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Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by Tarzan, Apr 26, 2014.

  1. Tarzan Member

    I can't find any plans for a mayday protest in Salt Lake City. Let's get this going. Use twitter #MayDaySLC
  2. laughingsock Member

  3. I'm guessing you fully drank the Kool-aid of capitalism that your federal government and the elite of the U.S. have been feeding you for over 3 decades now. Democracy at the federal level is pretty much dead and many American's are gleefully running towards an oligarchy. It won't be long now till the Koch bros. and crew turn their attention to state politics and then you'll totally be screwed.

    The capitalist experiment has failed the U.S. people. More socialist countries like Sweden, Canada, Denmark, Finland, Australia, New Zealand are surpassing the U.S. in many important public categories. Two categories that the U.S. remain supreme is you have some of the wealthiest people/companies in the world and lead the world in incarcerations.

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  4. laughingsock Member

    No i haven't drunk the kool-aid. I'm just calling propaganda for what it is. Please enlighten me to the wonders of socialism.
    Show me an example where it doesn't lead to massive government. Are there no poor, hungry or sick in New Zealand? Has crime disappeared and been replaced with flowers and hugs?
    I know. ..we should form a national socialist party in every country and take from others to satisfy the masses. I'm sure that has never been an experiment in the past.

    What is going on here in the US is croney capitalism, so yeah i agree on that point. Things here need changing.
  5. Anonymous Member

    This is the Anonymous vs. Scientology Forum.

    Are you planning a protest of the cult of scientology?
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  6. Not my job. It also seems pretty obvious just how indoctrinated you've become, with capitalism, that this is a journey you'll have to take on your own. As long as you keep thinking the word "socialism" equates "evil" or even "communism" (Which I find plenty of American's can't distinguish the two.) you'll keep bowing your head to the new aristocracy, in America, and keep believing their massive profits will trickle down upon you through the goodness of the 1% hearts.

    In the age of the internet, it isn't that hard to do research. But, I understand it is a lot easier to be lazy and just keep believing what you want to believe and surround yourself with people who believe the same thing. I often stop and listen to an opposing sides of an issue I'm interested in. First, because, in a debate it is easier to debate if you understand your opposition. Second, sometimes there is something said that may make me change my mind on an issue.
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  7. laughingsock Member

    I'm willing to listen to the opposition, maybe you can change my mind. Or you can continue to insult me. Either way. But to me it sounds like you're a hardliner who will just shout me down because you have a superior veiw. Did you miss my saying that the current form of capitalism is flawed? Well don't bother any longer with me. I'm to ignorant to understand.
    If you need me I'll be at Wal-Mart buying ammo and eating McDonald's while sporting Nike shoes texting on my iPhone snaping pic of my kids in my Toyota while the state snaps pics of me from a camera made by Raytheon.
  8. No you want me to do the work for you. I already said I won't.

    Being self-aware is a good start.
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  9. laughingsock Member

    You'd think socialist would be more sharing.
  10. laughingsock Member

  11. tinfoilhatter Member

    This is why i think the occupy people are retarded. They can't even read around on a forum long enough to figure out where to post relevant topics.

    Then, to make matters even worse, they are under the incredibly stupid assumption that tagging their message everywhere is the best way to spread it.

    Them do all this stupid shit on their Ipads that they bought at wallmart, and they wonder why their message is ignored and forgotten.
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