Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by WMAnon, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Agree^^^ , perfect set up for them to follow/namefag/twist stuff/blah-blah.
    If you insist on this fool's mission, cool, but a small word of advice~ plan your escape route very carefully and make damned sure you have discrete b/u nearby (and taping etc.). Be assured you will be taped/photoed/etc., so do not say anything that could be turned into something else imho.
    Rem, they are shooper-dooper-diaper-poopers/spais, the cloak and dagger shit makes some of them cum buckets, expect the un-expected and remember that it is you who has the most to lose, not them.

    Be smart, be safe.

    My afternoons thots on this, I go nao.

  2. none given Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    OP take two cameras. Three of you total. Minimum.
    Keep them rolling at all times. it is a condition of the meeting.
  3. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    this doesn't make sense on many different levels.
  4. Locnar Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    [ame=""]YouTube- scrubs mistake guy[/ame]
  5. AngryGayPope1 Member

  6. Avery1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    All I can think of is how they set up that hit & run car accident to frame that guy in DC. I can't remember the details, but it was in Piece of Blue Sky.

    There is no "too careful" with this cult. They are calculating beyond measure.

    You're a free person so please do what you feel is best, but holy shit this is risky.
  7. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Personally I feel if everyone wasen't so piss scared of the co$ fair gaming them something might come from this. I say lead them on a wild goose chase. They wan't answers from you about Anonymous and how we work. So give them some, some bullshit answers that will only confuse them. In other words, fight fire, with fire and xenu.

    also THE GAME
  8. Fuckeye Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Quit your brick shitting.
  9. gregg Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Wow this thread is full of so much tin-foil and fail.

    OP is meeting in a VERY public place with hundreds of people around. That first up. This is planned out all covered well.

    Next up is you all assuming a LOT about our scilons here in Boston. You would be suprised. Most of the people in DC were very suprised. The Boston scilons that were in DC for the ideal org came over and talked to me and bwg and others. We always have very civil discussions. When I was talking to Kevin from the Boston org in front of a bunch of other anons they kept saying things about it being weird that we got along so well.

    You can scream handling all you want. But handling only works if you give a shit about what they are trying to do. Which I dont. I just like having nice open conversations with them about the issues. And the ones here in Boston actually do that with us. Any one of the people who were in DC who commented on how weird that was can back us up on that one. Sparrow especially...
  10. amaX Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Then why did she post on wwp that she wanted advice? Many of us who've posted have had conversations with OSA and OSA volunteers who were sent to handle us. From personal experience and from what I've heard from numerous other people, nothing ever comes of these meetings.

    Close the thread if Boston, gregg, and the OP have this already figured out.
  11. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Even so, what is there to gain?

    They already know what our demands are, what could we possibly gain from talking to OSA?

    This is a no win situation. There is everything to lose and nothing to gain.
  12. gregg Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    She wanted to know what others were thinking, maybe some better questions to ask.
  13. gregg Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    "Everything to lose?", hahaha. seriously? SPY GAMES!!!!! There is nothing to lose.

    God damn I am remembering why I dont post here much anymore.
  14. anonsoulless Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Then tell me what possibly could come of this that is a positive development?

    I simply meant that OP is the one who stands to lose anything here. There is no possible negative outcome for OSA.
  15. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    gregg i think most anons still shit-a-brick at the risk of becoming namefagged to the clams, which of course they can't do twice, you're pretty much immune
  16. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Scientology isn't very stable anymore. So there may actually be. But it's very improbable still.
    As to Boston being completely different from everywhere else, Scientology still is a centralized organization with a command structure. They're not really completely free in what they do, if they act differently it's because they are allowed to do so or because noone has intervened yet. I'm just trying to say Scientology Boston isn't an independent entity.
  17. Fuckeye Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    For some reason.
  18. gregg Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Of course they arent independant. But we have chosen to talk to some of them as nicely as possible and open up conversations, even after what they tried to do to me. And they have responded with standing around and having civil chats with us. From problems we have with scientology to things completely unrelated.

    We have no idea what could possibly come from this. But I dont see how opening up the lines of communication more is a bad thing. Its not like we dont all know their methods. We will see right through any blatent attempts to use this situation to their advantage. BWG is a very well spoken woman when she wants to be and should have no trouble talking with him. So we will see where it goes from here.
  19. rof Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    ask them why they think we'll go away

    tell them we will tell our little /b/rothers the ways of the intertubes as long as we live
  20. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Nothing good can come from this imo however ymmv. Also watch your food/drinks they don't try to poison you.
  21. T.W.C_Anon Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    I hope you know what you are doing.

  22. nightfire Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Ummm what does anon have to lose here? We are winning, and it's clear to everyone that we are not being handled by management. That is directly "out tech" for them. DSA's are getting frantic with management to DO something, and frustrated that management isn't.

    Yes this is probably nothing more then an attempt to "handle" anon again. But what if it isn't. what if the 1-2% happens and the things that we have been working so hard for are starting to happen? Have you ever stopped to think about that? Things are THAT BAD inside Scientology right now...
    Bad enough that small groups- missions-orgs are just dissolving into thin air. I say go for it, be careful, and see what happens.
  23. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Well, if you really, really, really know what you are doing it may be a good idea. Call it tinfoil all you want, I still got a bad feeling about this. E.g. I think I'm pretty informed about Scientology and about all points that might come up also about discussion strategies and I still wouldn't do it. Will you also see right through the not-so-blatant attempts?
    But I'm curious as well. I wonder whether this meeting is going to be any different, if talking to them for long periods of time is standard to you anyway?

    One positive point of it is that building communication lines is as such a good thing. In the end, there is hardly any alternative to dialogue even when there is adversity and conflicting interests which cannot be reconciled. But all the negative points taken together weigh twenty times more than this positive one, imho. Anyway, good luck to BWG and the rest of you if you go ahead with this.
  24. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

  25. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    You've done before!
  26. none given Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    This is why you rock.

    Almost makes up for the avatar.
  27. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    wouldn't Paul Bradford be PTS as a result?
  28. Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    I think this is a mistake overall but since you're determined to do it, here's my advice. Absolutely don't do this alone, bring a witness with you no matter what. No matter what they promised in advance, they'll have two people there too, so you're just evening the odds. Also bring a camera or camera phone & a notepad. Have questions written down in advance. Since you'll be doing most of the talking on your side, have your witness take notes recording the answers you get. Use the camera to take (closeup, legible) pictures of all documents they show you. If they question or refuse, threaten to walk away. You can also refuse to look at any document if they won't let you handle it & take a picture of it. For form's sake you can ask to keep the pages but even if they say OK, they'll try to steal them back before leaving anyway. While they're talking, watch for attempts to push your buttons & play on your emotions. Especially watch for sudden shifts in volume or emotional tone - these are definitely deliberate attempts to manipulate a specific reaction from you or avoid some uncomfortable question. Anytime you do see this, call them on it to show that you see what they're doing & let them know it's not working.

    I can't stress enough how important it is to have someone with you. This is more important than anything else I've written here.

    As for why they're agreeing to the meeting, usually a change in tactics by the cult indicates a change in leadership. Either a new CO OSA INT or a new I/C for Internet PGMs at the least is trying to make their bones by trying something new. Further evidence of this is the new RFW forum; two new programs means a change at the top.
  29. ryangiggs Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Wear gloves.
    Brush you teeth.

    Nothing much to add to what has already been suggested.
    Looking forward to post-meeting report.

    Be strong.
    Good luck.

    (This weekend is turning out to be a big one for anon events).
  30. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    I'm torn on this whole idea. Sounds like there's potential for both good and bad, so all I can say is

    BE SAFE. Have backup available at a moment's notice. Have someone with you, or close enough that they can see everything from their location (preferably both, and preferably multiple people). Hell, have someone show up an hour or two early and be positioned before the thing even starts.

    DOX DOX DOX. Have your own recording of the proceedings. Audio is good, video is better. If not you, then another anon.

    PLAN A WAY OUT. Should you feel the need to leave, make sure you can get to wherever you need to go safely. Don't give them the chance to pull any wild or crazy schemes.
  31. Athene Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    This. Memorize it.

    WMAnon, I know that women can do everything except pee standing up. But you are meeting with a man, public place notwithstanding, who is known as a fact to have ulterior motives - just what they are, is unknown but to him and to those who are advising him.

    I don't know whether your personal safety is in jeopardy in a public place to the extent others have mentioned, but should it be legal in Boston to carry mace or pepper spray, I highly recommend so doing. Let a family member or friend know where you are, the name of the person you are meeting, what you are meeting them about, and what time to expect you to call with the all-clear.

    Good luck, since you seem set on doing this. I'm rather brave but this would be outside of my own personal risk tolerance level.
  32. rof Member

    I can't help it.

    A mod gave it to me.
  33. Ackerland Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    As long as you are two people, evening the odds and you are using common sense while talking to them, the risk is acceptable in my opinion.

    Not true. From personal experience I know, if you are nice to these people, it WILL get some of them thinking about "why are these supposed terrorists so nice.", and they will be much more open to criticism, and if it is only a crack you open up in the mind control they have to endure during their time in Scientology it is totally worth it.

    If on the other hand you decide to continue to push Scientologists you encounter into the ground verbally at every step, that's your choice, and I will only say that I don't approve of it for various reasons. But that's the nature of anon: noone can tell others what they must do. So respect what the boston people are doing.
  34. AngryGayPope1 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    From one moralfag to another, Xenu speed on your quest WMAnon! =)
  35. Herro Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    People people people. This thread is a clusterfuck. Seriously, this is a shining example of just how far gone many of you people are. I'm afraid that the word bigot at this point is not an inaccurate description for some of the people here, at least when it comes to how they feel about and act towards scientology.

    What you have here is a great opportunity to have meaningful dialog with someone on the other side. You have the chance to humanize yourself and to get a better understanding of how they see everything. But no, let's all shit bricks and assume that all scientologists are evil and incapable of acting like decent human beings.

    I'm not so naieve that I think that this dude is going to be totally open and honest and trusting with the chanologist, and I doubt the chanologist will be that way either. But to assume that two people can't sit down and talk about these issues is just absurd and born of a paranoid mind that is operating on shallow stereotypes.

    Anyways, I'd be cautious to be sure. But this is a great opportunity to actually share information and to try and learn a little more about the scientologist mindset and to maybe get them to understand chanology a little better. Or you could show up and act like a fucking moonbat and confirm the evil stereotype they have of chanologists. Then again, reading this thread, maybe their views of chanology aren't too far off anymore. Ahh, it's good to be back.
  36. Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

  37. WMAnon Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    That's twice now I've agreed with Herro.

    brb Apocalypse
  38. exOT8Michael Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    Why did I suddenly get the impression that a leader on Anonymous just popped out of the toaster like a hot slice of marblecaek?
  39. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    I've got a bad feeling about this.
  40. Ironhead Member

    Re: Meeting with OSA (Saturday, Nov. 14)

    help me understand....I"m fuzzy on this....OP is meeting with them, for what purpose? some sort of negotiation? personal agendas?

    there's always treachery afoot with the scilons, don't suspect it, EXPECT IT.

    precautions mentioned in other posts were all very good. a little advice from me, the best way to deal with trouble, is to prevent it. cancel the meeting, stay home. stick to protesting.

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