Melbourne March 12th - Hubbard's Early Birthday Present

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by SpikeAnonMelbourne, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. We came, we saw, we protested like a boss.

    This protest was one of the best we've had in a while. And I always reward good protests. Bring your forks next time MelbAnon, for there will be cake.

    The day started with a news team from what I recall to be "A Current Affair" if I'm not mistaken, filming us for an up and coming report of sorts. They were a nice bunch, got some good shots of us (or at least me, I'm not omnipresent last time I checked) and are planning to hold a panel with a few Anons in the very near future (within the week if all goes well). We know who they're planning to talk to to, but I reckon it'd be cool if we left it as a surprise ;D

    The day started with music, signs and Flinders St REALLY getting stuck in to the fliers. Honestly, I can't remember a time when Flinders was more receptive. We marched our way down to Bourke St in the usual spot and spread out for flier handing outification. Everyone was pretty good in that respect and Bourke St REALLY took the fliers, I couldn't give them out fast enough. And even more so this month, people are recognising the group and of course the Green Man (me). Even after just a few months of standing around in one spot once a month, handing out fliers, people just keep remembering, coming up to shake our hands, giving words of praise. And the frequency just keeps going up.

    Crowley, a new member, came equipped with megaphone. This gave us a good presence on the street. We danced our pants off to the TimeWarp. This time around (probably due to the camera crew, but who cares) we had a crowd formulate around us to watch, like buskers. Sadly, only Names, Sir, Kip and I were willing to dance. C'mon Anon, that's a poor effort. DANCE LIKE EVERYONE'S WATCHING!

    We moved off quicker than usual to Ascott Vale. I personally was worried that the events of last raid would repeat themselves. But I was happily disproved. Anonymous was exceptionally well behaved. The police turned up twice no less, drove into the Ideal Org and both times left without even bothering us. If I had to speculate, they probably walked in, said we had done all our homework, listened to at least 2 conflicting stories, looked at each other and said to Scientology "not your personal army".

    Crowley's megaphone was a joy to listen to. He went on for hours. I nabbed it for a few moments to give him a rest, but he came back raring to have another session. If anyone caught anything he was doing on camera, upload please, it was epic.

    We boogied to the music, we sang Hubbard Happy Birthday a little early for him and that was basically it.

    Everyone left their cool faces at home because they had upgraded them to Socially Awesome Penguin masks. You did brilliantly today Anon, cake is on the way.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    NYPA LOL. Nice job Melbanons. :D
  3. Anonymous Member

    Sounds good, now post pics.
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  4. Kenji Member

    The banter between Spike and Crowley over the megaphone was hilarious. Should get a TV show for these guys.
    Pics will be up soon, they're on my camera.

    Also - I knew anon would be more well behaved. The new location made it difficult for us to know what exactly to do at first - second time after messing up last month, allowed us to learn from our mistakes and fix it so well that the police didn't bother us at all ;D
  5. Awesome work guys. My bad @ not being able to make it. >.<
  6. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Sounds good.
  7. BLiP Member

  8. Anonymous Member

  9. candide2020 Member

    so australia is out ,no more lockdown ,what about anonymous and the church of scamology over there ?

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