Merged Threads--Dox or STFU please

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by too_cool_4_school, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    OP, you were politely asked to put your links into some sort of comprehensible context, and not just paste random spam shitpostings of data that has already been leaked. Your postings are both random and unhelpful, and your attitude sucks balls.
    Fuck off to the ORG you came from until you get a sense of humor and find a way to communicate in a way which does not assume that everyone will automatically be "in agreement" with your Source.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    You have the freedom to go fuck yourself, and speak to yourself in a mirror.
  3. Anonymous Member

    I aim to be a good communicator. Did I convey that clearly enough for you?
  4. Anonymous Member

    We can have a "comm cycle". Don't puss out, nao.
  5. Your threads weren't shut down, they were merged.

    Also suggesting that anons vandalize Scientology property is suspect in and of itself.
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  6. an0nim0uz Member

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  7. pooks Member

    Appears mental.
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  8. anonymous612 Member

    You're not Leaklicker, Leaklicker knows how to spell.
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  9. pedrofcuk Member

    I agree with the above remark.
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  10. pedrofcuk Member

    I lol'd at that ^
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  11. HA HA HA you have no idea how many Anons I`ve taked to who have said that Bullshit, both at raids in many parts of the country and Online. (Well I guess I have only heard it Eight times from 8 different people)
    I`ve personal seen ANONS do it while in Scientology, and even ran down the street after an Anon who Smashed a the front window of the org with a brick, but the fucker was quick and got away.
    I`ll reply for you so we wont have so much of A comm lag.
    ANON: BULLSHIT you lie Anons would never do that...
    Too_cool: yes they did
    Anon: NO we have a peaceful protest
    Too_cool: I`ve seen it.
    Anon: PROVE it.
    Too_cool: well as I said the fucker got away, thus it was never taken to court thus no documents due try and keep up or I wont talk to you anymore
    Anon: Well if it isnt written it isn`t true
    Too_cool: EXScientologist

    Well Im glad we cleared that up
  12. I`ll do that thank you it would be the only way to make intelligent conversation around here
  13. NO, I didn`t get it
  14. Both my Parents are dead thats what happens to people who get old, I made it Clear by now I think that I don`t want to be Approved by you. It would be like being Approved for taking a shit.
  15. Anonymous Member

    Cool story, now either improve your posts and rid them of faggotry or GTFO.
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  16. That is practicing medicine and you should go to jail, for diagnosing my mental condition without a license.
  17. Anonymous Member

    I still don't understand what it is you are trying to achieve here, OP.
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  18. Don`t tell me what to do it is a waste of time I`m not going to do what you say
  19. So you go to raids around the country eh? Which cities have you protested at? Can you be specific?

    Can you post the police reports about the broken windows?
  20. I didn`t the ANON SPs OSA members don`t like freedom of speech and are trying to suppress me
  21. Anonymous Member

    OT IX will fix everything for you.
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  22. Miranda Member

    I suggest critics back off some, you've made your point and no sense perseverating about it--that just polarizes the discussion more. TC, try browsing more before posting and I think you'll see how to present leaks in a more effective manner. If our requests for dox mean that this isn't the forum for you, though, you can always post elsewhere.

    Requests for dox are legitimate but let's debate the issues, not each other. If the thread continues as a slapfight it may be closed for comments (not deleted). FYI, even threads that disappear are not deleted--they are archived.
  23. Well I`ve been to Raids at Vancouver org, ASHO on LRH way, and New York, I also passed by the old Chicago Org. (a few years back so I don`t know if they have opened their new building yet) and Bullbaited a guy doing Stress tests but there was no protests going on.

    As for your question I made It very clear about the situation with the other ANON member in the above post, due keep-up in the conversation.

    I reply for you to save time....
    Anon: then its not true
    too_cool: OK you can say that if it makes you happy.
    Anon: YOU lie
    Too_cool: it happened
    Anon: no
    Too_cool: What do you mean by no
    Anon: thats not true thats impossible :(
    Too_cool: Are you OK
    Anon: no, you made me sad, it`s all your fault Anons are good people doing good thing against a bad thing
    Too_cool: UM, ok
  24. I have no problems with fighting with people.
    Yet I don`t fight unless provoked
  25. Miranda Member

    Part of this conflict has to do with a common misperception that "I was there, I witnessed it" = evidence or dox. It doesn't, because anyone could say that about anything. You'd need another source or two to confirm your assertion.
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  26. Good statement, but a Witness to something stands up in a court of LAW where ``Hear Say`` like what goes on here and with all Anon which have never been Scientologist is not.
  27. Except our claims are backed up by thousands of people whereas yours are backed up by yourself.
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  28. Miranda Member

    Actually, I believe not everyone agrees that a single eye witness is always solid evidence in court. But before we go down that derail, we're not in court--we're discussing standards for research, basically. Here's a quick quote from WP on eyewitness accounts in historical research--you'll see that several questions would be hard for anons to answer, regarding your leaks.

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  29. Anonymous Member

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  30. Anonymous Member

    Mods: Are you *sure* we can't have a Dome any more?

    Because exhibit C is right here ITT
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  31. What are you talking about??????????????
    Try reading the whole thread about what is going on...
    What thousand of people and what claims?

    I gave some info leaked Docs and personal some personal account of what happened when I was there and Some people and I are getting in a bitch fight.

    Thousands of ``Hear say`` is just that ``Hear say`` and doesn`t hold up as evidence.
    I`m not saying Anon is wrong I`m say on the most part Anon is operating on what Ex-Scientolgist like myself and so many other have been saying for years.
    Scientologymay of cast the first stone but Anons tossed it back through the window. (twice)

    I`ll sand up and fight against a group and I have no problem with that. I`ve done it against Scientology for years.
  32. Miranda Member

    My understanding, and admins correct me if I'm wrong, is that there will be some form of a dome--it's on the long list of things to do and has been under discussion among mods and admins. For now, we are making do with closing or archiving threads or posts that are not useful or at least entertaining.

    Please keep in mind that much of what's on that to-do list may not be immediately visible to users when completed, but will make the site more functional. Believe me, I want a dome as much as you do. Still, some of this discussion may turn out to be useful.
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  33. Miranda Member

    OP, as I suggested in PM, both sides seem to be beating a dead horse at this point. Anons want your information but want it to be documented; you don't want to document it. So be it. If you decide to document it in the future, I'm sure we will be very happy to use it. Meanwhile, post if if you want to, but please just keep it to one thread--more orderly that way.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    My friends, we are being trolled by an OSA tool.
  35. Miranda Member


    Anyone who believes so, just stop posting in this thread.
  36. pedrofcuk Member

    Er, OP, just because you don't know who threw a stone through your window doesn't make him/her a member of anonymous, a group without membership, I hasten to add.

    Also, just because the perpetrator may or may not have been wearing a mask, also, does not neccessarily mean he has anything to do with anonymous as a group.

    We have enough random teenagers in our fair city who readily kick in the mission door, deface and tear down scientology posters, try to damage advertising, threaten to kill them all, bring down the local nazi skinheads and deal with them once and for all, and on and on.

    I am an ex scientologist and I have always found anons to be, in general, polite, courteous, law-abiding, interesting people, happy to exchange views with the general public or sci-fags and even ex-scifags, with a few specific exceptions of course, and they will remain anonymous.

    Has this been useful or entertaining?
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  37. anonymous612 Member

    Can any of these anons confirm that?

    By NY, do you mean NYC or the state in general?
  38. themadhair Member

    Why are people continuing to take this fuckhead seriously...???

    I understand the mods wanting to play the conciliatory role for the sake of newfags and in case there may be some leaks of value to be had here. But, ffs, if you can’t see this for the waste of time and space that it is then you need to seriously lurk the fuck more.

    So far we have:
    1) No leaks of any value.
    2) Batshit insane FZ shit.
    3) OP making up shit when challenged.

    Troll or wacko is irrelevant – they are a waste of space, effort and time and why people are still taking this crap merchant seriously is beyond me. Mods used to dome shit like this on sight.
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  39. Anonymous Member


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