Miami, FL anon cell?

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Rickglass, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Rickglass Member

    Miami, FL anon cell?

    During my vacation in NH, a conversation came up with family about going to miami for a week, late summer, maybe early fall. And.....because I'm an introverted fuck....I was wondering if miami still had a cell. I know there's DEFINITELY an org there..... one of the bigger ones outside of Clearwater (has to be one, considering all the money in Miami).

    If not, what a nice excuse to visit clearwater?
  2. zebrafaced Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    Miamifags don't seem to have their crap together, but there's a small effort on the Bucket of Acid to get organized.
  3. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    Org yes (actually aren't they an ideal?). Anons...uh, last I heard. Active cell, no. There's been a lot of attempts to revive the Miami cell but as far as I know things are quiet there.
  4. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    So it's time to simply nuke Miami, then?
  5. zebrafaced Member

  6. Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    hai dere!

    This being my first post, I would like to say... I'M IN! Same goes for Ft. Lauderdale, WPB, South-West Florida, Tampa and the like. I've got friends and all over the place, here, and I'm near-to Central and South/SouthWest Florida. It probably wouldn't be a problem driving a little ways to raid a few Xenu-lovers (for the lulz!).

    I'll have to drag some people along, wherever it is I go to a protest. Like I said, I've got friends all over the state, but we tend to get hot and lazy, especially this time of year.

    *Goes to spam a few local/miami/broward friends with this link* :p
  7. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    ^Legion, regarding Tampa you'll want to talk to the CWanons, it's sort of an expanded part of our territory.
  8. Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    mmmmmm... buckets of acid. wait... I don't do drugs....
  9. Anonymous Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    Make sure you don't do anything without CW anons permission.
  10. Zak McKracken Member

  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

  12. Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    I LOL'ed

    But I think 612 was offering assistance with a Tampa protest, not suggesting anyone needed CW anons permission to raid the Tampa Org or Ybor Mission, because obviously they don't.

    The Bucket of Acid has nothing to do with drugs, it's a meme (running joke) that's explained here:
  13. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    Yeah, that would be totally not cool. /firm nod
    Because I totally don't trust an anon to plan his own raid and totally wasn't trying to save the guy the trouble of looking for contact info on a "Tampa Anonymous" cell by telling him that the Tampa anons are the same anons as the CW ones.

    Just so we're clear on that.
  14. Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    Yeah, I didn't really think it did though..... :D

    Also, thanks for not giving me your permission anonymous :p we love that.....

    i'll be looking forward to the next go-around, and I've given a couple people the heads-up already.
  15. Neiteio Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    Based on my own efforts, I've found that there are a handful of Miami anons, maybe 10, all of whom think they're the last of their kind.

    I need to get these fuckers together, but they don't respond to my PMs. Apparently, there's a secret Skype room where three-four Miami Anons do nothing but chill.
  16. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    Bah. Let me try to get back in touch with the few I've bumped into and see if they're aware of each others existence.
  17. Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    several irc (Internet Relay Chat) channels/networks 'out there':

    #florida on and

    google for more.
  18. Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    btw, i still haven't gotten any PM's on this matter. do you legion-bastards need a special invitation? >:D /me massively spams
  19. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    ITT people have not yet remembered they don't need anyone else if they want to raid.
  20. Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    inb4 boxxy:

    i don't need to even leave my house to launch a raid. that's not the point. the point, besides that, is to meet people from around your local area.

    and NAO, the queen....

  21. Rickglass Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    maybe not, but you should.....makes things moar fun, especially encounters with law enforcement
  22. Rickglass Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    Yet it's generally a very good idea to have people along if you're thousands of miles from home :p
  23. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    Was referring to the latest round of "bawww I want to raid my home town of Miami but can't find any other anons and can't be assed to talk a friend or two into raiding with me so I guess I'll stay home" actually. Is unproductive. Just because it's nicer to have a 15+ person cell doesn't mean if you don't you shouldn't bother at all.
  24. anon6429 Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    South Florida Anon here, if any of you want to hit me up, DO IT! I'm in it for the lulz, and getting people to THINK. I'm near Sunrise. Any one near by? I'm willing to go to Miami for raidz. Lets get together and have some caek!
  25. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?



    Srsly, I've seen photos from when Miami was actively raiding as a group, I want to see an organized cell there again. D:

  26. Anonymous Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

  27. anon6429 Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    I'm an organizer of sorts... haven't been actively protesting anything lately, I need to get back into it. I wonder where all the miami fags are at? in b4 south beach harr harr harr... anyhow, I haven't seen this bucket of acid yet, but I'll check it out tomorrow, Need to get ready for Manson show tonight. PM me if you are an old fag that knows what is up, let me know if people are getting together, and carpools. WE NEEDZ TO DELIVAR! :cool:
  28. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    Re: bolded, go back to the wwp archives for as early last year as you can find and check the planning threads for Miami. See if you can find any of the original group still actively checking their PMs/emails/whatever.

    Re: underlined, there's a Miami section of the discussion forum here, and you *should* be able to at least view it even if you don't have an account. Mostly, though, the actual raid planning tends to get done either offline completely or on the Event page for the raid (for example). Keep in mind I have no way of making planning threads on BoA private without making the entire site private, so the same rule of thumb about when to post something vs when to pm it etc still applies. If you need anything else on BoA for Miami (eg additional subforums) let me know.
  29. anonakatie Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    Off the CoS site for Miami:

    When Scientologist Lorraine Baritz of Boston was called to the hospital by friends whose 13-year-old son was in a coma and on life-support four days after a severe motorcycle accident, she knew exactly what she had to do to help.

    The doctors had done all they could and the boy’s anxious parents could only wait, wondering if he would ever wake up.

    But Lorraine, a Scientology Volunteer Minister, knew the boy needed not just medical help, but spiritual aid—and she went into action. At 10 p.m. she administered the first of several Scientology procedures called simply “assists.” By midnight, the boy was resting more easily. By morning, he opened his eyes, awakening from his coma and began to breathe without life support. Two days later, he left intensive care.

    News of the recovery traveled through the hospital, reaching others standing vigil by their own children. A couple with an infant son in a coma asked for help. Again Lorraine answered the call.

    The outcome was reported in the local Boston People’s Voice newspaper:

    “When Church of Scientology volunteer minister Lorraine Baritz used her spiritual training to revive a 13-year-old motorcycle accident victim from a coma in a Boston hospital recently, it was considered a miracle.

    “When she revived a baby from a coma a few days later,” the article continued, “it was obvious that there is a workable way to save many lives.”

    Oh, lord...

    I'm from NY, but if you guys don't hit Miami, I will fly down and do it myself...
  30. anonakatie Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    double post cause of stupid site
  31. Rickglass Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    quick little tidbit of info.....Lorraine Barritz is a very high-level scilon in Boston. She and her husband own a WISE business, she is head of the OT and Ideal Org Committees, and they dragged the rest of the family in. All former Jews.

    Funny Part? they had their chance to be free of scifaggotry. Lorraine got declared SP in the late 80's, due to falling behind with money. They had their chance, now they've been back for over 10 years. This is an example of people who are die-hards and will do anything and everything for scientology. There is no hope for them.

    Also, their son Mark is 20, still goes to a Scilon High School, and calls himself a COMEDIAN! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    no, seriously, look up mark baritz on facebook. do it faggot
  32. anonakatie Member

    Re: Miami, FL anon cell?

    Hey can anyone put a name and info on a woman who was an OTVIII out of Miami but would have left relatively recently like in the last year or two?

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