Merry Fugkin Christmas Electronic New Techvol Set

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by nonfza, Dec 10, 2011.

  1. carsondude Member

    All in all I support all leaks of the material for the reasons of:

    1. Lowering the income of the CO$
    2. Give Anon. a knowledge of why we protest. So we can verbalize with a doubting cultie and free his mind.

    A great deal of Tech has been leaked thru the support and risk of members and your kind of blatant statement puts you at odds with the purpose of this forum of Leaks and Legals.

    Go elsewhere with your Crap.
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  2. telomere Member
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  3. Anonymous Member

    You have to think like a Scientologist to understand that point :)

    An OCR version is not "source". The source is the actual published HCOB. What are you going to do if you doubt the OCR version and do not have the image as back-up?

    Your references are HCOPL 7 Feb 1965 "Keeping Scientology Working Series 1", HCOPL 15 Dec 1969 “Orders, Query of”, and HCOPL 9 Feb 1979R II "How to defeat verbal tech checklist".

    Read, word-clear, and star-rate.
  4. Cudgel Member

    Nope. We don't sit "...unmoving..." We sing and we dance and we chant.
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  5. carsondude Member

    Thats right and they (the scientologist) stand there not moving staring at us with their TR-0. Or they go beserk and yell what is your crime?
    They sound Psychotic to me.

    Use this Hcob the next time you protest.
  6. carsondude Member

    I think you have this a little over thought. The church itself with incomm was moving to putting all the tech on computer for easy reference early on. I agree that if there was a confusion they would follow it back to the original HCOB but other then that Source material (meaning written or spoken by LRH) transfer to images or CDs. That is why the CO$ can claim copywrite on even handwritten copies of tech.
  7. Anonymous Member

    A guy has 75 trillion year old universal history in his head but chooses to express himself by using words such as "berserk"?
  8. nonfza Member

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  9. DeathHamster Member

    We drink and we die and continue to drink!

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  10. SpsHaveWrits Member

    And I thunk the beast ever when i'm dunk
  11. Anonymous Member

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  12. nonfza Member

    your welcome
  13. Anonymous Member

    Thanks OP, Merry R6mas to you as well.
  14. Anonymous Member

    You're Grandma is baad.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Hmm is link down no-workie
  16. I get a "Deleted File" error message from Media Fire.

    EDIT: Gimme a few minutes and I'll set up a new, live link for the file.

    Here be a new active link for the material:

    There will be a short 15 second wait and then, an alpha-numeric Captcha to deal with, but it works.
  17. ocean12 Member

    yeah I smell something fishy, both links old and new down
  18. Cudgel Member

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  19. Anonymous Member

  20. Algorithm Member

    Excellent. I Just downloaded this.

    This was a really worthwhile project.

    Making ALL the "materials" of Scientology accessible at large will help those still in and buying the mystery that this fucked up subject has become.

    I have a lot of lectures ripped and ready, maybe start with Milestone One.

    Scientology might be a religion for train spotters!
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