May 12th - Manchester, UK

Discussion in 'Europe' started by strobe, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Profanity Member

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  2. LouLou Member

    Oh Guy's.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Seriously, learn some basic grammar.
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  4. Porridge Member

    I've noticed a lack of this sort of thing lately.
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  5. strobe Member

    ^ Yeah, Skull - what're you playing at?

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  6. Profanity Member

    It's a punctuation error, not a grammatical one. And yes, while punctuation can affect grammar, the two are separate from each other. Spoken aloud, Lou's sentence makes perfect grammatical sense. He just used the wrong form of 'guys.'

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  7. LouLou Member

    Profanity is just great.
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  8. cfanon Member

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  9. cfanon Member

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  10. novu Member

    Greetings from Amsterdam
    p.s. I should be back for the 14th :)
    p.p.s. I usually bring ~500 flyers and rarely take any home again!
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  11. Profanity Member

  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. Nobody. Member

  14. Anonymous Member


  15. Profanity Member

    No more weed for tourists.
  16. novu Member

    ^Why I went again this year! Although now I've seen the tobacco ban in action I'm less worried - they banned smoking tobacco in coffee shops a while ago but nobody takes any notice of it. I can see this weed pass idea being just as effective! Even the mayor of Amsterdam is against the ban!
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  17. LouLou Member

    My new flag!
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  18. cfanon Member

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  19. Fuckeye Member

    As of next year country wide. Only a few places with it in place as the moment.
  20. Berzerk Member

    Hi Guys, you reckon it's worth dressing for the lulz (i.e. santa pants, santa jacket, blazer shirt and tie, reflective sunglasses, trademark trilby hat and mask) or just dress in normal clothes?

    I've also got a grey wig and a police hat if that's any good for dress up too?

    This'll be my first protest so apologise if I do seem a bit nooby, but nonetheless I look forward to being there with you guys on the 12th :)

    Berzerk :D
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  21. strobe Member

    Wear all of it.
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  22. cfanon Member

  23. Anonymous Member

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  24. Profanity Member

  25. LouLou Member

    Grave Dig
  26. cfanon Member

    May the 4th be with you faggots.


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  27. Anonymous Member

  28. Skull Member

    A game of moans..

    Fries with that, Bitch?
    Fuckin tired of this shit?
    Want some fuckin Hyuna?
    For the azn haters
    for the azn lovers
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  29. Skull Member

    Thought I was done?
    shits bout to go down mah nigs
    This aint no sample shit
    Hellz yeah we did
    Battin a good-byelid? I don't think so
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  30. Skull Member

    Don't give me that face.
    Thats better, I know you want it Strobe, all you gotta do is call.
    and bring one of these
    This is Skull out saying
    You glorious faggots
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  31. Xanekos Member

    RSVP for this

    Couldn't make it last time because I stayed up too late, should be with loulou and other newfags.

    PS I'll try dress more.... Appropriately this time
  32. Fuckeye Member

    That excuse is not, has not been, and never will be, an acceptable reason.
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  33. Xanekos Member

    Stayed up too late, alarm clock didn't work, sadness everywhere
  34. Waffle~ Member

    You do realize what the date is today as well...?
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  35. Will be attending. Heading down from Piccadilly

  36. Anonymous Member


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  37. El Bandito Member

    Mientras tanto, en le 9gag

    Translation: FagFagFagFagFagFagCancer
  38. Anonymous Member

    You do realize only CF makes posts like that^
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  39. strobe Member

  40. novu Member

    Nice work Skull
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