"Message to Scientology" Removed from youtube.

Discussion in 'Media' started by Aenema, Feb 14, 2008.

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  1. monikeranon Member

    Then bring it up logically. State your argument. Accusing anyone of anything gets nowhere unless there is fact behind it.

    edit: And it's difficult even then.
  2. Thanks Anon808! I've saved it. Like Emma, I LIKE stats! :p
  3. ?/0 Member

    Hmm... I think they might have fixed it... The view count's gone up, and my rating actually sticks now, anyway... Still cuts off a second early, and my comment ratings still don't stick, though... So I guess it's still up in the air.
  4. Anonamour Member

    I don't have the tech to make a vid so if any one wants to use the script I posted- you don't need me to okay adjustments, fuck the shit but I suggest keeping it lite, short and try to make it funny - pleas do.

    Athene's fanbase will be a major consumer group for this stuff and they are Legion. Make them like it.

    I'm off.
  5. Anon808 Member

    I have a video I want to make as well.. does anyone know of sites to get stock cloud footage? I'm looking and will share if I find one...

    [ Edit: ... ord=clouds -- free lo-res clips, 10-15 seconds each. not ideal, but free. ]

    Also, in case anyone wants to rate/favorite reposted copies of the video mentioned here, these are the links given so far in this thread: <-- mine

    This search link is HIGHlarious: ... uploaded=d

    Our cake is no lie!
  6. Amomynous Member

    And interesting point.

    All the more reason why I think we need to wait for an official response from them before we give them our "official" response.

    That said, I'm all for putting up a whole bunch of copies of the original.

    We can always take them down again, if/when it is needed.
  7. i'mglib Member

    Maybe someone pointed this out already, but it's probably no coincidence that it got pulled on a Thursday. On Thursday at 2pm their stats are due.

    Imagine how these guys must be on the phone CONSTANTLY to Youtube. But ESPECIALLY on Thursday.
  8. Whitehat Member

    Youtube is REALLY asking to be added to the enemies list.
  9. NA_Annon Member

  10. Plups Member

    Anonamour's wording rocks. Some suggestions for communications internally and externally are:

    • Don't jump to conclusions.
      Don't accuse without weighty evidence.
      Where there's doubt, ask questions and keep an open mind.

    Maybe we need a journalist to make enquiries of Youtube.

  11. Anon3Mouse Member

    Holy fuck, slow down with all the faggotry.

    First off, we don't know why it was removed, until we do, we don't need to fucking respond. We've re-uploaded the thing, it's fukken saved and the view count is not only still visible, it's screenshotted to boot.

    The reason the original was so full of Win was because Anon took it's time to make it perfect. From the script, to the video to the sound. The two "responses" put up are full of Fail because you both admittedly rushed. For the love of Raptor Jesus, take that shit down before too many people see them, they're both embarrassing.

    What we should do is wait for YouTube's answer as to why it was pulled, and why others have been pulled. In the meantime, the writefags get to work on something that is as full of Win as the original slew of scripts, vidfags hunt for an appropriate loop and sound that fits it (nothing by Metallica, ffs).

    There's no need to say "By it's nature, Anonymous is decentralized", it's redundant, clunky and sounds like what a 13 year old would write. We don't need to threaten YouTube or Google, or even hint at it. If we get no response within a few days, or if the response ends up being unacceptable, then our reply should be aimed at the users, not the administration. In particular, any reply regarding the suppression of Anon's free speech should be aimed at our own critics, like Fetch. If they can shut us up, what's to stop them from deciding that Fetch or Mr.ThreePercent's contributions, lame though they may be, are 'unmutual' (read 1984 if you don't recognize the word)?

    All this rushing in cases where we need to demonstrate patience is fucking cancerous. Rushing was the cancer that killed /b/, don't let it kill the Project too.

    Also, Swift, while I give you all the respect for being an old-school scilon critic, and I hope you recognize that I'm speaking to you the same as I would to any other Anon, STFU with this one day boycott shit. No small amount of the Legion uses Google in it's efforts, from Psyop email accounts to google bombing. One day of boycotting is like fapping only half-way, there's no point to it other than self-frustration.

    For all we know (and I would imagine this is the way of things), the toasters have been yelling at YouTube since the video got noticed originally, and after the protests unleashed their lawyers. YouTube took it down temporarily (we all still see it in the related video list) while they talk to their own lawyers to see how valid the Scilon complaint would be in court. In many cases, you aren't allowed to (or at least are strongly advised against) release information regarding ongoing legal action, this is why you so often hear "Well I can't really talk about it for legal reasons." from celebrities when they get in a civil suit.

    tl;dr: Settle the fuck down, yank those two Fail replies, and wait for moar info so Anon can reply in a way that is Epic Win.
  12. We.Are.Legion Member


    this is upsetting news....
  13. NA_Annon Member

    Chill the fuck out man. My video has been removed for the time being. In the interim I will be working on polishing a script and getting better music.

    I should also point out that most of the anon vids are not made by consensus of the group, but rather by the anon's own talents.

    Hopefully my work shows that I can at least strive to achieve the success of the first.
  14. We.Are.Legion Member

    that is definitely good news NA_Annon
  15. Anon3Mouse Member

    I'm pretty chilled. I don't know (and I'm not saying you have one way or the other) if you've been around the *chans long or the IRC or even FYAD, but generally Anon responds to each others actions with one of two extremes, insane levels of praise or insane levels of derision. It doesn't mean I think you personally suck, or all of your efforts and skills suck, just that this one contribution was Fail. Grow a thicker skin /b/rother, even if you Fail miserably over and over and over you're still part of the Legion and still on equal footing with everyone else.

    Yes, most of the vids are individual efforts, but most of the Epic vids are collaborative efforts. And speaking of, me and at least one confirmed other have an idea for Epic Win that we need a vidfag for, if you're interested, kick me a PM. Since there are toaster eyes watching, we're not making it public.
  16. They will probably soon have to make a statement regarding the video. A shitload of the media was using it as a reference in articles and had it embedded/linked, and I think they are curious as well.
  17. Anon7482 Member

    Call YouTube and Google and complain. They will just ignore emails, but they can't ignore calls:

    YouTube Media:
    Phone: 650-685-6409
    Fax: 650-872-8513
    Julie Supan

    Google Media:
    Jon Murchinson

    Maria Shim
  18. Choripan Member

    Hey dude, a suggestion: your text begins with "As of late, Anonymous has been involved in an online pr campaign against the Church of Scientology."

    A campaign against a Church... nice! How far is that from hate speech? Just an inch.

    Interpretations are very individualistic by nature, that's why this is just a suggestion of mine... if I were to upload such a video, I'd rephrase it somewhat like "As of late, Anonymous has been involved in an online PR campaign to bring awareness / to show the truth / to unveil the dark secrets / to etc of the Church of Scientology".

    A subtle change that doesn't alter the end meaning, but softens it and makes it more appealing and likeable.

    My two moon-money cents.

    Take care
  19. anon87 Member

    We're acting like we didn't know this was going to happen, Youtube take videos down all the time, ebay end auctions for no reason SOMETIMES HALF AN HOUR BEFORE THE F-IN END TIME! That's just the internets, for those that don't know - moot b& any mention of the scientology raid - It's what internets have to do to protect themselves, youtube has had the video up for quite awhile -it does sorta threated to dismantle an organization, lol if we threatened to dismantle McDonald's with legions of unforgiving cyber terrorists all covering their identity by mask and proxy, lol we would have been removed ages ago.

    I doubt youtube (owned by google) if they are picking sides in our battle would chose to defend Co$, after all Co$ lawyered the tubes, lawyered google into removing links (who then did something EPIC by putting a big box saying 'all the links aren't here due to legal claim by CoS -do you want to see what was removed?') and are in general against free speech, freedom of information, etc. I don't know if you know how many projects google run to provide free (often open source) information, software, etc. Neither google, youtube or moot need to be attacked for trying to look after themselves - if we fight ourself that is how we loose.

    The video has been used in almost every news article, in my mind its doesn't matter that it went down -focus EVERYTHING on LRH BIRTHDAY PARTY 3/15!

    If people want to be youtubein' then make some ORIGINAL CONTENT for the new raid, make post raid videos and round ups, new posters, etc, etc.

    --oh and yeah like the other guy said people did tend to be gaming the vid, this is the sort of thing that ruins sites like youtube, if people did make loads of videos and game them maybe the tubes would fix the problem, this sounds like a fun raid after or outside of the Co$ battle -if we game all our vids EVERYONE that uses the internet will start to get pissed off with anti-cos spam clogging youtubes (even me) and if it's all just old bindun repost copypasta then they're gonna start to hate us (even me)

    ---oh and anyone that suggests attacking ANYTHING that isn't Co$ is OSA (even me?)
  20. anon87 Member

    tl;dr - youtube left the video up long enough to make sure everyone saw it and make the 10th EPIC! Now it's no longer useful the tubes are covering their back (if youtube HAVE been deleting our msgs it'll look alot better for them when scilons try to attack them again with lawyers) and preparing for the next phase of the raid.

    FOCUS ON L RON HUBBARD BIRTHDAY! do not get distracted and shoot your friends!
  21. everanonymous Member

  22. FelixF'anon Member

    I Concur.
  23. In a perverse way (very perverse) the removal of a ANON video that has 2 million plus views is good for our side.

    It has proven in a very public way that what we say IS true. Now more and more people will see that we are not just making it up. That corporations such as youtube and other media giants Kowtow to the CO$ in order to avoid spending $ to defend themselves in court. It is not that the CO$ could win, it is that when filed against these corporations must spend their money to defend themselves sometimes for years (CO$ drags it out).

    What youtube has just proven to the world is that (they have no ballz) and that what we have been saying about the CO$ and sensorship IS TRUE. It's one thing for us to say it over and over with an example here and there, but now we have a most EPIC example and each and every new person that hears about this is going to know we are speaking the truth.

    This action by youtube is only going to make ANONYMOUS BIGGER and more powerful.

    Our local raid had a very intersted newspaper reporter taking lots of notes, listening, writing links to information down saying he would do his research prior to writing, but I knew nothing would be printed (nothing was) because of media fear of having to represent themselves in court.

    THIS HAS TO CHANGE< and it can only change through NUMBERS.

    GROW ANONYMOUS feel the power they have handed us on a silver platter.
  24. Quick observation....but it's not like we dont already know...

    ..This place is littered with scienos.

    We need to be VERY careful guys.


    They are retaliating, and retaliating hard...not that we cant handle it but EVERYONE needs to pay attention.

    Go Google more News on the front page. There have been A LOT of small changes in the past 2-3 days.

    I know you all will overcome, but think smart and pay attention!
  25. Magoo Member

    Here's my take----having worked with OSA, and watched them *try*
    to screw with the Net. This is one of the best things for Anonymous---
    just as OSA Trying to crash ARS (the ex-Scios newsgroup) was in the
    '90's. All it did was C R E A T E a **huge** Army of Critics who have been exposing them, ever since.

    Now? Welcome to the Anonymous ARMY :mrgreen::anon: :guyfawkes: :anon: :anon: :anon:

    Here's my take re this latest YouTube deal (And to whomever tried to say it *isn't* Scientology/OSA---puleeeeeeeease):

    If that doesn't work, go to
    and click on Scientology Stops Free Speech on YouTube Feb 14

    Remember: OSA's #1 goal is distraction. I'd suggest you all don't let them waste too much of your time on this. Again, they're doing it for you--just get this out to various news media/net areas, and let it roll. (And don't forget, in any press release, to promote the next picket!)

    My best to ALL :wink:

  26. Magoo Member

    This is a good point, J. Swift brought up----which goes along with my stating to try to educate YouTube---don't just snap at them.

    They are *not* the enemy here: OSA is, and their army of litigious
    People you are not even aware of, who are no doubt working
    24/7 on this, to try--once again---to stop free speech under some
    bogus "religious bigot" (Or now "terrorist") crap. I know this drill---I used to run it when working with OSA. Sick, but true---they'll use whatever they have to--and they see it as "right" and "good". (Don't forget that Scio-Truman show!) :roll:

    My best to all, Magoo~~8)
  27. AnonymousYKF Member

    Digg is now censoring Anonymous. The first article should be one of the top stories of the day with 800+ diggs and it hasn't even touched the front page.

    First YouTube bends over and takes Scientology's dick up its ass and now Digg follows suit.
  28. LooooooongCat Member

    Get this onto as many sties as possible, gawker etc seeing as they were one of the people who refused the previous Scifag DCMA notice thingy..

    Get it out from just Anon knowing and into as many places as possible.
  29. Magoo Member

    Can you send Digg my video?

    Also, has anyone asked YouTube why?
    See if you can get the specifics of what IS being run on them.

    And have an excellent Friday, one and ALL :mrgreen:

  30. LOL_Internets Member

  31. fr33lanc3anon Member

    think this might be a joke. If it isn't, something fucking ugly is going down.
  32. EpicCake Member

    Anyone here fans or has heard of Eddie Izzard? Remember his jokes about Darth Vador...Well to me this is like the joke.."Master the Rebels have a flag!" Seems like they are making a big push because what they thought was a minor irritation of some people at the fence line is now a major assault that they are trying to quash. This gives me serious encouragement.
  33. monikeranon Member

    If any anons can speak for having had their comments censored, I haven't heard it. (And if there's something to hear, say it!)
  34. sliftonymous Member

    ^ (See page 3 of this thread)

    If that's what you're talking about, it was just joking anons:)
  35. Casper Member

    Back when the video first got pulled, a bunch of people uploaded new copies and a copypasta'd that comment over all of them. It's cute.
  36. Edge_ Member

    I wonder what OSA thinks now. Now over 10 new Anon spreaded the first word. And I wonder what kind of lame excuse they will throw up.
  37. LOL_Internets Member

    LOL glad to see this. I've tried to search the forum before, but got a time out everytime. I thought myself it was a joke, but wasn't sure. Tnx!
  38. AnonymousYKF Member

    Looks like the second Digg submission has been buried into oblivion as well.

    What they don't realize is that we can do this all day, all night, indefinitely.
  39. The OSA bury squad is really out in force today :roll:
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