May 14 Clearwater Flashraid: So I herd u liek fire?

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by anonymous612, May 14, 2011.

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  1. anonymous612 Member

    As you may have heard, we lost one of our own in Clearwater today, if by "one of our own" you mean a favorite protest spot and by "lost" you mean "I see you're going with the soot-colored paint, excellent choice." Yes, our beloved Clown Building* fell victim to fire overnight, and was evacuated with one injury. Were we involved? No, we were asleeps. Asleeps is good at 3:30am. But were we incredibly amused? Oh hell yes.

    *See, it's the "Clown Building" because an impossibly large number of scientologists go into it, like a clown car, but never seem to come out. Aren't we clever? Har har har.

    The 14th was actually going to be our regular monthly, but we rescheduled (because we can). But it's not like I have anything better to do on a Saturday, so I grabbed a camera and went out to have a little fun. I'm not the only one who had that idea, I was joined later in the day by another local anon (who is a magnet for trouble omg D: ). But until then, I did my best to convince the Clearwater anons they should never leave me unattended with the protest signs.

    Notable highlights of the day include a not-the-good-kind-of-"special" Scientologist wanting to know if I get paid $5 an hour to protest (in his defense I was in a Pfizer employee's shirt, for the lulz), the return of Vollie (previous encounters one and two, I should put together a "The Best of Vollie" video one of these days), the immediate departure of Vollie (awww), and my favorite, being told by a Scientologist that "You suck, I can smell your cunt from here." On camera, at that. It's no "I smell pussy, yours in particular," but I'll take it anyway. <3

    Re: the fire, to crosspost from the other thread:

    Unfortunately my footage turned out to be incredibly bad, and brief, but I'll put it up separately when I upload the main video. And I promise no 19min videos this time. Maybe. We'll see.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    KILL IT WITH F--!!!
    nvm, too late.
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  3. anonymous612 Member

    Just for AMA:

  4. amaX Member

    From this angle, Vollie looks to be part bovine:


    He'd already interacted with Six before I arrived, so all he could manage when he walked by me was to say my name, say my name. We've been informed that &quot;Vollie&quot; is also what the culties call Judy Fagerman, Judy Fagerman. So, we have a non-Fagerman Vollie and Vollie Fagerman. However, we NEVER call Fagerman Vollie. We always call her Fagerman. Got it?

    Clearwater Anons take requests! Per a request from Mr. Jeff's a picture of the Lisa McPherson Brick in Gaslight Alley:


    So sorry for the poor quality of these next two photos of the Clown Building, but the fire marshal investigators and the cops were out there and we didn't want to mess around too long down that way. There is extensive damage to the building. Windows either blew out or were broken by firefighters. Smoke damage around the windows and the overhang at the front door had fallen to the sidewalk. These pictures are from the west side of the building.



    I was only able to go out for about an hour and a half due to expulsion of thetans in hospital this week. It was a good day to be there because we were getting a really nice Gulf breeze, it was mostly cloudy, and the rain held off until we left.

    Six IS the magnet for trouble. Not me. She invited a Scientologist WITH an eye patch to next month's &quot;Sea Arrrrgh AGAIN?!?&quot; protest and the guy ACCEPTED. And this was after she made fun of the guy TWICE as he walked across the cult parking lot.

    Gotta love the bicyclists who yell, &quot;HONK! HONK!&quot; as they ride by. &lt;3

    Clearwater Police Officer went to have a talk with our newly named &quot;Romeo&quot; OSAFlagot about the public Sci who got in Six's face and said, &quot;You suck, I can smell your cunt from here.&quot; Six swears he was pissed at her, but I think it was Scientology foreplay. Thank you, CPD, for being great police officers who keep the peace in our town.

    Gomer Goober Frankenstein (this is the name I came up with Six) is a goofball OSAFlagot. He's over 6 ft. tall. His skull is about 3 inches thick and it protects his pea sized brain. GGF decided to march straight toward me in Gaslight Alley. I was already in the alley and I'm still technically a woman so I figured he could move the hell out of my way. I was wrong. He marched right toward me and then half-stepped out of the way so we would just slightly bash each other in passing. I'm pretty sure he won't be doing that again since he didn't move me at all.

    I just couldn't stop laughing today! Sci's were not laughing so much. They all look haggard and upset.

    Here we are at the end of the protest day:

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  5. amaX Member

    D'awwwwwwwwwww! &lt;3
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  6. xenubarb Member

  7. anonymous612 Member

    Mah couch izza humang? ohshi-- sorry couch
  8. Anonymous Member

    Hey, I thought you were gonna rest. Bad bad storm this afternoon so hope you all missed it.

    Baynews 9 interviewed fire chief. There was a comment about how the fire station is just down the street from the building that had the fire (now reported from 3 sources to be electrical problem.
    Estimated damage at $700,000. I thought that was tiny building, I guess not.

    But Chief then said something cryptic about even though they're down the street, that there was a delay in when they got an actual call into the station. So I was wondering if you heard anything when you were out today. No details on who it was that saw the smoke. And no details as to how long the delay in sci calling this in. Now, I'm wondering if staff were stoopidly and dangerously sent in to "rescue" sci materials. I vaguely remember there's all kinds of drills. Or maybe just the "system" they have in place slows things down, have to get a lot of chiefs' OK to call fire dept.

    Hope the fire dept digs deep on this um, discrepancy.
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  9. anonymous612 Member

    AMA: Did I call it or did I call it?
    Correct answer: I totally called it.

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  10. RightOn Member

    thanks for the recap
    and I hope they investigate the crap out of this!
  11. Anonymous Member

    Very interesting slice of likely fail from our favorite stoopid fail cult.

    Where were all the OTs at cause over life??

    Oh yeah... there are none. It's all a myth.
  12. Anonymous Member

    I don't think the Fire Chief was happy about this (delay in getting called) and that's why he decided to comment on it while being interviewed and especially if two of his guys got injured, even if minor. So reports all mesh with fire being noticed at 3:30 a.m. Early morning report on BayNews9 was that it took the fire crew about 1 1/2 hrs to put it out. Other report, says they had it out by 5:35 pm. So that leaves a half hour discrepancy. Half hour before fire station got called, maybe, just a guess from info in all the reports.

    No OT stuff in this building, or maybe so. Then again, if this is for SO Staff, maybe embarrassing FO's (Flag Orders). Like RPF orders. They'd want to save those for whoever's getting thrown in there. I guess someone from Estate, and seems likely this is someone who may barely speak English, what with the 3rd world country recruiting. Might be a good time for the X Sea org phone number for escape Sign! No passport? No problem!
  13. amaX Member

    You called it, Six!

    Lots of businesses have their own security monitoring systems. It's totally legal. Usually, the system is set up to send someone with a very short amount of time if no one calls to say it's a false alarm.
  14. Anonymous Member

    hmm..... wonder what was thrown out?
  15. xenubarb Member

    Let's see...
    Direct line to 911 may result in loss of slaveys.
    Delay with Scilon emergency number fuckery
    Fire gets bigger
    2 firefighters injured and one to hospital

  16. amaX Member

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  17. BigBeard Member

    Some of us ex-fireman are wondering if the Fire Dept., in particular the Chief, is aware of this whacked out emergency reporting system? We're also wondering if it's even legally permissable to have a system like this? Especially when it can result in reporting delays, leading to a bigger fire before there's a response, with a greater potential for injury to a firefighter.

    If it is legal, Clearwater needs to take a hard look at making it not legal.

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the vid.
  19. Anonymous Member

    Well done SIX & AMA2!
  20. amaX Member

    It really is legal. Lots of businesses and buildings have their own security monitoring systems. Think of it like a home security system. If the alarm is triggered and a code isn't punched in and/or you don't answer the phone when it rings to ask if you're alright then the security company alerts the police and/or the fire department, etc. A response is usually required within seconds to stop the cops/paramedics/firemen from coming to your door. Unfortunately, we are all too aware of how this cult operates and it's scary thinking of no response to an alarm for help or delaying a response while things are tidied up. I hope something is done about it if it's proven they delayed the fire department showing up.
  21. xenubarb Member may be legal, but it certainly isn't the best system as far as firefighter safety's concerned.
  22. amaX Member

    *sigh* Used properly, it keeps firefighters/paramedics/police officers from responding to nothing. i.e.: It would be a damned shame if a firetruck had been sent out because some kid found the fire alarm while another building really was on fire.

    I do agree that it's probably not the best system for Scientologists who might really need help and never receive it.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Awesome Video, 612!

    And it's interesting at the level of the physical decay documented in Six's Video. There is so much BLING and pseudo-bling in all of the LA Celebrity Centre PR and publications.

    This week on WWP, a photo was posted of the Toronto Canada org. The building looks right next door to condemned, if not worse.

    Comparing the degeneration and decay of the org architecture, world-wide, to the published "ideal" images reveals much of the failed agenda.

    Kudos 612! Doin' It Right! WIN!
  24. another123 Member

    Hey, you didn't mentioned she showed up...
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  25. anonymous612 Member

    Sorry about that. Internet got knocked out all evening. I'll have it properly tagged and titled etc when I actually get around to, uh, caring that it's improperly tagged and titled.

    The LULZLULZLULZ occurs at 5:45. Along with a doublehanded assgrab. Ahh, Scientology.

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  26. Ike Drifter Member

    At last someone has stepped up and demonstrated OT powers.

    Think about it. The guy who suggested he could identify an odor that he hasn't been exposed to since birth? Dude must be OT9001.
  27. pooks Member

    Thanks for the video. You were a riot! What fun you must have had!
  28. The guy who made the disgusting comment deserves greater fame. He's a disgrace to humanity. :(

    Sure hope he seeks you out and begs your forgiveness before it ruins his life, 612, because stuff like that tends to stay around the internet a long time.

    But then, you'd know that, anyway, 612.

    Thanks for what you do.
  29. Sponge Member

    Oh my! LoL.
    A few more auditing sessions and he'll graduate to chucking spunk at the FBI agent from behind the bars of his assylum cell.

    /r/ video mashup with scenes from the Silence of the Lambs movie

    brb fava beans and a nice chianti
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  30. RightOn Member

    so did I miss it? or does this foul mothed guy have a nick name yet?
    Smelly Cunt Guy seems too easy
    although it certainly fits him
  31. anonymous612 Member

    We were actually hoping someone might recognize him.
  32. BigBeard Member

    I understand about security monitoring systems, which assumes there's a competent and qualified person on the receiving end of the alarm, which I have my doubts about in this case. But that's not my concern, in this case.

    What worries me is things ex's have brought up in the past about the Flag phone system being set up so 911 calls are diverted to the Ft. Harrison for review and action, rather than going directly to the 911 Response Center, which defeats the purpose of the 911 system. If that's what happened in this case, resulting in that 1/2 hour delay and injured firefighters, then someone should be going to jail. And diverting 911 calls, if that's actually what happened, should be made illegal if it's not already.

    And if it is what happened, legal or not, I hope the injured firefighters sue the crap out of Flag for causing the delay in reporting that let the fire get so big before they arrived.

  33. amaX Member

    I agree wholeheartedly with you. I've also heard the horror stories. The systems are legal and IMO are a good idea if used properly. If the cult didn't do the right thing here and a firefighter ended up hurt then there should be hell to pay.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Mystery Smelly Cunt Guy? lol
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  35. amaX Member

    Srsly, I want to call him Casanova because I believe his interaction was meant to be Scientology foreplay.
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  36. Natter Bored Member

    Looked to me like he was doing buttplay on himself.
  37. amaX Member

  38. Triumph Member

    caused by the pain of an emptied wallet....

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  39. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Casanova? Lol, more like Cuntanovis... Wow, between this and the Au bullbaiting isn't the cult of 'ethical people' showing their true colors and aweshum ability to confront? Is this what they learn in CoS? Their moms must be so proud of them now that they'll be famous YouTuber celebs!
    Way ta go cult, once again showing what a bunch of drivel created by a lunatic can do to a person's rationality!

    Rock on CW Anons!
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  40. subgenius Member

    $cientology must increase olfactory powahs.
    Paging John Carmichael.
    Anon....your mission is to mash these two pussy sniffing $cilons into one awesome thingy.
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