**MEMPHIS, TN** protest planning

Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by JackHandey, Jul 19, 2009.

  1. Re: **MEMPHIS, TN** protest planning

    I'm with you on the educated slacker with no job thing. I only joined this board yesterday - primarily to get some people interested in a Memphis/Collierville protest. But I see that I'm months behind the times. Ha!

    I'm going to check with the Collierville PD about the use of masks. I would find it hard to believe that masks aren't allowed (humorous ones specifically); they do trick or treat in C'ville don't they?

    Their location is what worries me. If they are on/in a strip mall then we might not be able to get close enough to make a difference to those going in, or those already in. I'll drive by today to check it out.

    I posted their hours on another thread, but they are barely open. It's something of the order of 15 hours per WEEK; 2.5 hours for 4 out of 5 weekdays, followed by 5 hours on the Saturday (1pm-6pm). I say that we could organize a protest for a Saturday.

    Re: getting the media involved. Saturday is usually a very weak news day - it's a day reserved for the 2nd shift at TV stations - so we should be able to get some interest from Channels 3, 5, 13 and 24. To ensure we make it onto the news, masks/get-ups are essential... visually it looks much better. And we also need numbers. 50 was mentioned earlier as a critical mass figure, and I think that's something good to aim for.

    Re: Helmsman and UofM. I know, from personal experience, that one of the Journalism Prof's is in the CoS. She's a lovely person - she may be out of the CoS now - but would probably inform the C'ville branch about our plans. Then again, I imagine the CoS has people lurking on these forums, so they'll know about it anyway.

    When I head out there today, I'll take some pictures to get a lie of the land. Does anyone have any idea how many members the Memphis CoS chapter has?

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