May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by thebluemage, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. thebluemage Member

    May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Alright, seems like people want a thread for this, so here goes.

    So far:

    Meet up: 2:00 at Flinders Station, to leave at 2:30ish

    Where: Swanston Street Mall.

    Here's a map.


    Basically, we have near free roam between Flinders Street and La Trobe Street. Here's some protips.

    * Melbourne Central can be used as a secondary escape point, for those who are at the far end of the walk and don't want to hit the pub (if we do hit one)
    * Take advantage of the full length of Swanston Street. As you can see, we have a pretty large area to use, and I'll be there early scouting out the best places to set up.
    * If anyone is bringing a microphone/megaphone, please see me. Although I have a wonderfully loud voice, I'm still only human.
    * Try to avoid Bourke Street Mall until about 3:30-4:00. There's something going on there apparently, so until that clears out, steer clear. Again, I'll be there to scout it out briefly at the start, so expect to see me heading back to the steps at about 1:40.

    Permit: Is done, thank Anonymousheartsyou when you see him.

    These places are to be avoided.

    * City Square: Public Art Installation - ongoing
    * Bourke Street Mall: Public Speaking & awareness - 13.30 - 15.30
    * Queensbridge Square, South bank promenade: Promotional Activity - 10.30 - 14.30
    * Lonsdale St, Russel St, Flinders St into Birrarung Marr: Parade of up to 1000 people - 09.15 - 12.15

    As you can note current activities in the City on Saturday finish 15.30. The hours you have stated 14.30 - 17.00 will be best to keep to as the other parade will be finished in the city streets by then.

    The actual permit is for Swanston Street walk, but as long as we stay out of the places in the email, we can wander around a bit.

    The police have been notified that we will be doing our thing, and I spoke with an officer the other day in regards to our behaviour at previous protests, and they haven't had any complaints, nor have any of their own, and the debriefs they have had essentially consisted of 'they were well behaved, no incidents to report'

    Keep up the good work guys and gals.

    What to bring: We need free hugs signs, as well as some fliers. I'll post any fliers for it here as they come up. Also, we need able bodied people willing to give out hugs and know their stuff about CoS. Especially Fair Game (seeing as the 10th is about Fair Game).
    Bringing The Noise: kip_mudton will be bringing speakers, I suggest we get maybe one or 2 more people to get some as well. Also, we need a playlist agreed upon. Rick Astley is a must, but what else should we bring? Or do we just keep looping 'Never Gonna Give You Up' over and over and over?
    Afterwards: Well when there's an epic raid, there needs to be an epic pub raid. Suggestions are being taken, I'm thinking either Bridie O'Rielly's or the Elephant and Wheelbarrow. Or if anyone is offering up their house for us to use, that would be much appreciated.

    Also would like to get a fund going for fliers. My $40-$60 only goes to 2000-3000 fliers, and even though I have a few hundred disconnection fliers left over, we'll probably need more.

    PRINTING OF THE FLIERS! This only applies to the ones I do, I do it a special way to get them to be both the size and the number that I get them.

    1) Open up the picture in Windows Picture and Fax Viewer
    2) Hit the print button
    3) Select what flier and printer you want to use
    4) In the layouts section, choose the 9x13cm prints (the 4x4 selection)
    5) Change the number of times to use each pic to 4
    6) Proceed to print
    7) ?????
    8) Profit

    Keep this sheet as a cover sheet. Go to Officeworks (or anywhere that you can photocopy stuff) put it in the machine, and press copy. When you know that it'll copy to your standards, type a large 3 digit number into the machine (say, 500), hit copy, and wait. It'll take a while. But it's 6c a page now.

    When it's done, if you're at officeworks, fork out the extra and ask them to guillotine them for you. It's not that much, and it makes them look a lot more professional.

    Flier 1 of 2 to be used for the raid. Use the above instructions. It's at 424x600

    Flier 2 of 2 to be used for the raid. Use the above instructions. It's at 424x600

    Here's a tri-fold flier courtesy of exanon.

    Let's make sure that Epic Raid will indeed be Epic
  2. ROADKILL Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Hopefully I can get there. I'll see how much money I can get for flyers. At this point about $20 minimum, although I happen to have little idea how many flyers that'll get us.
  3. Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    I'll be there for sure, and I have room for an extra four in the car if you are on the way too. Good thing my sign doubles as a free hugs sign. I think I might attach some teddy bears on it, just so people know we are an evil hate group.
  4. Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    that's ace man

    but can i suggest proofing the flyer? (not that my manner of writing is much of an indicator. i can do it when i give a shit tho)

    it's capital-M Melbourne, "where we'll be having"
  5. thebluemage Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Cut me some slack here.

    It was 5am, I was tired. It's why I said 'test flier'.

    I'll be improving on it, don't worry
  6. Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    can't wait
  7. BowlerAnon Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Better yet, get rid of all the "we're" and "you'd" and replace them with we are, you would, etc. Makes for more consistent reading and makes it more likely that people will KEEP reading.

    Good work with the flier though, it's great.
  8. thebluemage Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Yes, transportation must be organized early. I'll be training it in from the west, I know that much. Start booking days off work as well, for those of us who have to)

    And that sign of your would be perfect.

    (also just noticed that you're using one of the pics I took as your avatar)

    Thanks for the advice. I'll hopefully have the reviewed version up soon.

    I was a bit worried that it would get shot down altogether, honestly.
  9. thebluemage Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Guys, just got a tip from Sir Robin
    Might be worth considering moving the protest back to the 4th, starting at Bourke st mall, and heading down to their little table to inform the public.

  10. Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Nooooo not a Sunday, I have work :(

    EDIT: Just thinking up an idea for a flier, something along the lines of..

    Scientologists have called us terrorists, nazis, communists, aliens, hackers, <insert other things we have been called here> and likened us to the Klu Klux Klan...

    Who would you believe, a Scientologist, or the people offering out free hugs?

    Get informed,

  11. Sir Robin Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Sunday works better for me - I have a class that Saturday.

    If we do move it, here's an alternative version of the flyer text you might want to consider:

  12. thebluemage Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Sweet, I can make this for you if you want.
    I'll end up doing the bottom bit rather large and bold, so it stands out.

    I like it a lot. I'll make it up as well, same background that I have.

    I think we'll end up with a few flier types we can use.

    And as for the Sat/Sun question, maybe it might be worth looking at both options. Sat being Bourke street, Sun being the Dianetics table.
  13. Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    no stress -- like i said i think it's ace

    very much in favour!
  14. Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    I say we go for whichever day will have nicer weather/greater amount of traffic on Bourke Street. Spreading the word is more important than harassing the scilons. I also think there is a chance they'll move somewhere else if the hear we are going to go pay them a visit.
    I can make it on a Sunday, it just means I have to swap shifts and open up work at 5am :twisted:, and lifts will be coming from north east instead of south east.
  15. thebluemage Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Alright, updated the flier on the front page, now working in coloured variants as well.

    Also, I'm thinking that it should be 2 raids, not one or the other. The Saturday is definitely going ahead no matter what, the Sunday has a question mark next to it.
  16. Sir Robin Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Regardless of which version(s) of the fliers we use, I think it should start with "We call ourselves 'Anonymous'" rather than "We are Anonymous." "We are Anonymous" could come across like we're refusing to say who we are and could lead to all sorts of "Who's on first?" hijinks... or at least confusing ambiguity in the minds of people who haven't heard of us. We call ourselves Anonymous makes it clear that it's a name for the group, not a refusal to communicate (though we still won't give our names).

    Raiding both days could be good. Bourke street Saturday, Southbank Sunday. Those who can't make one can do the other.
  17. exanon Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Whoa. Two days of hug raiding! :eek:

    I can only make the Saturday, unfortunately, but if someone wants to take on the Sunday too - go right ahead! More exposure is good exposure, right?

    Remember; focus on the niceness of Anonymous and a few key nasties of Scn so that people could come protest next week. The key is to get people to informed, and to let them know that they're welcome to protest.
  18. thebluemage Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Man, you should be writing more of these things. That is an excellent point. Will be changing that soon.

    Agreed. We need everyone to know what we do, and that we're harmless.

    Is access organizing the permit for Sat, does anyone know? If he is, see if he can do Sun for us as well. Or should one of us sort it all out?
  19. Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Okay, I know how to organise one now, just let me know if I should go ahead and organise one, and what the locations and times are.
  20. Sir Robin Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    I plan to. I've been trying to find time and inspiration to tackle the speech problem. I've got half the ideas I need. In the meantime, I'm happy to proofread, pick apart and rewrite anything that gets posted here (though my next few evenings are full of photography classes so it'll be later in the week).
  21. thebluemage Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Dude, that would be both excellent, and very much appreciated.

    May 3: Bourke Steet Mall. Find out if we're allowed to use both sides, or just the one. Times: iu would say 2 or 2:30 to whenever you can get, seeing as we're meeting at Flinders at 2
    May 4: The $cilons supposedly use the front of the Exxon building in Southbank (Goolge it's locations if you have to), so try for that. Failing that, go for areas directly next to that. Times: Maybe the same, maybe earlier if the $cilon table is out super-early

    Sweet, resident proofreader. You can help us be all professional like. Also, if you're coming to one, I assume you'll be bringing your camera?
  22. Anonomum Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Fantastic work guys!

    I love the hug flyer, and the suggested alterations. I have only one suggestion to make: it'd be good to have the details of the next protest on the flyer (where and when). That way people don't have to make the effort and trawl the websites listed to find out those details.

    I prolly won't be able to make it, but I'll try. Even if I can't might be able to print off flyers and drop em off somewhere.

    I can smell a lot of win, or is it just the smell of muffins baking?

  23. thebluemage Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    No, that's win you're smelling.

    And we have dates on them (10th of May) and I might be making a sign that has the time and meeting place of our next rally for those interested.

    Alright, updated OP with a tl;dr guide to printing out my fliers.
    Also, Sir Robin, I changed the text on yours slightly so it would fit. Hope you're OK with that.
    You can find them both on the link on the OP
  24. Anonomum Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Perhaps win smells like fresh baked muffins? I wouldn't be surprised!

    I'm thinking the details on the flyers would be good as it means people walk away with printed info rather than having to remember (and forgetting) what's on a sign. But it's not too big a deal, at least they know what date, but we most likely wont recruit as many. People are lazy and want to be given the easiest possible path. I know I can never remember stuff, I find a flyer helps remind me something is on.

    Will you guys be informing the media?
  25. thebluemage Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Well, we do have space contraints, but I'll definately see about adding meeting times.
    Might just make a batch of fliers for those who are interested in joing us to take with time and meeting place.

    As for media, I reckon it would be great. Photo's of Anonymous handing out free hugs would do a lot for us, methinks. I shall certainly lok into getting them involved
  26. exanon Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    I'm currently mass producing flyers; so it's better to have made time-neutral ones. That said, some people can distribute their own flyers with dates on them too. Signs are a very good idea! :D

    And baked muffins == epic win.

    Note that we'll be fixing the time on 10th May soon.
  27. thebluemage Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Sweet, will begin mass production of my fliers closer to the date.

    Also, just a note, Sunday raid is off. We're just sticking to Saturday.
  28. slmanic Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    This sounds like a lotta fun. But since there's a thread out there now, I reckon the table won't be there Sunday. But that's ok, the guy I was with last raid and I both agreed that Southbank would be a good place for a mini raid anyway, since there's a lot of people there.

    Just gotta be careful with how hard you hug 'em, since there's so many restaurants and all ;)

    I wish I could help out this time around. Still no printer which is annoying me for so many reasons.

    Might make two Free Hugs signs though. Although they won't be as nearly as epic as Anonymousheartsyou's sign.
  29. Sir Robin Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    I don't think I know how to turn up without my camera. I just doesn't feel right when I try.

    In principle, no, I don't mind. But starting with "Yet we are here..." without anything preceding it makes no sense. "Yet..." etc presents a counter-argument to CoS's claims of bigotry and terrorism but you've dropped them. Also it doesn't establish who the "they" are who are giving the stress tests until long after it has criticised them.

    Maybe my text needs a larger flyer or smaller type. (I was sort of assuming they would be A5.)
  30. slmanic Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    (probably stupid) Idea: How about we counter their "Free Stress Test" table with a "Free Hugs Test" of our own. We can have flyers on there and a few of our more knowledgeable Anons there to talk to people. Anyone who wants their "hugs tested" gets a free hug, and based on that hug, they receive either another hug or a group hug or they'll have the perfect hug and won't need any more hug training!

    Of course this could be the light headedness talking. I still think the table idea is a good one though. It encourages people to get into discussion, which can be hard if we're all walking around. And if we pick the people who know a lot about Scientology (good [lol] and bad sides so we don't appear too hateful/bitter) then there won't be as much of a chance of being caught off guard with something that we don't know.
  31. chimp Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    At what point did you all stop and think "Hey, this is a really good idea!"

    As a random member of joe public, seeing a group of people in masks with signs saying "FREE HUGS" makes me feel physically sick. I dont know who your target demographic is, but im pretty sure most people will feel nauseous at the sheer faggotry of 'free hugs'. If youve hired models in skimpy clothing to dish out those hugs, then fair play - thats a good idea. But i can tell you havent.

    You dont have to be the hate machine, you dont have to be trolls. But for gods sake, get some edge guys.
  32. technicalfool Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    ^^^ this.

    Unless you've got hired boobs/hired hunks to do the hugging.
  33. xenubuster Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Am forced to agree with the guys above me. This smacks of trying to make a name for Anon, when this isn't about us at all.
  34. kip_mudton Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Most excellent. I'll bring my dual amp setup once again to blast out Sick Puppies music and other such awesome tunes to hug too.

    I just hope people will a hugs from people in suits, masks and afro wigs. :D

    Knowledge is free! And so are hugs!
  35. Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Okay so we have to change either date, or the location, because Bourke Street is already taken.
  36. thebluemage Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Do you know who by?
  37. BowlerAnon Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Do cute girls/sexy guys in suits count?
  38. slmanic Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Despite the fact it's been effective elsewhere AND it mocks the claims of us being terrorists and heartless freaks by the CoS?

    What's one mini raid going to hurt?
    Besides, have you seen some of the chicks we have on our side? People'd be lining up for hugs from the cat girl n pirate chick!
  39. PirateLips Member

    Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    Me personally, if I saw a group of people in masks with signs saying "FREE HUGS" it would definitely interest me and I would go over to find out whats going on, if it was just with models in skimpy clothing offering free hugs I would just walk by thinking it must be a lame arse promotion to win a car.
  40. Re: May 3 Hug Raid - Melbourne, AUS

    So do we have any ideas for a new date or location? I told the nice lady that I'd call her back when we have new plans.
    Another idea is that we go permit free, and instead roam the streets in smaller groups, and wander the city. I'm not 100% sure on the legality of this considering we are handing out fliers.

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