Mike: On David Miscavige’s Behavior

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Apr 6, 2013.

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    mest = greed.
  3. Mike Rinder, please take a good look at your own behavior, both in and out of 'corporate' Scientology, just how much abuse can you condone on your own part promoting the LRH scam as both a Scientologist and an 'independent' Scientologist still trying to capitalize on Hubbard's lies.

    David Miscvige, like yourself, is merely a product of Hubbard's insane processing.........

    L. Ron Hubbard wrote most of the policies that you and DM have enforce d for so long, it's not Miscavige that's the problem with Scientology it's one, 'Dr.', imean nuclear physicist, imean civil engineer, imean WWII hero, actual convicted fraud name L. Ron Hubbard that is the cause of all the misery Scientology has wrought upon this world.
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    Who is Mike's replacement as the head of OSA currently? MIke could elucidate what goes on in OSA and who is running it right now. Who is the head of the RTC at present? Some are in "the hole" supposedly, but there has to be others who replaced the ones who were demoted.
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    Karen provided the information:
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    Aww........cute kitteh!
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  7. That kitteh is more interesting than Mike's post. The best output from Rinder are his interviews from Ortega, where he doesn't constantly quote LRH every two seconds.
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    He probably does, but Tony trims them out. (Thank you!)
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    Hubbard worship is a path to idiocy.
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  10. Which comes first, the idiots or the Hubbard worship path to idiocy?
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    Similarities of Mike's behaviour while he was in COS with DM's behaviour...
    isn't it the the same exact behaviour?
    Did Mike ever hit/asault someone?
    Has he chased people down?
    Yelled at people?
    Talked people into doing something he knew was wrong?
    Guilty of illegal activity?
    Guilty of other human rights abuses?
    Isn't the answer yes to all of the above?
    He may have been doing all these things under DM's command, but DM was doing it under Hubbard's command. Only difference is the pecking order
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    I stumbled across this thread a month or two back after a contact sent me what I think is the first half of this tape (30 minutes worth). Better late than never, right?

    What's interesting to me is that all the links to these tapes are now dead, which suggests to me that Scientology has been very active in getting them shut down. I doubt they ever registered copyright in what was after all a confidential briefing, and it seems to me that public interest arguments should outweigh any question of of breach of confidentiality. This tape appears to show, for example, that Hubbard was still "on lines", running Scientology, at a time when the official line, I think, was that he had stepped back from running the movement.

    I'd be interested in hearing from anyone who has copies of the tapes who posted them online as to the reasons given for the links being take down. And if anyone can get me a copy of the full recording (particularly the 20 minutes I've not yet heard, I'd be grateful). I'd like to write it up for Tony O as soon as I have time. You can reach me on this thread, or if you prefer, PM. My email address is jonnymcj-at-hotmail-dot-com ....

    Jonny Jacobsen

    UPDATE: sorry wrong thread.
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  14. RightOn Member

    Hey Jonny! Wish I could help.:(
    Keep doing what you do!
  15. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I'd suggest you post a new thread about it. People don't always check new posts on necro'd threads.
  16. Albion Member

    This is embarrassing: I actually managed to post on the wrong thread. I'll try again when I've found the right one again.

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