Melbourne May 21st: Still Alive...

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by cobaltite, May 22, 2011.

  1. cobaltite Member

    Apologies this is a little delayed, it's been a rather busy couple of days for me. This is my first write up so bear with me...

    tl;dr: Albeit a late start, flyer'd aplenty (to the point where we ran out), moved onto the org where we were unfortunately moved on after about an hour.

    The sunshine had come out to party after a couple of chilly days in Melbourne. There were new anons and some old faces that hadn't been seen for a while. Some guy with a camera decided to follow us on the day, I think he said he was an independent reporter or something of the such. Anyway, was still good we had some interest on that front. We did have a late start due to our signs being a bit late but then we marched onwards.

    We were a little down from our usual spot due to tram track works on Swanston blocking a bit of Bourke off too, but that spot also gave us an advantage as most of the public trying to get to the other side also had to come our way too. Music was set up, we began flyering and the public of Bourke responded. I saw quite a few interested in our cause speaking to some anons.

    Then we heard delishus news. A side-quest opportunity had arrived! We had received a bit of intel that Scilons had set up a table back at Flinders Street Station. A group of anons (including myself) were gathered up for the task, given a quick rundown of what do and we were on our way down to give our friends a little hello...
    But alas! When we got there, the crafty buggers had scattered! They were nowhere to be seen. Time to turn around and head back to report our lack of exp gain...

    The missed opportunity to bother Scilons was made up for the great success we had flyering. Our box eventually ran empty and we had to go and get moar to restock! Not very often that sort of thing happens.

    T'was time to head down to Ascot Vale. We boarded the tram and much to our delight, Spoogebag was there! Just standing oh so casually in the middle of where we were seated. Although when we got off the tram, he disappeared. Oh Spoogebag, where is your confront?

    The cops were there as soon as we got there. We were ordered across the side of the road, so we obliged. Apparently there had been another group protesting the CoS regularly too that were always designated that side of the road. Anyway; Crowley, despite not being able to use his megaphone, used his magnificently loud voice instead, inspiring others to join in. A bunch of young guys were walking by the Scn building and heard our shouts. They decided to cross the road and join us, holding signs and joining in the shouts too!

    We were informed though that we did not have the right permits to be there. The council had told us we were good to go beforehand, but not according to the policemens and some bylaws. That meant that we had to pack up and move on.

    All in all this was a good raid, despite our troubles later on. Great public response and Scilons scattering, even at the org we were only met with an OSA goon half-heartedly videotaping us - not even doing it the whole time as the usual fare. The CoS is going to get hit hard soon with the new legislation concerning all the non-for-profit entities but we will keep the pressure on them.
    Keep your coolfaces at the ready!

    Oh, and apparently it was the end of the world that day. Still alive though. Bit disappointing.
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  2. BigBeard Member

    Hope there will be follow up with the council and PD to get the permit issue clarified. Otherwise sounds like a fun day of enturbulation!

  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

  4. thefatman Member

    Please, stop getting ass raped by the cops. Learn to fucking sort that shit out before the day.
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  5. Missed this because of the fucking flu. >.< Shame about the cops being the way they were, though. :/
  6. Zhent Member

    WAT. Find out about this and pool (not closed) your resources!

    These problems need to be sorted out. Additionally try and get limited permission to use their side of the road.

    A far-cry from the events in Sydney, stay safe and maintain constant vigilance.

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