Michael Pearl is butthurt and using DMCA

Discussion in 'Freedom of Expression' started by mirele, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. mirele Member

    Michael Pearl and his wife run an outfit called "No Greater Joy" ministries. It's basically about how to raise your kid to be in complete submission to you, the parent, AKA so afraid to do anything because you might get a serious buttwhipping from mom and dad. Pearl has published several books, and the most famous is "To Train Up a Child." You don't actually have to read the book, the one-star reviews will tell you what it's all about: Basically, Pearl teaches his followers to whip kids with quarter-inch plumbing line. Some kids have died as a result (e.g., Sean Paddock, Lydia Schatz and Hana Grace-Rose Williams).

    Well, someone got hold of a piece of video from one of the Pearls' workshops, and it shows Michael and Debi at their best (which is everyone else's worst). He does like to whip kids a lot. Michael DMCA'ed the video from YouTube and it's currently being mirrored by people who think everyone should see the Pearls in all their glory:

    If you feel like mirroring this video, by all means, let me encourage you.

    tl;dr: Michael Pearl, who advocates beating kids with plumbing line, is butthurt over being exposed in a video. Oh yeah, and his teachings have killed kids. If you feel up to it, mirror away.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Looks like a pedo who gets his kicks whipping little kids.
  3. xenubarb Member

    I wonder if that judge who was caught beating the crap out of his disabled daughter has his book...
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  4. DeathHamster Member

    It should be possible to edit the video with intercut commentary so that it's definitely Fair Use. (If only there was some kind of "news media" who could do that sort of thing...)
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  5. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I wonder if those wonderful humanitarians have got wind on this cornucopia of LULZ?
  6. mirele Member

    Not my personal army, but I'm sure there are some people over at 4chan who were raised on a diet of Pearl and managed to escape. They might be interested.
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  7. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I was suggesting if they knew about it rather than suggesting a PA request to them. I am sure though they'd have a load of LULZ with him.

    Quick question: Was the video this faggot was butthurt over the entire video seminar or just excerpts? If there was a full video, I'd suggest something but I don't know if that would get a "WWP is does not endorse illegal activites" response from the Gods Mods... of which I know better and won't speak of because I don't know.
  8. DeathHamster Member

    "This is my first wife I brought with me tonight" Closet polygamist?

    I see he buys from the same suit shop as Nation of Islam.
  9. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    I think it is because that is the only woman on Earth who he beat and battered into submission, drank too much Christ Kool-Aid, puts up with his shit.
  10. RightOn Member

    he is a sick fuck
    that is all
  11. DeathHamster Member

    He's got that whole creepy biblical patriarchal groove going. It wouldn't surprise me if he had a collection of battered girls wives in fuggly dresses tucked away somewhere.
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  12. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Out of those, I wonder how many of them are his daughters?
  13. DeathHamster Member

    It wasn't his fault, they got him drunk. (If it was good enough for Lot, then it's good enough for me!)
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  14. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Wonder if he could use that defense in a court of law? However, I think his defense lawyer would laugh in his face before telling him to GTFO.
  15. DeathHamster Member

    I can absolutely hear Bob Newhart doing one of his monologs as the DA, going over Lot's whole story in court.
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    Woah, child beater has his own video channel.

    I bet that there's a hell of a drinking game that needs to be invented to watch these safely.
  17. PresidentShaw Member

  18. Smurf Member

    The dude has 5 kids & 18 grandchildren in Tennessee...

    They're not so religious that most of the family has "worldly" Facebook pages... a big no-no to many evangelical wackos.

    [IMG] (Debi Pearl) (Michael Pearl)

    Michael recently posted this on his wall... (Zephyr Pearl) (Cane Creek Coffee)

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