May 9 - Montreal Quebec - Protest

Discussion in 'Canada' started by puck35, May 9, 2009.

  1. puck35 Member

    May 9 - Montreal Quebec - Protest

    The thundershowers never materialized (though there were patches of light rain) but the forecast might have kept some from attending. Still, we were about fifteen at our peak. Delicious, greasy KFC was devoured, and EaterofCake brought moist caek that was enjoyed by anons and pigeons alike.

    We set up across the street from the org, where there wasn't much going on inside. One Scilon sat in a minivan parked right outside the org and later went inside, then came out talking on his cell phone before driving off. There was an exchange about freedom of religion with a possible Scilon, but I missed most of that, so perhaps the others can fill you in on what was said.

    Most interesting was Blue Jacket Guy. He appeared sympathetic to us and our cause, but some of us remarked that he seemed to know much more about WWP, specifically the case of 44 in Nashville, than would the usual passerby. A couple of times he walked off, then a block or two down the street, turned around to come back to chat us up some more. Weird. I have video of him.

    All in all, a good time was had by all. This was my first real raid (the CCHR at Concordia was more of a mini-raid), so it was a really cool experience for me. I'm deffo going to the next one.
  2. star eht Member

    Re: Montreal, Quebec - May 9, 2009

    nice protest all and all

    while I was on the corner giving flyers, several people started talking to me, for an extended peroid of time about Scientology, wanting to learn more how they work, some didn'T know about the fronts, and one lady who seemed to have a strong beef against Scientology after she saw an independent library in St-Eustache have a WHOLE wall of Scientology material, promoting it.

    many were informed and my throat hurt as a result.

    also, that guy who was criticising us, i swear i seen his face before, i think someone looking like him held a similar point at an earlier protest, and wouldn'T stick around when we were deconstructing his argument. that or my memory is playing tricks on me.

    (P.S.: I swear I saw pidgeons fight over a KFC leftover piece, wich occur to be as extremely wrong)
  3. Scythe Member

    Re: Montreal, Quebec - May 9, 2009

    nice protest. this info about the library is interesting, harpoons have to be launched. Do you know the name of that library?
  4. HellRazor Member

    Re: Montreal, Quebec - May 9, 2009

    Library (bibliothèque) or bookstore (librarie)?
  5. Avery1 Member

    Re: Montreal, Quebec - May 9, 2009

    Great work! :D
  6. moarxenu Member

    Re: Montreal, Quebec - May 9, 2009

    Awesome. puck, it's great you made it to the raid. Continue for great justice!
  7. AnotherRIAnon Member

    Re: Montreal, Quebec - May 9, 2009

    Sup Montreal. I'm actually going to be in Montreal for the summer. You guys got an irc channel or anything?
  8. puck35 Member

  9. star eht Member

    Re: Montreal, Quebec - May 9, 2009

    i guess bookstore, librairie.

    the gild could only ansrew the city name, couldn'T tell where exactly
  10. HellRazor Member

    Re: Montreal, Quebec - May 9, 2009

    Sounds like it could be a CoS Mission. Anyone know if there is a Mission in St-Eustache?
  11. sybesis Member

    Re: Montreal, Quebec - May 9, 2009

    Whoa St-Eustache...?
  12. N. Ron Rubber Member

    Re: Montreal, Quebec - May 9, 2009

    No. AFAIK, Scientology have an Org in Montreal and Québec City, plus a Mission in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce... plus all the front group spread all around Quebec (Narconon in Trois-Rivières, Académie des Petits Phénix in Longueuil...)

    But there is a big flea market in Saint-Eustache, hence they might have a stand.
  13. shawnfeyurden Member

    Re: Montreal, Quebec - May 9, 2009

    I confirm for the cannibal pigeons eating KFC.

    Another funny fact is the Jesus-alike guy who were obviously "not" spotting us, wandering around the corners of the streets, dressed with a white Columbia Titanium rainjacket. He seemed to smoke a lots of cigarettes, around 40 yrs old, long black / grey hairs and a beard.

    Like a brainwashed Hell's angel, but greatly wasted by drugs and niacin saunas lol. Wasn't exaclty looked like an innocent follower of the cult, nor a mentaly retarded private detective.

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