May 12th - Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. True Leveller Member

    So, how long has Eight been a priest?
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  2. Waffle~ Member

  3. Fuckeye Member

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  4. Profanity Member

  5. Skull Member

    Like this post if you think Waffle should flip his avatar horizontally so that the fox motherfucker looks at the post above him, which he is likely responding to rather then fucking nowhere.. also by doing this he could post nothing and it would be like his avatar represents his emotions at the time of reading said above post.
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  6. cfanon Member

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  7. Skull Member

    For viewing pleasure.. Also Azn's will be posted again soon, any preference? See the rest of you fags saturday.
  8. Fuckeye Member

    My love for you is like a truck
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  9. Berzerk Member

  10. Fuckeye Member

    My love for you is ticking clock
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  11. Waffle~ Member

    [valid message to go with my emotional status towards the above post]
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  12. Nobody. Member

  13. LouLou Member

    My flag has arrived !! :)
  14. Skull Member

  15. LouLou Member

    Feel the pain?
  16. Waffle~ Member

    Did you really just quote all those images...?
  17. Skull Member

    I think I see the future
  18. Waffle~ Member

  19. LouLou Member

  20. KiRiku Member

    who the fuck 'was' berzerker?
    And why was he such a dumbfag?
  21. cfanon Member

    You mean like this:

  22. LouLou Member

    Im sorry, who are you?
  23. Waffle~ Member

    Don't be so sure you want to know.
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  24. El Bandito Member

  25. Profanity Member

  26. LouLou Member

  27. Nobody. Member

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  28. novu Member

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  29. Skinnies Member

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  30. Berzerk Member

    Berzerker is also I, Berzerk. Just couldn't be arsed signing in because I was in a hurry.
  31. Profanity Member

    Also, someone needs to bring leaflets. Lost my library card so can't print any myself.
  32. strobe Member

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  33. WhiteNight Member

    Will see what I can do. A farewell gift from the whitest of all knights.
  34. Skull Member

  35. Dragononymous Member

    Wait wh-
    Owh man...
    (If this is like you leaving and not coming back, damn the handcuffing will be soooo less fun... )
    + I owe you...

    I decide to block this thread so I can't post in it or see it or click on it and you do this...=[
    1. There are legal court thingies about that
    2. lolyh that anti-weed thing will fail because it's discrimination.
    3. The mayor of Amsterdam tries to ban chips/fries ... Don't trust him.

    Also; Have fun later on

    Avoid the amount of failure I had the past month...
  36. Dragononymous Member

    Is that fake dragon tattoo's tail swirling around hi-...

    I feel betrayed...
    Guess I should eat his heart out.
  37. LouLou Member

    If anyone can bring a decent sized pole to the raid for my flag it will be much appreciated:)
  38. Nobody. Member

  39. Berzerk Member

    anyone meeting at Placemark 4 near picadilly at 10:45?

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