Message to OSA INT & RTC

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  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    This will no doubt put the cat among the pigeons which makes me slightly concerned about my contacts. They don't rival BFGs but they're good people who've realised the truth but basically feel trapped and helping us works for them like the cult doesn't any more; truth be told I think the whole espionage double agent thing works for them, but that's OSA types right?

    They haven't said they're under a lot of security stress, they "can handle it" is all they've really said about it, but I imagine they must be. This can only make it worse. Intel has been really useful and facilitated a few quiet ops as well as provided the odd lulzy or interesting leak.
  2. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    I hope that they blow together sooner rather than later.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    This ^^ Is BFG's post just going to make OSA uneasy or actually put a lot of pressure on the leaks and contacts who are still in? Is OSA getting so desperate that they'd RPF people for this or just let it slide? What say you, exes?

    Good info, though.
  4. Anon1260 Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    O for goodness' sake.

    Estevez is too old.
    Someone like a slimmer Sean Astin might work.

    The casting is a no-brainer.

    L RON Hubbard -- Philip Seymour Hoffman
    Dave Miscavige -- Daniel Craig, miniaturised using LOTR-style hobbitization effects.
    Tom Cruise -- Miles Fisher
    Kirsty Ally -- Kathy Bates, blond
    Jason Beghe -- Irreplaceable. Self, more youthful.
    John Duignan -- James McAvoy
    Tommy Davis -- Leonardo diCaprio
    Tory Magoo -- Sharon Stone
    Lawrence Brennan -- Dan Ackroyd
    Xenu (flashbacks) -- Ben Kingsley

    I want a casting director's wage if it is ever manifested.

  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC


    Boasting an epic Fred.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    One way that I see BFG's effects on the cult is that yes, they will become super paranoid and start having uber sec-checks, lockdowns, RPF assignments, and a ton of shit from DM. They will start to disintegrate totally. Nobody will be able to trust anyone else, and most will end up having complete breakdowns. All the time, people are waking up, thinking "Fuck This" and are blowing. The more people blow, the more they sec-check the remaining culties and the more people they RPF, the quicker they will destroy themselves from the inside.

    The more pressure put on them from the outside, the better. I strongly support paranoia-inducing ops on all orgs and staff scientologists. It isn't hard to target a Scientologist and get them onto a heavy sec-check cycle. It isn't hard to plant rumours into the org using emails, letters, phone calls or during face-to-face exchanges. If it organised, and the cult receives information from multiple sources, they will act. The staff memer in question will suddenly be 'disconnected' from the rest of the cult.

    BFG's posts are like a grenade that has been thrown into the heart of a hornets nest. We need to see more like his posts, and for people to find other ways to have similar effects through other means. The cult will destroy itself, but it can't hurt to give it a little shake. Heh.
  7. genoramix Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    ^^^This, and pretty much all what's been said in this thread...

    Cannot wait for the book too...

    epic pwnage is epic
  8. Anonymous Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    message to osa int & rtc

    there are naughty pictures in the dome and you'll like them

    come look!
  9. timthephoto Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    david miscivage
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    I am David Miscavige
    and i disapprove this thread.
  11. hotdog57 Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    The name Scientology is a night mare name.
    Thank to D M .
    karma is a bitch.

    just keep on showing the World fair game , so Scientology can be hated more.
    Scientoogy is the church of fair game .

    and to all OSA member kiss D M ass some more.
    may be he won,t fair game you just lower condition.
    and OSA thanks for all your help on showing the world WHO you are.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    So exactly how long do you think it took for the fall out of this to start? 10, 15 minutes?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    if i were OSA i wouldn't spend five minutes on this site, let alone all day
  14. Tom Socrates Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    And OSA can only respond by jabbing us with bananas.
  15. Lorelei Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    Nicely said. However, I have a minor quibble! What's this "become super paranoid" business? They already ARE super-paranoid.

    You can't be in a cult obsessed with enemies, crimes, angry invisible dead space alien ghost cooties, Xenu!, and tracking down who is to blame (even yourself) whenever your life sucks or bad shit happens and NOT be paranoid. Saying that "if this doesn't work, YOU ARE DOING IT WRONG" and making it sport to seek out the dastardly assholes getting in the way of your Clear The Planet goals and to screw anyone--even your family--who might get in your way...well, all of it is a recipe for paranoia (and arrogance, and misery) from the get-go.

    It can't be "made to go right" because the stupid, flawed theories and practices proposed to explain the cause of "shit happens" and to control the external world and other people and to magically keep life itself from ever, ever having moments of 'suck-i-tude' are flawed.

    If you keep trying to attack something that has nothing to do with the cause of your troubles, the real cause is going un-addressed. If my foot hurts, I am not going to go buy eyedrops, Pepto Bismol or cough lozenges.

    The cult's BUTT hurts. Perhaps it should look into why that is, and address the real issues at hand causing the problem. Hint: HOUSE OF CARDS con-job and internal mis-management. (The cult's foot hurts, too, but that's due 99% to Tommy Davis and his magical footbullet-spawning prowess.)

    No one has OT powers, or Anon / OG critics wouldn't exist.

    The cult has had 50+ years to get its goal of "Clearing the Planet" (and being the ultimate power and authority over everyone else on Earth) met, and has FAILED.

    Busy work does not address core problems within a system.

    Wasting time re-verifying info SOMEONE does not like or want to believe does not solve the core problems.

    These poor people have to be asking themselves: "Was this what I got into the CoS to do? Are the goals proposed realistic? Can they be, mathematically and logically, ever achieved? Do I trust my own observations, or what I am told I am observing? AM I HAPPY?"

    So, yeah, there's no BECOMING paranoid about it. :)
  16. BigBeard Member

    Re: Message to OSA INT & RTC

    Sounds like they never read William L. Livingston's "The New Plague: Organizations in Complexity."

    Long out of print, but worth the read if you can find it.


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