help, you've been horrendously overprocessed for decades. Leave exes alone, seek help, Hubbard's lies have been exposed, wake up, stop trying to profit from them pretending that you're trying to help.

    Independent Scientology is standard LRH Tech, complete and utter fraud just like the abusive, convicted fraud and founder himself who spewed his foul, abusive, science-fiction 'religion' through rotting teeth. L. Ron Hubbard, this man who scammed millions didn't have the cognitive ablity to schedule a dental appointment and save his own teeth yet claimed to be saving the planet, what a sad foul-mouth joke he was.


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  3. anon8109 Member

    Scientology works so well that nobody needs it!

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  5. Kilia Member

    Sorry, but these people are all sick like Scientology is!
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  6. Random guy Member

    Good grief!
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  7. RightOn Member

    Lana in la-la land
    Same 'ol crap with a different spin.
    now who also has been doing that since it crawled into Florida under a pseudo name?
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