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    With a million forced to flee, Syria is world's 'worst crisis for children', says UN
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    'Generation of innocents’ at risk in Syrian war, says UN
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    Obama Weighing Options on Syria
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    I'm really asking, is it true that Coptic's homes were marked with red and then targeted later,burned down?
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    Sorry if this has already been posted but it needs to be posted again:
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    Russia says it won’t be drawn into war over Syria
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    U.N. chemical inspectors suspend mission after sniper attack
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    Punitive strikes ineffective, even counterproductive, analysts say,0,5176333.story
  12. Really they don't know if military intervention will work or not.
    Clearly so far all the peace talks have failed and it's the population that suffers.
    Are these upcoming strikes intended to bring Assad to the table for talks or to damage his government/military so the fsa wins?
    The danager is it will widen the conflict further.
  13. Someone should have Queen Rania of Jordan talk to Bashar Assad's wife.

    The sad truth is that shit will get worse.
    They will continuously do harm to one another - muslim to muslim, because of stupid religious reasons which have not evolved since the middle ages. Terrible.
  14. Is Amnesty International and the UN calling out the immorality of this intentional Genocide to civilians in Syria?
  15. i am curious to know where all the bleeding heart liberals who bash Israel on a continuous basis are in terms of their loudly vocal moral outrage about the conditions of various countries in the middle east such as Syria and Egypt...for starters. Over a thousand civilians have been slaughtered due to the intentional use of chemical weapons. To quell dissent? I am not even sure that one side has any upper hand over the other. A lot of completely senseless violence from both parties, with any rationality completely out the window. They are all acting like uneducated neanderthals, and tragically, women and children are getting killed in the crosshairs of this insanity.

    Here is Bashar Al Assad's wife.
    see this lady? She does not give a shit. She gets to go shopping at Harrods and visit the spa for a mani pedi, and hair styling after an expensive lunch and another Chanel handbag.

    Is Al Jazeera going to cry about this? Saudi Arabia, the country that sponsors that propogandistic and primarily anti western news network is so backwards that they, until this day do not even allow women to drive cars. Remember the equal rights movement that was very positive and influential here in the much more humane and civil United States? Well, when they begin to address some of their own issues, within their own country as well as the surrounding predominantly Arab countries, I might take their criticism into account. Dubai? They built a Las Vegas out there with some of the most expensive and fancy architectural development ever seen. Know who built those fancy buildings? Slave labour from Indonesia, mostly. Aside from having their passports taken from them upon arrival, and after deceitfully attracting workers with all sorts of lies about how wonderful an opportunity it was to find some good work, the working conditions were so horrific and extreme, that many men died. Those Indonesian workers were housed in tent camps in the unbearably hot desert, barely fed decently. it is disgusting. They want westerners to invest and come there for holiday, but they are so ass backwards, religiously, that if you even give your own wife a tiny kiss in public, you could be harassed by police. dox?



  20. And in Quatar, we have this "lovely" lady:

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    Ghosts of Iraq war force Britain to delay push for Syria strike
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    Am amused that the Middle East is apparently going to hell in a handbasket because dictators there are married to women who lunch.
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    Obama makes case for punishing Syria, delay looks likely
  25. your gay and obviously have no clue about what is going on in that part of the world.

    here's the cliff notes version -

    Most of the Arab world, almost all 26 countries are governed by corrupt dictators who are very inhumane to their own populace within their own respective countries.
    To beg for the west to come in and assist them in the fuckfests that they contribute to, and then turn back and blame the west for their issues and abject incivility is over the top hypocrisy.

    did i make that clear enough for you?
    too bad you are to lazy to read a bit and think independently.
    but, it is plain as day.
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    Hands Off Syria - Take action against U.S. intervention!

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