May 16th Toronto - Post game report

Discussion in 'Canada' started by TorontosRoot, May 17, 2010.

  1. TorontosRoot Member

    May 16th Toronto - Post game report

    I should've gotten this done already on the 16th after it was done, but as I am sometimes, I just don't feel like it (it's just how it is with me)....

    The protest started out as a solo, waiting for others to show up as usual, after about an hour and 45 minutes, the three did show up, but nobody else did like they said they would (GRRRRrrrrrr please try next time, the 3 including me were disappoint).

    Me being the only camera guy/protester making sure everything went well (I seriously don't like being a leader, it's not supposed to be that way :eek: ) and what to do if the cops were to stop us for questioning.

    There was allot of people taking fliers, if it had've just been me, only few would have. At one point, we ran out of fliers and it was just protesting left to do. Non of the scientologist's or OSA did anything at all. They called the cops, they slowed down to take a look, then kept going on their way. Curious cops i'd say. There was allot of critics giving us "keep up the good fight" and all sorts of compliments. Even a few stopped to talk (I missed the chance to get it on video quite a few times) and we listened and input hour parts. They agreed

    During the mid-section of the protest, a few tour/sightseeing buses and vehicles actually sounded the horn and waved at us. This was what we wanted.

    Then there were the few jackasses, giving the finger and saying everybody was a cult. :rolleyes: that was pretty lame. After about 3:00pm, the three protesters left for their own business and I continued to about 4:25/30pm. I had a few people talk to me, even some critics, some wanted to join in too, as I was very loud and telling people not to pickup that card from the door woman. I didn't get much of the shouting I did on video, but it did attract positive attention :)

    There was this weird person (teenager or younger adult, 20's) that rode up on a bike asking about why I was protesting. It took a while to explain. Seemed like public OSA or something, but he went on his way after he seemed to be satisfied. I didn't get that on video either (I should've anyways).

    Now here is when the video footage (coming soon) of what went on during that time. At some point, I didn't think to take the lens cap off, but the audio was grabbed, making it still valid. Next time, i'll have it running, just stopping and starting it each time when it becomes noticeable. I had to keep it off and in the bag quite a few times to prevent the $ci's cop calling from stopping us.

    VIDEO: - Toronto Scientology protest for May 16th 2010 - Uploaded by FTPmon
  2. Myfeeteatpie Member

    Re: May 16th Toronto - Post game report

    yep that pretty much sums it up
  3. Anonymous Member

    Re: May 16th Toronto - Post game report

    Good work Torontofags! I'd call it a win. That's 4 moar Anons that showed up than the past few months. You need to build on that momentum for the next protest: put up some posters around campus, make a facebook page ("Get Scientology out of Toronto").
  4. TorontosRoot Member

    Re: May 16th Toronto - Post game report

    The video is up!
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: May 16th Toronto - Post game report


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