May 26, 2012 - David Love & Lone Ranger Defy Mask Law

Discussion in 'Canada' started by Intelligence, May 27, 2012.

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    Excellent article by Tony Ortega:
    AUDIO: "Touch Me," Creepy Scientology Goon Repeatedly Tells Protester
    More on the Village Voice blog.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Montreal Scilons are loosing their marbles!!

    Luka Rocco Magnotta, the gruesome murderer all over the news right now (murdered a Concordia University student, quartered his body and mailed pieces to political party HQs, dumped the torso in garbage in a suitcase) , IS A SCIENTOLOGIST, apparently FROM OUR ORG!

    WTF... :eek:
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    new thread?
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    Oh David, please be careful. The idiots are getting touchy... I'm not so sure I wouldn't have broken out in song
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    Next time:

    Touch me????

    -"Oh goodness gracious, no, I don't swing that way. Maybe ask one of yours, like Travolta perhaps? Oh, come to think of it, isn't scientology supposed to cure homosexuality? how's that working out for him?"

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    Bloody Freaking Awesome!!!!!!!!!!
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    which ones are off topic?
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    LOOL thanks for the remix bro !

    can't wait dancing to it ! :D
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    Heard the other remix, couldn't resit a second:
    google dox: Hall & Oates "Out of Touch" Mash-Up / TouchMeYB MP3
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    We need to get these two in a head-to-head match:

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    Google Translated - Quebec Superior Court to Decide Mask Law -

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    Quebec Human Rights Commission investigator called me twice this morning concerning
    the 40 page formal complaint I submitted on May 28, 2012. The investigator places quite
    the emphasis on ***40 pages** - LOL.

    As usual they tried to wiggle out of proceeding, citing this and that. I simply responded with
    Case Precedents and the fact that my complaint preceeded the assault by the "duckophile
    touch me" nut-bar. This gave credibility to WHY Anons wear masks to avoid post-game
    harassment once identified by the cult if no masks are worn.

    After a deep sigh, I was informed the investigator would go back to their lawyers for advice.

    There is a simple solution to this. First, they know that I won't give up and WILL submit
    hundreds more pages if needed. In my original submission, I did state I would withdraw
    the complaint if tthe City of Montreal makes an "Exception Rule" to the mask law, allowing
    Anons to wear masks at any COS peaceful protest.

    If the Commission refuses to proceed, then the Case will go uplines to the Quebec Ombudsman
    and the Complaint Case AND Commission itself would be investigated.

    We'll see what their lawyers say first:)

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