Melbourne, Australia January 10th POST GAME

Discussion in 'Asia Pacific' started by SirAnonymousOfAnon, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. Melbourne, Australia January 10th POST GAME

    We where luck enough to get a nice Day for the Raid, it was bright and sunny with out it being hot. We Started at the steps like we always do with Kip jumping right in with his speaker and petitions, When I got there I quickly got the Staffs of truths out specially the one thank asks ppl to sign it.

    When we where just ready to push off soviet_anon yell the plan for the day, Kip did offer his mic but it was found that soviet_anon's voice was louder then the mic :D.
    Anyway, We all travelled to Bourke St mall where we were welcomed by Mage & Acid who went right to the mall instead of starting at Flinders. Once everyone rock up we started. Upon the previous months success we had a lot of swords and sword fighting but seeing that the most strangest dressed sword fighter was Soviet(Wearing nothing but purple undies and a black latex MINI Skirt). Fliers where handed out, norms where informed, petitions where signed, photos where taken, Trams where attacked with swords just the normal raid type of stuff.

    After Bourke St we moved to the State Library where the normal stuff happened, Anons with energy fliered, petitioned & informed. Where the tired Anons recouped there energy for our assault on the Org. Just as Fast-food joints around the library where raided, IT HAPPEND...

    NOT 1 BUT 2 Mormons rocked up Quickly followed some breakdancers. The Stage was set for some trolling after a quick huddle we discussed who we would send. They would have to be energetic, quick, masked and weird... so we sent soviet_anon. He got his assignment and strode directly into the face of the Mormon and in a brief conversation with the "Elder", Soviet walked away with shock written on the Mormon’s face.

    Without a moments hesitation Soviet_anon engaged the breakdances and they responded. Up they jumped up, moving and twisting bring out everything they had, while soviet_anon just watched. Then it was his turn, He moved into the field of battle and threw down his moves. Sensing that soviet_anon's move went enough Buckethead and Bluemage jump in. Bucket leaping in with his Homerroll, followed by Mage's Barrelroll of an Anon. Still this did not impress the Breakdancers so Melbourne Anonymous used our greatest weapon something the breakdancers did not have or could not handle.... FEMANONS. Under Soviet_anon command they Crazydanced the Breakdancers back and for the KILLER BLOW they TIME WARPed them into submission. Then it was off to the Org.

    We where greeted at the Org By Manny, We said hello and got on with it. Soviet once again going for the CRAZY PERSON AT THE RAID TITLE jumped up on to a bin and while holding a Staff of Truth saying $CIENTOLOGY = CULT got drivers passing by to honk there horns, Which Allot did :). Nothing major was going down so we went, after a long Exile to Bridies only to be there for 10 min and get kicked out again, why you asked... Because MELBOURNE ANONYMOUS WAS BEING TO NOICEY :p. Luckily we are not Pema-ban so we will be back there next month :)

    We then shuffled off to the Afterparty and that is the end of the story
  2. xenubarb Member

    Re: Melbourne, Australia January 10th POST GAME

    Sounds like epic lulz were had!
  3. Anon1720 Member

    Re: Melbourne, Australia January 10th POST GAME

    any pics, vids?
  4. Re: Melbourne, Australia January 10th POST GAME

    Of course, They will be coming soon
  5. Silent Member

    Re: Melbourne, Australia January 10th POST GAME

    Nice one, m8s :D

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