"Message to Scientology" Removed from youtube.

Discussion in 'Media' started by Aenema, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. DeltaDesu Member

  2. WORD.
  3. King Nerd Member

    Lol, maybe all the traffic we've been sending its way during this debacle is what is causing its bouncing on and off the 'Tube?

    Of course, what do I know about how YouTube works outside of watching videos?
  4. ravenanon Member

    I agree with Tory. Lets put some energy into some new videos.

    I call on all the Masters of Youtube to get those March 15ht videos out.
  5. Magoo Member

    :anon: ROCK ON! :mrgreen:

  6. developers^3 Member

    lol @ video necromancy.
    GG OSA.
  7. dirk nimrod Member

    I sent a complaint to Youtube with regards to the video being removed. I told them that selective censorship is wrong.
  8. anonymousnoob Member

    this is my 2 cents...

    -If some of the ex-clams can make youtube videos under their first names (Karen's story...doug's story) the hive can use the favorites button and get it onto the 'popular' area of youtube.

    This does two things. The first it slips under the radar of the Scilons. There is absolutely NO WAY that Scilons or Youtube can get to all of these videos.
    It also broadens the 'audience' so to speak. Brings in casual internet users and the voting public into the loop and frankly that should be Anonymous' priority right now.

    -The second is getting the March Video out there. Whoever is the church0fscientology needs to add one of the 'ides' videos onto their account. If any video gets 'spammed' onto the internet it should be that one.

    Personally,I find it really hard to believe that Youtube is pulling videos without making a press release. After the trouble that they had with the C0f$ and T.C.'s vid, one would think that they have a big hate on with Scientology and that they would send a message out to thepublic a la press release.

    I don't think that we know the full story. More will come out soon, I bet on it
  9. long_torso Member

    Pet theory: mass of false flagging -> some automated system pruning the vid -> mod checking the flag and dismissing it -> vid restored. Rinse, repeat.
  10. Einstein Member

    I have no choice but to say this, as I sincerely see this:


    Google is the predominate search engine. No one can protest them. It's not going to affect their bottom line, it's not going to do SHIT TO THEM.

    This is where COMMON SENSE wins.

    Mail them in real life. Mass mail them with enough people who actually show care enough to put real postage money on the line, and you will win. Thats the only way you can win this.

    Protesting them at the same time is fail also. It makes us look silly and stupid, diverts from the message, and is full of fail.
  11. miltownkid Member

    I second that theory. Just so you guys know I can email Youtube at a "special" partner email account and ask questions. I emailed them about the the video being removed because of TOS and got this back.

    It was back up before she even read my message (I sent it late last night.)

    This kind of thinking needs to get chilled out. I don't think Youtube is censoring the videos. I know a lot of people that have had videos removed because of "TOS" when really the video just got flagged too many times. You contact Youtube, they unflag it. All is well in the universe.

    Seems silly that a video that has been up for so long to have gotten auto-removed because of over flagging, but who knows how the system is programmed.
  12. dirk nimrod Member

    I'll give it the benefit of the doubt next time, but I think something is shady with regards to videos being removed for "terms of service violation" when they do not violate any term of service. I'll take a chillaxative for now :)

    Is everyone else having a problem with Youtube playing any videos right now/
  13. long_torso Member

    If it is due to an automated system taking a video down that's been flagged some special number of times, then I have a tip for YouTube's coders: block flagging (or just make the special number higher) for videos that have been restored after false flagging.

    ...should just send that to them myself, I guess. As a humble suggestion complete with "just saying IF" disclaimer.
  14. miltownkid Member

    It's all good for me right now.

    I'm not saying don't question Youtube. I'm just saying don't be too quick to jump to conclusions.
  15. noman2313 Member

    The Tube would be fools to pull a vid that has brought in over two million views and is still pulling more. They are all about the money, and more viewers means more revenue for them from their advertisers. Anything that pulls in viewers is going to be win for YouTube. They are loving this, and they aren't going to cook the goose that laid the golden egg for them.
    They are probably getting a huge spike in viewers as Anons and Scilons use the Tube as a front in the war, and the curious general public check in to see what all the buzz is about.
    I know I rarely ever cruised the tube before all this, but since I've been involved I've been vid surfing every evening trying to keep up with all the latest developments. I imagine that's true for a lot of people.
    Its possible that they just weren't prepared for the sudden increase in volume that they are getting now.
  16. ^^^^ THIS
  17. Anon23517 Member

    Tory, if I could ask a question, perhaps if you could contact YouTube and ask what's going on? My reasoning behind this is that YouTube may well be under the impression that the people complaining so vociferously are teens and therefore easy to dismiss - we all know that's not the case, Anon is no age and all ages - but for YouTube, they need something concrete. Now, it's quite obvious that Tory is a respected member of a legitimate protest group and her knowledge is not from ad hominen reporting but rather from first hand experience and primary source research. With that in mind, they may well be more inclined to speak to her rather than us who are probably the unwashed peasant masses of the intertubes as far as they're concerned.

    I hate to use this analogy, but (and I cringe as I type this lol!) if you, Tory wrote to them, called, emailed, whichever means of communication would be easiest, it would be akin to the mature wise woman of experience speaking to YouTube on that level rather than us who they probably percieve as little more than spamming scriptkiddies. (Which we know we aren't - just putting it there as how *they* may see the issue).
  18. sliftonymous Member

    It's up, but it's honors have been removed... Is that typical?

    Unless I'm looking at something wrong.
  19. Anon Char Member

    Its the most commented on, but it has the most subscribed honors, next to wisebeard
  20. sliftonymous Member

    Right, but if you look at the video itself the Honors [1] used to be Honors[14]

    I guess it doesn't really matter:)
  21. miltownkid Member


    PART 2!

    For the record I have a partnered account and a secret ninja partner email address to use. That shit is OFFICIAL.

    Everyone take 2 chillaxitives and call me in the morning.
  22. Re: "Message to Scientology" Removed from youtube.

    And that seems to be the end of that little debacle. Glad to see the video is up again.

    Going to move this to the archive. If anything else comes up feel free to start a new thread, this one is getting cluttered.
  23. Choripan Member

    Re: "Message to Scientology" Removed from youtube.

    Is it just me, is it just YouTube, or has the video only been favorited 176 times alone? Anonymous has hundreds, if not thousands, of YouTube accounts (and I'm sure many have a primary, personal account and a fake Anon one too). There are 22,462 comments, but so little people favoriting the video!

    Why aren't we increasing its stats?
  24. Anonysqaatsi Member

    Re: "Message to Scientology" Removed from youtube.

    We need to lay off the Youtube conspiracies for awhile. It's not the best coded stuff on the internet and they've obviously had glitches and problems with some videos. They update every 6 hours or something, give it a few days just to make sure. It may only be counting new favorites, not pre-existing ones.
  25. An0nYm0use Member

    Re: "Message to Scientology" Removed from youtube.

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