May 14th, Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Dragononymous Member

    Bacon or GTFO
  2. WhiteNight Member

    well I'm cooking aren't I?
  3. Dragononymous Member

    How do we know? I don't smell anything yet..
  4. Skull Member

    He says, as he doesnt post Bacon.

  5. cfanon Member

    Totally safe for work (well I hope so anyway, as I'm posting from there)

  6. Miranda Member

    Is that raw bacon?
  7. WhiteNight Member

    Also; I totally would

    P.s for all you doubters:
    That's my white mask and 2 bacon sandwiches with fuckloads of ketchup because I love ketchup.
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  8. cfanon Member

    *see Global Moderator post after you post a nude* FFUUUUUUUUUU
    *see Global Moderator post about raw meat instead of banham* .... *stomach rumbles*
  9. Skull Member



    find new bacon or else
  10. WhiteNight Member

    eating a bacon sandwich while looking at that makes me feel like I'm eating porn
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  11. Dragononymous Member

    you are
  12. Nyucy Member

  13. cfanon Member

    White, nice Samsung compact camera there... D70 / D75 / S730 / S750?
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  14. WhiteNight Member

    S750 from back in the day.
    I can't lie, that was pretty creepy.

    P.s I see you're getting the hang of this. Wth are you guys getting these pix from?
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  15. Dragononymous Member

    s730 has more intern memory

    and the rest of the differences;
    colour, weight and size
    rest is the fucking same
  16. WhiteNight Member

    I think you're sadly mistaking me for someone who gives a shit about cameras.
    p.s no offence Dragon
  17. strobe Member


    (The first is a 'before' shot naturally, I don't endorse eating them raw.)
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  18. Dragononymous Member

    I see no bacon
  19. Dragononymous Member

    none taken, was trying to kill boreddome with dpi's and stuff
  20. strobe Member

    This is Manchester. You will not see bacon in my posts except on rare occasions, because I am not a traitor to our traditional cheese toastie ways.
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  21. Skull Member

  22. Dragononymous Member

    If that cheese was made of pig milk you wouldn't hear me complain
  23. Skull Member

    Bacon wins
  24. WhiteNight Member

  25. Skull Member

    but it looks so much better then any form of cheese on a body
  26. strobe Member

    Bitches can wait when you have cheese toasties.
  27. Gomez Member

    I've been absent for a while and no one asked where I was. Sure, ask about the fucking newfags that turned up once ever and ignore. Cunts.

    Anyway I'll be back for good this month after my adventures overseas.
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  28. strobe Member

    I knew where you were and I knew you were back this month.
  29. ZeroC Member

    Tidy your room!
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  30. Skull Member

    I missed you my little Ewok amigo, you can meet and greet the newfags and give them a mini wookie hug

    on a more silly note i also knew you would be returning, as you mentioned it before you went.
  31. Fuckeye Member

  32. WhiteNight Member

    Yeah, we all pretty much knew you were back this month dude. problem?

    Seriously dude, you should see the rest of it.

    People! Who knows where the template for those leaflets Novu handed out at the flashraid is?
  33. Gomez Member

    looks like you were eating afterbirth barms
  34. WhiteNight Member

    I'm a southener, we eat baps.
  35. Dragononymous Member

    The only royal thing I noticed is a part of your hand. No other royalish stuffs like crowns or swords and shields noticed.
    Im kinda, sad atm?
    You been telling us lies about your Royalness?
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  36. WhiteNight Member

    I'm in manchester. Manchester is one of the hubs of the anti-monarchy movement. I don't announce my royal blood everywhere. I do have a photo of the queen knocking around somewhere. Buried very unregally underneath a traffic cone (got a couple of those as well) or something.
  37. RightOn Member

    whats the kitchen timer for? lol
    and GO GO GO Manchester tomorrow!!!
  38. WhiteNight Member

    for timing stuff when it's in the oven...
    While you're analysing the pic notice the mini hipflask on my key ring so I'm never without vodka.
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  39. RightOn Member

    her derp lol
    I thought you may come back with something more interesting
    edited: I thought Dragon was the owner of the pic
  40. RightOn Member

    that is cool
    I see a lanyard with something, and a white and blue vinyl loop that says the same thing, a menu with soup on it...
    ok I am done

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