May 14, 2016 - Atlanta "Ideal" Org's first post-opening visit

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by AquaMan, May 15, 2016.

  1. AquaMan Member

    New month, new raid.

    I've never been much at words, so instead I'll give you pictures, 40+ of them: 5-14-2016

    Now, more or less the first bunch of pictures (ordered by oldest first) were taken of the old rental org, including the nearby strip mall wall they started painting the very first raid there to try to look like they're community-minded, and never finished.

    More or less all signs that they were there are gone, except of course that Scientology can't leave something better than they found it, so they left behind some trash.

    The rest of the pix are from the Ideal Org, and mostly speak for themselves.

    One in particular deserves attention, however:


    That's right, they're looking for people to do actual work at the Org.

    Unfortunately, I couldn't get a better shot due to external circumstances (couldn't focus good because I was trying to get a shot through branches that were blowing around), so most of the fine print is blurry, but the fact that they're hiring was amusing in and of itself.
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  2. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Cool deal.

    Was there much traffic coming by to see your protest? It looks like not, but a few photos don't always tell the whole story.
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  3. amaX Member

    It's a very busy intersection. People driving from both ways have to slow down and stop because of all the stoplights. :D We get quite a bit of horn love, but most people wave and give us thumb's up or actually yell encouragement because we are very close to traffic.

    We hear from the locals who come to talk to us that Sandy Springs is a very tight-knit community and they do not like that Scientology was allowed to set-up shop in their town. They wonder WHY Scientology chose to put their foot in their community and all of us who raid there are very curious about that, too.

    This is not just another real-estate investment. The cult is present at this building.

    I am so proud of the Atlanta Chanology Cell for still hitting the sidewalks and protesting this cult! A lot of effort goes into their protests and I am so glad they continue to be out there. <3

    We had a self-proclaimed new Scientologist come out to talk to us. He was from Brazil and he did not like our signs especially my SCIENTOLOGY KILLS sign. He pointed to my sign and said he did not want his kids to see that. I told him he shouldn't let his kids near Scientology then...

    Aqua and I were talking to him first and then Raven joined us. I believe enough seeds were planted that this guy will look for signs of his cult experience slowly heading toward the dumper. He is going to remember what we told him to watch for and I am hopeful that he will protect himself and his family as soon as he realizes that we WERE telling him the truth. We also directed him to some websites, but he said he didn't trust what he read on the internet. But he does know about the sites so he might take a look at them when it all goes to shit.

    Had a very nice local lady show up to talk to us. Very nice and very funny! I have two copies of Leah Remini's book so I gave her the copy I had with me. Told her to read it and then pass it around! I think she will. She waved and honked at us as she left. :)

    Everyone in the Atlanta Cell is funny, smart, and caring. So....the opposite of me. ;) I love protesting with them and I hope they don't ever decide I must be the recipient of an old-fashioned Amish-style shunning.

    Notes to self: Don't ever get on Raven's bad side.
    Don't order the flatbread bbq that SAYS it's SWEET, but is in fact an inferno on a plate.
    Look into adopting the funny server at the restaurant.

    Hot 'lanta still doin' it right. <3
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  4. AquaMan Member

    There was apparently also a car driving by with a bunch of "Industry of Death" people in it (they had on shirts marking them as such) that was calling for the guy to go back in, but I didn't personally catch it. I did catch one Scilon who was pulling out of the parking lot call out "they're a hate group" from their car as they turned onto Roswell Rd (the main road, which actually had a good bit of traffic).

    Buncha honks, buncha waves (if not OVER NINE THOUSAND!), and fun was had by all, even if the "cake" was just some Oreos. :p
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  5. RightOn Member

    very nice
  6. now-20hiring-jpg.257811.jpg
    Now Hiring? Truth in advertising? Full Disclosure below:

    Scientology will offer you a job with prerequisites not listed:
    1.) You must start taking courses and be a Scientologist in 'good standing'.
    2.) Your pay will be based on the total production of the entire local 'Church'.
    3.) Courses and auditing are outrageously expensive so you will be offered
    'free' mandatory courses in lieu of full pay.
    4.) You will be gradually indoctrinated giving more of your time to the Org. and become subject to Scientology discipline through their 'Ethics' cycle.
    5.) Eventually you'll be offered the grand opportunity to join the Sea-Org with many false promises if you agree to sign a billion year contract.
    6.) When your Dad tries to rescue you from their evil clutches, he'll be wished: Good Luck.

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  7. amaX Member

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