Men against rape

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, Apr 30, 2013.

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    ooops wrong thread
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    Why are you a man who rapes?
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    No. The Grim Reaper was meant for a thread in the dome. But I guess it fits here too.
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    There's not a lot of action groups for men against rape. The only recent thing is the video about what to do with a drunk girl.
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  10. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    It works because my solution for rapists involves my idol:

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    But we digress
    This thread is about men taking action against rape
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    That was good, but was - IIRC - made by a female director.
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    OP here. Searching for men against rape doesn't yield a lot ofd activism. We need this.
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    How what you wear has nothing to do with rape, explained by a woman who was herself assaulted.
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  20. The military needs cracking wide open on his subject matter ....
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  23. Andy Downs Member

    I detest rape.
    I raised foster kids for a few years. All of them had been abused in the worst possible ways.
    The effects are everlasting and without proper guidance and help their lives often go in the wrong direction.

    That being said I have some questions, of which I have no answers so far, about the new California laws.

    You are a rapist if, as a male, you engage in sex with a girl who is drunk.
    My question goes to the philosophy behind this idea.

    What the law is saying is a female can;t give consent if she is drunk (still undefined, and I doubt anyone will be going around with a breathalyzer on Friday nights)
    However if the male is drunk, he is completely responsible for his actions.

    Now before I get slapped down by everyone, I am not talking about what we have traditionally thought of as rape. That being taking someone against their will, violently, horribly, and disgusting. I also understand that date rape is a very real thing.

    The idea that if two adults are drinking, only the female is not responsible seems a little strange to me.
    If alcohol impairs judgement (which it does) how is it that it can only legally effect the judgement of a female and not a male?
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  24. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Think about who the aggressor is. Aggressor +drunk =bad.
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  25. CarterUSP Member

    I agree 100%
    Sex without consent is rape regardless of the circumstances.
    Blaming women is actually offensive to both genders, blaming the woman is suggesting that the man had no control of himself.
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    If I drunk myself silly and ended up getting done up the shitter with a strapon, she'd be the rapist and I'd be the victim. If I was sober(ish), I'd only have myself to blame for a sore butt (presuming I'm strong enough to fend off a woman, which is mostly the case).
  27. fishypants Moderator

    Is that what the law is saying?

    I'd be surprised if it doesn't say that a person (not just a woman) can't give consent if they are drunk.

    Looking at the text of the bill:

    It's my impression that:
    • You're wrong in thinking that, in this bill, the need for consent only applies to one party. It applies to both parties.
    • You're wrong in thinking that, in this bill, the gender of the possible rapist or victim makes a difference. It applies to men and women equally. For example, a man could rape a man, a woman could rape a woman, a woman could rape a man.
    As I think I've shown above, that is not what the bill says.
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  28. Andy Downs Member

    In wording you are correct.....however in reality and in practice, it doesn;t work that way at all...IMHO

    The focus in news, etc has been about women being victims.

    When you read the wording of this bill you almost need a written agreement to engage in sex, and even that might not cover both parties if they are drunk or had been drinking.

    How do you determine if silence is just part of foreplay or victim in waiting?

    Perhaps in theory both men and women can be victims. However in the real world a man in rolling the dice on being accused.
    If he is, he is finished, especially in this day and age.

    Do you know any cases where women have raped men?

    I am glad I don't have to worry about this stuff anymore
  29. fishypants Moderator

    When it comes to law, the wording is rather important, although the legislators' intention does come into it. And of course prosecutions can be selective. But it seems unfair to criticise a bill on the basis of hypothetical selective prosecution in the future, which hasn't yet taken place.

    You can't, which is why the bill says (totally correctly in my view) that silence should not be taken as assent.

    They're rare, though possibly under-reported.

    Plenty of cases where men rape men or boys though.


    That's not true. You just need verbal assent from a partner who is in a rational enough state of mind to give that assent.
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  30. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    But I get your point.
  31. Andy Downs Member

  32. Andy Downs Member

    Defining rational seems to be subjective.
    I have met some sober irrational people in my day
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  33. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  34. fr33 Member

    PLEASE losted, confused and very weak...

    Stalking and cyberstalking suffered for unknown reasons (betrayal discovery / chase), was persecuted, physically and virtual environment. I believe (unconscious) that raped in one of investees in which I was unconscious for possibly have been shot in the back with no view of the aggressor.
    Psychological terror and threats implied in social networks.
    Pornographic videos upload (much suffering) in or (mirroring).

    Much suffering, there protectionist group that handles this situation Info data, locations etc ...
    They tried to manipulate situations trying to make me believe I was paranoid and so much more malignant committed atrocities.
    I have many tools available (extensive experience with computers from small, self-taught) to perform, tracking, and data for more infos resolution, but unfortunately on the environment was no emotional codições to continue ... I am suffering a lot (A GROUP supported with protectionism and many attacks nefarious manipulations.

    Trying to keep this relationship ("man-ipulated") and trying to get away from it, I ended up suffering these various attacks that caused me endless emotional and physical damage.

    Life is worth much more than a game, it seems like a revenge plan, perhaps not accept you've had a history of drug addiction / admissions, most had already overcome this issue, now that I come.

    But nothing can justify such acts of (TERROR psychological)

    and even a possible rape, do not know whether to object, with whatever ..... :( (SEE who was unconscious, the more memories and symptoms (pain to sit, pain in the anus region), lead me to believe it, I was hit on the head behind possibly the lover during a time of discussion in the street, because he was under the influence of sedatives (tranquilizers not use or prescription drugs daily, NEVER, but this day was with many doubts and nervous until this day , this major event happened.

    I am almost no strength to continue, this world is lost, as there may be people this level of cruelty?!?!?!?!?

    I emphasize that my past involved with drugs and hospitalization was widely used as a manipulation tool and training OPINION of way to manipulate, defame and cause a situation of defamation and imbalance,

    please the law, (social, family, nobody can help)

    I AM without VOICE and action...
  35. fr33 Member

    errrata: i was hit in the back of my head and not shot
  36. fr33 Member

    they think they are human ... :~
  37. fr33 Member

    i am very confused.. i need to do something.... just dont khown What ?!?!? HOW!??!?! i gonna kill my self
  38. fr33 Member

    i am not killing.... i need some help, I want this people on FIRE !
  39. fr33 Member

    last login: my real ip: i gonna left my infos / logins / and some GPS points
  40. fr33 Member

    xmeet was my last codename on

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