May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

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  1. blownforgood Member

    May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Well we had the first round of depositions in my case a few weeks back. April 29th and 30th.

    Barry and I arrived at the law offices of Proskauer Rose. Ken Moxon was there as well as two other OSA staff. Then the lead attorney for the Church was there as well. Anthony J. Oncidi.

    Proskauer Rose LLP - ANTHONY J. ONCIDI

    This firm is one of the biggest law firms in LA for labor and employment issues. They are defense attorneys.

    They also had hired a court approved court reporter and videographer. They pointed the camera directly at me and I am the only one who appears on camera but Moxon and my attorney had mics on so we could hear what they were saying.

    On our side it was me and Barry Van Sickle.

    The first day of depositions were very chaotic and unprofessional. The court reporter said that in 30 years of depositions, she had never seen one this bad. Guess she has not been involved with any Scientology cases. Moxon’s whole game plan was to “dirty my needle” and gather as much intelligence as he could. EPIC FAIL on both fronts. When he was not interrupting every answer I had, he was attempting to put words in my mouth. The entire first day had zero to do with my case. Lots of fishing for info that was not there. While the day was rather boring and fruitless, it came and went quickly. If anyone was keeping score it was zero-zero. Pretty useless waste of time for the most part.

    The next day would be a bit more exciting, lame but nonetheless better than day one. We spent hours going over how many times I went to Jack and the Box and Home Depot! Literally hours. At one point I stopped and said, “Can I just say for the record that we just spent 30 minutes arguing over how many time I went to Jack and the Box.” At one point during the deposition on the second day, everyone in the room was either fully asleep or nodding off except for Barry Myself and Moxon. It was truly boring and at one point another senior partner joined the deposition, Harold Brody.

    Proskauer Rose LLP - HAROLD M. BRODY

    He slept too. It was damn boring. When I got on a roll about being watched 24 hours and restricted to the base for months and not allowed to go home, Harold woke up and seemed a bit surprised. I am sure the attorneys were not told that Dave Miscavige was running the next best thing to a concentration camp in the middle of the California Desert. I am sure he is telling them what to do on this case though.

    I could see that Moxon was trying to set up some big crescendo of revelations with about 50 questions but it never came. When he did finally throw out a huge hook that he thought would bring in a real good answer, my answer was the last thing he or anybody on their side wanted to hear. It was so damning that they bailed and decided to take a break. On the second day, they took many breaks. More bad stuff for them came up than they ever intended. Moxon and Oncidi have not been told all of the information that happened at the Int Base by a long shot. There are so many horrible, dreaded things that happened there and they have not been told 1% of them.

    For a bit, I was able to really get some good info onto the record and give them a tiny glimpse of what was to come. Anytime this started to happen, it was “break time”. All they have are the illegal employment contracts. That‘s it. They have nothing else. We knew that from the beginning. Well the first two days of depositions pretty much confirmed that.

    Dave Miscavige is running the handling of these cases. If he is not on the phone to the lawyers himself, he is talking to whoever is and telling them to call back and tell them that “so and so” is how the case is going to be run. Dave like multiple daily updates if not hourly. For those of you who do not know Dave Miscavige still has bad asthma. He also has a very very bad dry skin condition. If he slides his hand across a paper to hard, he will be cut and bleed. He will bleed from clinching his fist to tight. He rarely sleeps, He has fits of uncontrollable rage and he generally not too much fun to be around. (Just think Al Pacino in Scarface mixed with a shorter smaller version of the Predator) With that said, that was how I remember him in 2005. He generally got worse year after year. I cannot imagine what his condition has grown to by now. Eating shit sandwiches for a living is not good for your health either.

    Dave Miscavige is about to hit critical mass in a big way. In the middle of all this legal crap that he has to deal with, (because he is the only one who can handle anything) He has the May 9th Event and the June 6th Event to somehow get produced (because he is the only one who does anything) Not only is the legal cases a bit distracting knowing that if they lose this case they are going to have to come up with an extra 400 million dollars a year in minimum wages, but The Scientology public are becoming more and more disaffected with Dave Miscavige each day. They are reading the stories on the internet. He is not telling them the truth about what is going on and this is creating a vacuum. Well that vacuum is being quite adequately filled with the Internet.

    Super Power building still not done, all his bogus technical revisions to LRH materials, people being beaten and to top it all off, forced abortions. Now he is supposed to come out with some great big master plan to re-release the entire Bridge and come out with a new improved E-Meters and convince everyone to throw out the ones he made them buy a few years ago and just when he thought all this was at its peak – something else. There is a new storm brewing in Florida just off the coast and it is about to hit the mainland. It is a Force 10 and will blow Dave’s short shorts right off his ass.

    I was waiting to post until the depositions were completed but at the last minute they have been cancelled for now. Out of the blue, they just cancelled. I knew this was going to happen. The storm is near and they know it. They are probably wrapping Dave’s shorts in duct tape as you read this.

    Oh and I almost forgot, the second day of my deposition was Dave Miscavige’s 49th Birthday. I kid you not. God could not have planned it better. (If you don’t believe me - google him and you will see.) At the end of the second day, Moxon made me read out one of my forum posts from a few weeks ago. It was all about me sending Dave Miscavige and Tommy Davis some lube. Well I read the post out and when I was done Moxon asked me what it meant. I told him that I cared for Dave and Tommy and because I cared, I sent Dave a birthday gift. Moxon argued that the post was from April 23rd and that was not Dave’s birthday. I explained to Moxon that gifts had to be sent in advance BEFORE the actual birthday and whilst we all had a chuckle (except for Moxon) we left it at that. I also told him that LRH said that true art (my poetic writings) had to have some sort of contribution from the viewer and that whatever picture that Moxon had while reading about Dave Miscavige, Tommy Davis and a Costco size tub of lube was his contribution and that I was sure he contributed. He did not ask anymore about anymore posts after that.

    Oh yeah, OSA, RTC and Dave Miscavige are reading ALL this crap on the Internet. It has been confirmed. They had 5 damn bankers boxes of this crap printed off and lined up in folders and all super duper organized. I think if you just mention Dave Miscavige in a post, someone at RTC is reading, printing it and categorizing it so Dave can get his daily dose. Del Taco– Feed the Beast! Dave is not happy about people talking about him, people shooping the hell out of him and anything else considered OUT-PR. Truth hurts - don’t it? Maybe you should have played nicer with all the little girls and boys and this would not have happened Davey.

    In the end, I was able to get my wedding pictures, some family photos and some stuff I had not seen in years.

    All in all it was good and I can’t wait for more.

    Until next time…

    P.S. If you do shoop something, make sure you call it what it is so it turns up in search results and crawls. I’m just saying…
  2. Consensus Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    posting in epic thread

    I'm not gunna say anything you don't already know, but
    1) Because LRH insisted that there was a basic script you could run when someone said something bad about the cult (like, 'they're doing it because they're criminals and they want to hide their crimes'), it's quite easy to predict what they will be looking for. And it sounds like you know that script, and you know there's nothing where they're looking, and you're like the dad watching his kid hunting easter eggs, grinning from ear to ear as they turn over a rock that you know has no egg under it.
    2) It's a brainwashing cult. We know this. I think the easiest, simplest way to demonstrate this is to point out that there are phrases people are forbidden from hearing based on where on the bridge they are. They *HAVE* to control what a person hears at various points in the brainwashing. That's what brainwashing is! If you're not brainwashing someone, you don't regard key phrases as 'threatening' the dialog you're having with a person. But there are key phrases that are banned. And that control of information is key. Not everyone on the case (for their side) knows all the facts. This is because Scientology has always been very careful about what information to feed to other people (wogs and saps alike). And in a legal case, this can only work against them. You and your lawyers are free to say what you please, free to hear what you please, and encouraged to maintain their skepticism and reason. On their side, this is not the case - and even for their mercinary wog lawyers, they have to control what they tell them because they know they're in the wrong, and they'd prefer their lawyers not catch on to that. They don't realize the lawyers will defend their client the best they can, and are better off having complete information. They are actually actively trying to influence their lawyers minds. And that will hurt them too.

    To sum up: justice is easier. It's just like those saturday morning cartoons - the person that isn't carefully juggling 12 white lies will have a much easier time just /being/. And in this case, that's clearly you.
  3. blownforgood Member

  4. stc Member

  5. ryangiggs Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Thanks for the update, BFG.
  6. RavenEyes Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Thanks for the detailed update, BFG!
  7. jensting Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    I can't wait either!

    You, Sir, are a hero. Keep it up, please.

    Best Regards

  8. A.Non Hubbard Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

  9. TinyDancer Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Marc, there were a couple of highlights in these paragraphs. I just LOVE that you didn't reveal the question and answer that caused that particular flip out. The anticipation is too good to spoil and one day, no doubt, we'll get to read the entire depo for ourselves, when it suits you to release it.

    Re Moxon - that's a complete surprise to me that he didn't know what went down at Int. How sure are you of that? Not that I doubt you in the least, but this guy has been their go to lawyer for decades and his daughter died there for crying out loud! You must have really rattled him, in that case. I hope he thinks about what he's doing. (Also: Was the Body Thetan blown due to bad auditing?)

    Moxon, you now know what Int and Miscavige are truly like. And you've only heard from one witness. There's a lot more to come. Ask yourself is THAT why you got into Scientology? To "improve conditions"? Now that you know, do you really think Int is a superior example of a world without insanity and crime? Can you understand now why we protest? It's not too late to turn state's evidence, Rick. If you truly didn't know those crimes were being committed at Int, then you weren't responsible for them. But you know now, buddy. Everything you do from now on props up Miscavige and perpetuates his human rights abuses, unless... (1-866-XSEAORG - call now. They'll even help you.)

    This comment reminded me of the sewage pond and the work some of you guys had to do in it. Did that come out in evidence? Or can't you say? (Reader: Did you cause a vacuum for a Body Thetan?)

    Excellent news - both that you got your photos, and that you're looking forward to more. This is brilliant.
  10. re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Marc, thank you so much for the update. It's exhilarating knowing how things are unfolding with your case!

    A quick story. Last Friday, May 8th, a few of us were protesting at HGB in the late afternoon. I was at the front of the building and happened to see Moxon approach from my left (facing Hollywood Blvd), then dart into the doors. I said hello to him, of course (that's how I roll). He did not respond.

    A few minutes later as our little group was gathered there on the corner of Hollywood and Ivar, I spotted Moxon dart out those same doors and head back up the street. I alerted the group, and it was Glibby who set off after him with her camera. After just a moment of this pursuit, Moxon started running! It was weird. We have no good explanation for this. It was weird. End of story.

    Marc and Claire, good luck with your suit. You have my respect and very best wishes that all will soon end well for you both.
  11. lothar Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Poor David Miscavige. If he ended up in jail, would Tom Cruise get visitation? [strike](Note: conjugal visits only for married people)[/strike]

  12. Anonymous Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Oh my lawdy lawd, that is some epic reading.

    TL;DR: you don't get any, read this epic wall of text NAO!

    Also, bleed for me Davey, BLEEEEED!
  13. chrisanon Member

  14. RavenEyes Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Protect your vision, Davey. Sounds like Braille would be a real bitch for ya!
  15. stc Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Can I request that lots of people (who use twitter) frequently tweet about this.

    I know that are reading the tweets

    Make sure they all appear objective & nuetral, otherwise they will gloss over them.
  16. exOT8Michael Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Thanks Marc, totally awesome debriefing.
    U rock!


    PS I hope Moxon actually does WAKE UP to the realities of the criminality he is defending and leaves. Turning State's evidence may be his only escape now.
  17. Anonymous Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Awesome update thanks - love this ^^^ bit best
  18. Anonymous Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Cool story bro. Ask Mike Rinder what his only escape was. His wife is still trustee for CSRT and he's laughing his ass off selling his services.
  19. mrfyde Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Now that is just silly everyone knows that Tom is only married to Katie and Becks.
  20. TinyDancer Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Marc, are either of Oncidi and Brody scientologists?
  21. Exstaff Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    To be delivered to:

    Chairman of the Board, Religious Technology Center, David Miscavige;


    When you go down you are not going to some light weight fun times prison with internet and fancy pillows, it will be the full on pound me in the ass prison.

    You know what they do to guys like you in those prisons right? There will be someone in there that has some relative that you have fucked up, harmed or even more that is going to want a serious piece of your tight white ass. It's a hell of a lot more likely than you think David.

    Whether you like it or not you are going to have to pay in full for every single life you destroyed. It's going to be really really bad for you. Putting it off is going to make it worse. You can't throw enough money at this problem. Even wealthy Nazis get caught.

    We out number you. You made us with your own two hands. We are the thing you made and breathed life into. We are the darkness in your heart and we are coming to consume you. You cannot run, you cannot hide. You will pay. There is no quarter. We are a hive with one purpose. We are here for you. YOU made us.

    You are just about there you pilla biting, doughnut punch'n, ass farmer. There will be a day when I will personally be visiting you in prison and this will be being played for you by me.

    Soon David.

    Emperor, We Come For You!
  22. i'mglib Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Why does the head of a religion think it's a good idea to be this badass toughguy (in his own mind, of course)? Why do the members of this so-called religion think it's a good idea to have a leader like this?

    Good job, BFG and Claire. Truth and justice will prevail. Thanks for keeping us posted.
  23. blownforgood Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Not sure, but I doubt it. I think that anyone in would know better than to get on this boat.

    BTW, Brody said nothing at all when he was there, Oncidi spoke about four times over the course of two days and when he did speak it was usually off the record and he would throw Moxon under the bus. If something was decided or he was asked if this or that was what was going to happen, he would just say, "Moxon is the boss, we are going to do whatever he says." That was his pat answer for all questions pertaining to the case.

    Brody and Oncidi were there because they had to be. Dave Miscavige is running this case through Moxon and this firm is just a name they can put on the case. It is a feel good thing. Dave says he wants the best labor attorneys in town so he can tell them how to deal with this case himself.

    They have spent over one million dollars on these guys already. In 6 more months they will have spent more fighting this case than it was worth when it started! Spend a dollar to save a dime - that's Dave's Motto. That's how he rolls. They spent over 100 million dollars fighting cases in the 80's and 90's that they ended up settling for millions in the end anyway.

    By the time they have spent double digit millions, they will REALLY start fighting this and spend some real money.

    Until next time...
  24. Anonymous Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    I like the idea of a large, influential law firm learning the truth about the CoS. They won't be able to tell anyone outside the firm what they know, but that'll be a stack of people - influential people and members of the justice system - well and truly innoculated.

    As we all know, legal ethics require lawyers to represent people even if they consider their past actions to have been obnoxious. (Even Saddam was entitled to legal representation - okay, I know I'm rushing into the sphere of criminal law. Do you blame me?) Legal ethics also impose strict requirements on lawyers not to put into evidence something that they know to be false. You don't get to misuse the reputation of a large and reputable firm. It will be interesting to watch that relationship unfold.
  25. Anonymous Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Brilliant update, so happy to read it, that i had to go thro it several times for max joy! - BFG - what are the next steps in the legal process and when do you expect Claire to go thro' this ordeal? thks
  26. exOT8Michael Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    I am so glad David Miscavige likes to see the shoops.
    Google image search actually picks up David Miscavige shoops, so I hear.




    Did I mention David Miscavige?
  27. TinyDancer Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Especially when they are named "David Miscavige 1" "David Miscavige 2" and "David Miscavige 3"!
  28. BHX Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    David Miscavige...
    Look to the left at my avatar.
    Tick fucking tock.
    You have no chance to survive.
    Make your time.

  29. exOT8Michael Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    LOl Yes TD.
    And how about these allegedly potential David Miscavige classics?

    JibJab Sendables - Disco
    THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^

    David Miscavige style of images




    Oh, rats I hope I did not forget to mention David Miscavige.
  30. Anonymous Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Obviously, Body Thetans are making DM's lawyers anaten.
  31. Anonymous Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    People shouldn't get to hopeful about a conviction; they can lean on judges.

    I echo Marc's statements about RTC reading stuff. If you're using Twatter, make sure you have "David Miscavige" and "Scientology" in there. Don't make it to obviously anti-scilon

    Post links to his speech at Ron Birthday Celebration 2009 (or on youtube, or whatever) or just

    ^ spread it like AIDS

    rtc are very, very displeased with this being sent to the public. They have got their monkeys on twitter to try and drown out any form of criticism.
  32. re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    WUT.. Is David Miscavige interested in this?

    Thank's for the update BFG!
  33. BHX Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    David Miscavige -- Polishing the Brass on the Freewinds

    You are going down faster than a hooker at a Shriners convention.

    [ame=]YouTube - David Miscavige -- Polishing the Brass on the Freewinds[/ame]
  34. Hombre Moderator Skandinaviska

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Nice update, good thread.

    So I guess tl;dr: Moar DM shoops and moar OT3/OT8 spoilers for OSA?
  35. Anonymous Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    I would like to be in the background during that visit and to contribute an interpretative dance.
  36. Anonymous Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    The runt of the litter always has health problems.
  37. tofuman Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    The truth is coming for you Davey.
  38. Sponge Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    His sore little anus must be bleeding like mad then, with all that clenching.
  39. anonymous1312 Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Thanks for the update. I expect they will want to draw out the torture for themselves, I guess David Miscavige is a masochist, as well as for our enjoyment. :)

    They've no doubt cancelled the depositions to build tension for the next epic round.

    Talking of the tiny one (David Miscavige for those uncertain about the reference) although he is small as well as inflicted with skin and lung ailments his confidence in himself shouldn't be under estimated.

    He does still have access to slush funds around the world to keep dipping in to as necessary to maintain his life style. He also has people close to him that love and care for him; after all he pays them well and keeps them on the straight and narrow.

    He's also totally in charge of everything. No one will do anything without his say so. Indeed no one will do anything unless he tells them exactly what to do. He is the brain and everyone else are merely his tools which he must direct with precision. Everyone working for him looks to him for leadership and to make all the decisions because they rightly fear making the wrong decision and fowling everything up.

    You see if he makes a mistake the whole thing will fall apart so he must pay close attention to everything. It's like chess he needs to be at least 10 steps ahead of the game and anticipate every move; no one else can do this but him and anyone else is a distraction.

    This is obvious because even his lawyers look to him for guidance, they need to be sure they are doing exactly what he wishes because David Miscavige is totally responsible for his success or failure, everyone knows this even those outside the cult. Lawyers normally provide advice to their clients but not David Miscavige, he calls the shots.

    I am told that a scilon once saw my avatar and asked who it was, unusual for a scilon to be curious. The person they asked, a protester, wasn't sure but suggested it looked a bit like David Miscavige. The scilon said they didn't think it was him. You see, those inside the cult and closest to David Miscavige see him very differently to those outside the cult. Interesting. A month later the scilon blew.

    As for Moxon, his client pays well and so the firm benefits; all revenue is good revenue. They smile at him and shake his hand but as far as he is concerned, well only what's necessary to keep him while his client pays the bills. Moxon's a slippery old fool who's been stuck on one horse for so long its blinded him to where it is leading; worse it's such a unique client with particular demands based on Hubbard's dictates for abusive use of the law, that his skills have become too adapt to it and it's doubtful how well he would perform with real clients.
  40. Anonymous Member

    re: May 12th Case Update - Marc Headley Deposition

    Every little BiT helps.

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