"Message to Scientology" Removed from youtube.

Discussion in 'Media' started by Aenema, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. Malle Member

    Magoo, your video is GREAT!!! :D
  2. Edge_ Member

    On a sidenote: It is Weekend also! :lol:
  3. Anonymous22 Member

  4. UTANON Member

  5. ravenanon Member

    I know this will fall on some deaf ears, but we need facts first and we need not to piss of youtube.
    Lots of people found Anon through youtube and losing that audience would be bad. Ultimately youtube is a company and they can just drop carrying us and etc... Remember they took down Wise Beard Mans first account for no reason.
  6. Anonymous22 Member

    WBM's account was shut down for no reason? I wonder who could be behind that...

    But seriously, I do see what you're saying. However, I think there will be too many of us re-uploading the vid for them to shut us all down.
  7. Edge_ Member

    It's the Internets also, where do they blog their stuff? Not for trolling, mind you, but for gathering info. Anonymous have not gone unnoticed, people talk.
  8. AnonP1ZZ4 Member

    Silly OSA Scientologist cocks don't realise we're the final boss of the internet.
  9. ?/0 Member

    Interesting thought, but perhaps the removal of our first vid was a calculated move on YouTube's part, in SUPPORT of Anonymous. Think about it. If it was a real ToS violation, they would have pulled it right away, not this long after the fact, and they've been in the business long enough that they would HAVE to have known what would have happened if they pulled the vid, especially now. Streisand Effect galore. This may be a well-conceived ploy by YouTube to accelerate the spread of Anonymous via the Streisand Effect, and simultaneously play off the Scilon lawyers by saying, "Look, see, we took it down, now get off our backs!"
  10. saerat Member

    digg story is not in top 10 even though it has enough to be there too :confused:
  11. Why not inform Google's competition? They'd appreciate ammo like this.
  12. Edge_ Member

  13. nonsensical Member

    It hurts them for no reason. Don't buy it.

    Youtube was google's competitor, then they became one.
  14. I just had six or more ANON vid windows open at once and YOUTUBE is shorting them by 2 seconds to keep view counts down. All vids stop at 2:02 and the replay screen does not come up.
  15. I was talking about Yahoo, MSN and the like.
  16. An0nYm0use Member

    Not really that surprising when you consider that Google (who owns YT for all y'all n00bs) -along with Yahoo, MSN and AOL have contracts with Co$ tech shell companies 'run' by [redacted], Internet public affairs director for Co$ who also directs at SEMPO and WITI (Women in Technology International). Search also Scientology + "Bernard Hodes Group", SEMPO, INGENIO and WITI

    i redacted the dox of the name of the woman.
  17. Whitehat Member

    I just thought of something...

    What is some of the higher ups in Youtube are being blackmailed?

    Since I'm sure that's how the Scifags got their tax exempt status back from the IRS.
  18. Glosslip Member

  19. nonsensical Member

  20. anoneels Member

    No response yet from YouTube? I know the complaint I sent in was regarded as spam and didn't make it through.
  21. Malle Member

  22. aberrated Member

    Going to make an attempt at a proofread here. I'll bold any changes I make in word or spelling a-la lrrl's post [edit - and note any deletions in a comment like this one]. Maybe later I should make an HTML version with appropriate anchors for footnotes and suchlike.

    I apologize for the general inconsistency of my suggestions, and for the occasional bolded comma. Some of my suggestions are for spelling and grammar, some for readability and style. But then my prose can get pretty dense so feel free to HAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS.

    Hmm, in retrospect I probably should have read the entire thread before starting this. Seems a video is already in production.

    [moar edit] And further, I guess the original 2.3 million view is back up. YouTube caving under counter-pressure? Inconcieveable!

    I need to go eat something...
  23. DeltaDesu Member

    It's back up.

    Now, anyone get them to say why it was down in the first place?
  24. King Nerd Member

    So, still no word of what violated the TOS? Its pretty shady if you ask me.

    I say as long as we're spamming the video on Youtube we should spam the email inboxes of those in charge of both Youtube and Google. I also suggest we try getting this news out to more places than Digg. Afterall, isn't this topic just getting buried?

    If we spam this everywhere, whomever is trying to shut us up will be too overwhelmed to do so.
    And hopefully people will take notice and investigate and/or join our cause... for great justice.

    Edit: Ignore this post (maybe) if the video is back up.
  25. You know, a lot of simple flags I think warrant an insta-removal of the video, given of course the amount of them.

    That's why you can get videos removed for false DMCA claims with no problem. That explains a certain event that occurred with 1 video about Megaman 2, and the copyright claim wasn't even filled out by Capcom. Someone filed a false claim against a speedrun and got the video removed.

    If that is the case, can't we assume Scientology created spam accounts to flag the video to an amount that would cause it to be deleted?

    Youtube has really shoddy policies and enforcement of their TOS, and it is easily exploitable to get videos removed for fake copyright claims and massive flagging.
  26. incognita Member

    I've been communicating with Digg with regards to the video removal story being buried. It's probably not going to get anywhere, but at least I'm trying. :V

  27. eclipsael Member

  28. Grey Anon Member

  29. incognita Member

    ...and gone again. WTF is going on.
  30. Malle Member

    And now it's gone again! :shock:
  31. King Nerd Member

    Nice job, Incognita. Continue updating us on any further communication.
  32. donotstalk Member

    Shit, Paul Fetch got us! :xenu:

    I swear to god, that man needs to eat horse vomit.
  34. Tuesday Member

  35. incognita Member

    Yeah, they seem to have fallen silent. :-/
  36. King Nerd Member

    What a surprise...
  37. DeltaDesu Member

    It's, um. Back up again.

    Mod war!
  38. AnonX Member

    woot! Youtube better not take it down again.. weak-willed bastards.
  39. maybe it is an issue within Youtube?

    If Google even caves in to free speech on the internet, all is lost. ;_;
  40. Grey Anon Member

    Seriously that faggot needs to be ignored.
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