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    Confident Assad sees Syria tide turning
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    Egypt’s interim leader names top economist as prime minister

    Media advisor Ahmed el-Musalamani made the announcements Tuesday after days of political stalemate over the prime minister post.

    Last week, ElBaradei was on the verge of being named prime minister, but at the last minute an Islamist party involved in the discussions blocked ElBaradei's appointment, Associated Press reported.

    ElBeblawi, who is in his 70s, served as finance minister in one of the first cabinets formed after the 2011 uprising forced Hosni Mubarak from power and the military stepped in to rule.

    He resigned in protest in October 2011 after 26 protesters, mostly Christians, were killed by troops and security forces in a crackdown on their march.

    The hardline Islamist Nour Party, which has held up the political process by objecting to several candidates put forward by military-backed interim authorities, said it would support Beblawi's appointment. The head of the party added that it was still studying ElBaradei's appointment, according to Reuters.
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    Egypt Orders Arrest of Muslim Brotherhood Leaders

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    Egypt Swears in ElBaradei as Interim Vice President

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    Egypt's Future Unclear Following Islamist Ouster
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    Pro-Assad militia kills Syrian reconciliation team in Homs village
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    Iran adds military aid to Syria as Russia gives money
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    Syria civil war could last 'multiple years' if Islamist rebels not checked says top Pentagon intelligence official
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    One Dead As Morsi Supporters, Opponents Clash In Cairo

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    Egypt’s interim leader calls for reconciliation amid violence
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    Is Benjamin Netanyahu the George Zimmerman of the Middle East?
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    Over 100,000 people killed in Syrian conflict, U.N. says
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    Divided Egyptians take to the streets in nationwide mass rallies
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    Mursi accused of murder, kidnapping before rival rallies
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    Syria missile strike kills 19 children
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    Ashton Meets With Egypt's Morsi
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    Iran’s Rouhani tells Syrian PM alliance will stay strong
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    Syria rebels strike Assad's Alawite stronghold, seize airport
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    Syrian opposition proposes transition roadmap
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    The Failure of democracy in the Middle East
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    Egyptian government says 173 killed in Friday clashes
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    Afghanistan’s ‘The Voice’ stars defy clerics’ pressure

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    The Aftermath of 72
    Tumultuous Hours in Cairo

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    This will not end well for Egypt.

    The army has now created a whole new generation of Muslim extremists by killing protestors. And if another election is held, the muslim brotherhood will likely get a sweeping majority.
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    Egypt would do well to heed lessons from Iran's 1979 revolution
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    Syrian opposition: 1,300 killed in chemical attack on Ghouta region

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    Saudi Arabia urges U.N. and EU to immediately address Syria ‘massacre’

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