Massacre in Tehran today

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. skollie-IRAN Member

    If you paid attention, you'd know that no news is coming in from Iran. The Iranian government has blocked all news from getting out. The news we see on broadcast TV is stuff they're getting by checking youtube, the tweets, facebook, blogs etc.

    Does it really matter how she got the number? My guess is that she used the internet.

    Please link me to where the BBC and the West is being protested.

  2. The one and only reason a civilian gets killed is because Chicken shit ass humpers such as yourself hide amongst them in plain clothes...

    which i am quite sure is a good part of the reason you chickenshit assault these people as plain clothed officers now...

    As for Saddam that man got exactly what he deserved and was tried by his own people has suppressed.. just as your kind will be someday!
  3. Couldn't find video of the people protesting it in Iran, on the news though it showed briefly people holding BBC signs with crossed through circles, and other Iranians confessing media brainwashed them on However I did find this video of British-Iranians protesting BBC "" so I'm sure its going on inside Iran also.
  4. LOL no it isn't! Maybe by a small group of Ahmadinejad supporters. Now kindly STFU. BBC Persian has been Iranian's favourite source for what's going on in their country. The reports are relatively unbiased and millions in Iran are glued to their TV sets watching that channel. For the very same reason they get the best reports from inside Iran before anyone else does.
  5. Pics or it didn't happen.
  6. Actually it does show the Iranians protesting Britain and the BBC at 13:40 on the national,
  7. Wait a day or two, pics will probably come. I have reliable sources in Iran and some of the most reliable twitterers (I don't mean your average Iranian, there are a few big shots which I won't name that are from Iran and write only in Persian) confirm this. I hope a few pics get out so you can finally shut up.
  8. You idiot. Iranians are not one entity. These are mostly staged government protests, are you retarded? You think the government has ZERO supporters?
  9. LOL to you sir, watch the national , at 13:40 there's thousands of them of course you won't see that in America
  10. OMG that guy is an idiot. I checked his youtube link. It's from PressTV for FFS you retard. PressTV is the official news agency of Iran's government! What did you expect they'd say? What the hell kind of moron are you?
  11. I could see them staging people confessing but all the people protesting in Britain too? LOL

  12. Yes you doofus. There are 100s. There were 100s in the Firday prayers, your point? These are Ahmadinejad supporters who are given space to protest, bribed, brought over by the busload to film for idiots like you. It's called a staged protest. Like the staged Ahmadinejad victory rally. Like the friday prayers. There are obviously ahmadinejad supporters in Iran, are you stupid? And they think this is a big British conspiracy, or they pretend they do and the really dumb ones follow.

  13. 90% of Iranians outside the country voted for Mousavi even by the government's own accounts.

    That's PressTV you dumbass. PressTV. Yes there are AN supporters in the UK but this is PressTV, they report on things that are pro government. Of course there r progovernment people in the UK, they're the 10%. Earth to idiot! I never said there weren't AN supporters you're labelling these people as the "Iranian people", these are a small portion of the Iranian population which theyve worked very hard to report on!
  14. They're in Britain you dumbass they dont have to say shit if they didn't want to
  15. And most of those people at that rally aren't even Iranian. And the Iranians are the ultra conservative type who suck government dick, will you believe everything you see?
  16. danial West

    They're call fanatic Islamic Ahmadinejad supporters. Helloooooooo. ahmadinejad supporters exist but they're a very small minority especially in the West. Most are not even iranian. Some of the headscarf wearing ones are Arabs (Iranians even the most conservative wear the heascarf in a completely different style). These are a couple of ahmadinehad supporters, some liberal weiners who think anything anti-west is good and arabs, big whop!
  17. 1. I said "Iranians protesting BBC and Britain," Now, everyone else is saying Iranians protesting government, so their labeling everyone as protesting the government then, you fucking retard.

    2. So freaking what if they only report pro government? you obviously think that MSM can't report anti-government, its the oldest propaganda trick in the fucking book you idiot. It should stick out to you like a sore thumb if PressTV isn't reporting anything bad about the government and MSM isn't reporting anything good... MEDIA = Propaganda TOOL

    3. "On May 23, 2007, Brian Ross and Richard Esposito reported on ABC News: The CIA has received secret presidential approval to mount a covert black operation to destabilize the Iranian government, current and former officials in the intelligence community tell ABC News.

    On May 27, 2007, the London Telegraph independently reported: Mr. Bush has signed an official document endorsing CIA plans for a propaganda and disinformation campaign intended to destabilize, and eventually topple, the theocratic rule of the mullahs." (one of the top internet report sources trusted by all sorts of doctors and professors)

    4. Your saying their all hired goonies, Well less than 1.5% of the population was ever protesting so a vast majority never gave a shit that AH won.

    Do some Research you fucking Brainwashed metal heads.
  18. Psssst.. Those kids getting slaughtered in the streets are liberals. It's the conservatives who are anti-west. Check out some of the neocon sites in the US out. They are more or less pro Ahmadinejad. Right-Wing Neocons Rooting For Ahmadinejad Win

    I'm sorry for this partial threadjack, but I felt I had to point this out.
  19. Where did you get those numbers? Your ass?

    Plus, Mousavi is the Butcher of Beirut. He's scum of the earth, just like Ahmadinejad. It's like choosing between Hitler and Stalin.

    You sicken me, piece of filth.
  20. jean-IRAN Member

    Re:British Iranians Protest This is a small group of people using their right to protest without being shot ,beaten or gassed. They come to live in freedom and protest that their countrymen/women want the same. Go back and live under the tyranny you protest for..Shame on you.
  21. The 90% comes from reports released by the Iranian government. It's hard to rig the foreign vote.
  22. Of course not everyone is protesting the government but a good majority are against it (a much smaller number are courageous enough to protest). 4 years of bribery, propoganda and blackmail did get AN some support, there's no doubt about that. The country is somewhat divided, it's not at all like the 1979 revolution.

    The 1.5% is based on very very conservative estimates. Listen I've been following the politics in Iran my whole life, we all know exactly what's going on. Many of those who are protesting are generally not protesting for "Western ideals" or even a secular state. The coup d'etat was a huge step back for the Iranian people, did you see the footage of AN's meeting with Yazdi? They're actually fighting for the pseudo-democracy they had before. One step at a time. . .

    You're obviously some sort of Basiji or conspiracy nut.
  23. How do you know a Majority are against it? you don't, the country voted on it and apparently the majority aren't against it jackass... and your the one believing that the election was some how rigged through 100s of professors and teachers counting the ballots, with no evidence to even back your claim, so your the conspiracy nut dumbass
  24. If you seriously want to go ahead and blurt BS anonymously, fine. You won't convince anyone here with your useless ramblings.
    If the election was legal, as you say, what's the big deal about a recount? How could the results differ so much in every immediate result? How could Mossavi actually LOSE in his home town, only to have that result "corrected" (to make it look more legit) a few hours later? What about more than 100% voter participation with more than 3 MILLION votes too much in over 50 cities, something that has the odds about 200000:1 to ever happen legally, how do you explain that? I happen to have worked on statistical projection of electoral votes recently so I am actually not talking out of my ass like you seem to be doing...
    And please... no more insults, just answer me those simple questions. If you don't find them simple, maybe you should just shut up and stop talking about something you don't understand.
    Disregarding the "election results", you think it's democratic that protests are getting violently shut down, protesters getting killed for voicing their opinions? Even bystanders that didn't actively participate? Right, you probably one of the nuts who says the protesters got violent first.
    Listen, if you decide to believe lies and propaganda instead of logic and reason, that's your choice. It's irrational, inhuman, and against common sense, but it's your choice. Nobody will prosecute you for having that opionion. Think about that for a second, and then think about how others could feel if THEY get prosecuted for wanting to voice their opinions. Maybe then you can understand what these people are going through right now.

    But for heaven's sake stop insulting the people who are enduring a regime which DOES NOT condone voicing of opinions contrary to state proaganda.
  25. When even the Iranian regime claims more than 100% of the population voted in 50 cities it means THERE WAS MASSIVE FRAUD. Khamenei and AN were trying to sell the "big lie" but they failed. FFS there's even VIDEO FOOTAGE OF IT. Stop blaming "the West" for everything that goes wrong in another country. This is an internal issue and Iranians know very well who the culprits are and what their plan is.
  26. Well lets see...


    the election results were never altered for Mousavi to win his hometown so stop making up like the media. BBC say he won by 90% in that town yet other more reliable say only 57% lol.

    I'm just going to assume your right about there being 3 Million extra, and let you know that there are immigrants who aren't registered voters yet still have the right to vote. But it wouldn't matter anyway because even all those 3 Million votes were all for Ahmadinejad (Highly unlikely) and you subtracted them all he still would have won by a landslide of 8 Million votes lol.

    Not to mention every prepoll election survey resulted in Ahmadinejad winning and Mousavi claimed victory before results were even in lol

    You obviously don't know how violent protesters are, especially when their all in their 20s. When you get that many people together of course there's going to be some jackass setting something on fire, it happens ALL THE TIME especially in that states. I'm also going to let u know that there have been cases of even police pretending to be protesters provoking violence... its not like it can't happen in Iran. So its not like the protesters are all marching peacefully, sure some are, but there are others who ruin it for everyone.
  27. Even more bullshit.

    Actually most pre-polling was pro-Mousavi. 3 million is what the government released and from only looking into 10% of the votes. At least read the news.

    Mousavi expected to win because of the high turnout. Whenever there is a high turnout it means that people who wouldn't have otherwise voted decided to vote this time around. These people are usually against the regime. When they do decide to come out (as was the case with Khatami) it was to vote for a reformist. I was in Tehran days before the elections and there was a lot of buzz about Mousavi and even Karoubi. Let's take Karoubi as an example, look at the number of votes he received from his own hometown, it's ridiculous. Last time Ahmadinejad had less than a tenth of Karroubi's supporters. Karroubi had bearly 400,000 people campaigning for him and he managed to get less than 300,000 votes. The rigging was so bad that even Rezaei complained. There are tons of scholarly articles you can look into.

    If you knew anything about Iranian politics and weren't just a conspiracy nut you'd know this is how it went down. . . People came out in large numbers to support Mousavi. The government hadn't expected such a large turnout. People were aware of Yazdi and his puppet's plans for Iran. They voted in very large numbers, more than the idiots ahmadinejad managed to bribe. They put Karoubi's numbers so low because he decided to support Soroush. There is even video evidence (Iranian state television) of Rezaei's numbers going dumb. There's some very convincing footage of filling ballots. Mousavi's HQ was raided immediately after the elections. Facebook was banned only a while before. This was all staged and rigged. MOST PEOPLE IN IRAN KNOW THIS.
  28. We are getting side tracked. There is no point trying to argue with that nutjob and convince him that the election was clearly rigged. It does not matter how many facts, how much logic, and how much reason you use for people like him. He will believe whatever (utterly wrong, brainwashed, fucktarded) thing he wants to believe and try to spout out his jibberish to us.

    The best we can do is ignore him and focus on the matter at hand, which is the massacre. I too am very interested in why it has gotten so little press coverage. If it indeed was as brutal as I believe it to be, it has the potential to be a massive catalyst for the rest of the world to get off their asses and finally offer a bit more support.

    I understand that taking direct, overt action would be a mistake, as that would just allow everything, EVERYTHING, to be blamed on outside influence as some big ploy by the evil west to overthrow Islam. But that has already been said, Obama has already been accused of meddling.

    And speaking of Obama, *today* he has finally rescinded his 4th of july invitation, at least according to Fox, which yes I know is hardly unbiased, but whatcha gonna do? Up until today he had stuck to his limp-wristed neutrality and kept the door open for our little BBQ, sticking to his 'convictions' until coincidentally the day after a brutal massacre and media blackout.

    However, I also understand that we kind of lack incontrovertible proof that the massacre occurred (though I believe it did). But the fact that Obama chooses this moment to rescind the invitation makes me think perhaps it did occur and he was aware. Of course, it could also be political pressure here.

    All this speculation is what makes me want to find out for sure that what I think happened really did happen. I can still see the... motive... for having it staged, as it could be a tremendous moment. However, I feel that in the end, staging something like that would be something so monstrous that public opinion of the stage-rs would plummet. It also does not seem to be in the same spirit of the protesters. They have not needed to make anything up to get support thus far, why start now? Why exaggerate now? Some might say that everything is losing steam, that people are going back to their lives, which may be true, but I believe it to be the calm before the storm.

    It feels like things have gone too far to go back to normal now.

    Great googly moogly that was long-winded. Whatever. Important thing is that people focus on what is important, enough of this other "The US is evil look what they did to Iraq!" bullshit. This isnt about the US. The Iranian people are out there suffering, dying, fighting, and protesting for their cause, and all some people can do is try to confuse the issue.

    So looping back to my previous question, is there any way we can get more information about what happened?

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