Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    "I'm sorry, but I don't really understand what's new about this. Hasn't
    the Nation of Islam-Scientology connection been known for a long time?"

    Uhh, no. A few touches here and there is not the same as commanding 50,000 of his followers to do dianetics.
  2. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Bullet points

    * SCientology leader DAvid Miscavige is a nasty racist, and particularly offensive to former Scientologist and African American Jesse Prince, calling him a "dumb nigger".

    * Miscavige peddles nonsense invented by an anti-African ethnicity racist psychopath, L Ron Hubbard.

    * Farrakhan, the leader of an anti-European ethnicity cult, has JUST NOW threatened all his stooges that they will be dismissed from office if they do not pay to get on the slippery slope of taking Hubbard's self-delusion course.

    * How the fuck is this going to develop, Mr or Miss Journalist?

    * Do you have your own ideas or would you like some hints? Try interviewing someone - ex-scientologists, current scientologists, ex-nation of islam, current nation of islam. You know the deal - journalism.

    * Holy shit.
  3. BelgaWraith Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    It's the chicks in the white robes in the first row that got this demagogue all L Ron Hubbard is something all beaten-down people need. He wants to get into their PC folders….


    Those were the Asians following the Profit ... here are the Whites (now not devils):

  4. Triumph Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    video title: Farrakhan Exposed: White Supremist Assimilationist or Black World Leader

    time to play who's that Scientologist!

    just the first 30 seconds of the video...the rest is for Mature audiences only
  5. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    another bullet point for the media: Al Sharpton, who recently spoke (or organized?) the counter-demonstration to Glenn Beck's event has also gotten involved in Scientology.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    nothing like binary thinking.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Can we do a roll call of media sources we have contacted already? I have e-mailed and As for the latter, I don't know that the latter e-mail actually works. You can submit tips through their "Submitterator", which I didn't do. I sent an e-mail to them instead.
  8. Rockyj Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Any Scientology links to the Republican Party & Tea Baggers who are being brainwashed /duped by Corporate Propaganda!
    Tea Baggers = Low Information Voters = Brainwash (easily duped) = Racism = Ignorant Sheeples = Anti-Islam = Anti-Jews = Anti-Homosexuals = Anti-Abortion = Anti-Immigration = Anti-Government (but only when needed) = Anti-Government Regulation (Mortgages, Eggs & BP ring a bell?) = Anti-Unions = Anti-Drugs (Except Alcohol & Expensive Scotch) = Pro-WAR Machine = Pro-Corporate Power = Pro-Slave Labor (By Hiring Illegal Immigrates) = Pro-Sending USA Jobs Overseas = Pro-Guns (Only because Ignorant Sheeple’s Like Their Guns) = Pro-Tax Cuts for TOP 2% Wealthiest (BTW the ones that own the Big Corporations) = Pro-Authoritarian Society = Pro-Angelical Christianity (Only to Suck in Ignorant Sheeples) = Pro-Rapture & End of times (BTW I need a helmet) = Pro-FEAR = Pro-Self-Righteousness, Narcissist Egotistical Psychotic ASSHOLES who think they are GOD'S & WHO just want lots of Money = Glenn Beck = Sarah Palin = Rush Limbaugh = Sean Hannity = Billy O'Reily = David Miscavaige = Louis Farrakhan = L. Ron Hubbard = Hypocrites = NUT CASES = UFO’s = Cult Leaders = Republican Party = Corporate Power.

    So what does NOI & Co$ have in common with this?
    And what can they gain by uniting?

    JOURNALIST DO YOUR JOB! This is a story & though completely absurd its frightening!
  9. Triumph Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    facebook search

    the last quote is Tory;s video.

  10. Anonymous Member

  11. Rockyj Member

  12. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    That is some post.

    [insert witty retort about bigots come in all shapes and sizes.]
  13. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    ITT: Skep finally runs out of witty retorts.
  14. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    I hate glenn beck and shawn hannity as much as the next guy, probably more. Seeing as they are arsonists. But I also know they are dangerous people who know exactly what they are doing, regardless of how much I disagree with them.

    I'm more ashamed of the simplistic ideologues who think demonizing their opposition does anything besides paint them as a bigot.

    Hey, there is like a shitload of analogies we can draw from this about chanology. My feeling is that it will be lost on the sheeple.

    See what I did there?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Those Kama Sutra bitches are fine! They don't keep the black man down in the gutter. They bring the black man up – up into present time – where the black man and the red man worship together, taking the same Dianetics auditing.

    Can I get a hallelujah?!

    In tribute to L Ron Hubbard: your momma didn't raise no fool!
  16. mnql1 Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan


    The Aug. 29, 2010 sermon was delivered by Student Minister Nuri Mohammad, who said that Louis Farrakhan telephoned him at 2:15 P.M. on Aug. 27 to ask him to give the second "Put on the new man" sermon on Farrakhan's behalf, with content that was dictated over the phone. (The first "Put on the new man" sermon was delivered by Louis Farrakhan on Aug. 22.) The sermon lasted about 75 minutes and a brief summary follows below. At present, the Aug. 29 sermon can be viewed by registered users in the archive at The Official Website for The Nation of Islam.

    Nuri Mohammad emphasized that the words and writings of Louis Farrakhan are to be considered equal in value to the surahs of the Qur'an and the verses of the Bible. "And he's a divine guide, meaning that he knows what he needs to give us mentally to make us what we are to become."

    Nuri Mohammad pointed out that the King James version of the Bible is unreliable because King James was a slave master, a homosexual, had intercourse with his own mother, and was responsible for slavery. The Bible must be reinterpreted because it has been tampered with.

    The slogan "Put on the new man" comes from two Bible verses:
    Ephesians 4:24 "Put on the new man, which after God is created in righteousness and true holiness."
    Colossians 3:10 "Put on the new man which is renewed in knowledge after the image of Him that created him."

    On Aug. 27 at 2:51 P.M.: "The Honorable Louis Farrakhan said, 'What then is the Good News or the Gospel?' He said, 'The Good News, or the Gospel, is we no longer have to walk around with a self-destructive mind. We can exchange it for a new mind.' 'Exchange' means 'to trade it in'. Is that right? Get rid of one and get something new in the place of that one. But Jesus is coming to offer a new mind free from aberration, first to a specific people, then to the entire world of Man."

    Having a new mind will enable people "to become the vessels, the vehicle, the tools in the hand of God by which He can put His mind, or His energy, or His spirit, or His power in us that He can use this body, this brain to move matter, energy, space, and time to make a whole new universe."

    The mind has been altered from its original state: "Some way, somebody has readjusted the natural frequency that God established the mind on from the beginning and adjusted the frequency by means that it can be controlled by a source outside of God, and now being manipulated by Satan himself."

    The problem began after creation when Adam rebelled: "Once he rebelled, then he began to short-circuit the power of this native mind, this original mind, or what the Scripture calls the spiritual mind, that God had given this man."

    As a result the spiritual mind (whose fruits are love, joy, peace, long-suffering goodness, faith, meekness, gentleness, and temperance) was put to sleep and the carnal mind (whose fruits are envy, strife, and division) took over: "We are under the number 6. And we've been taught and educated, raised and reared in a world that's not ruled by human beings, but is ruled by beasts in human form."

    Numerology is apparently a core belief of the Nation of Islam, as Nuri Mohammad gave many examples to prove that the number 6 continually appears in the modern world: "If you want to know what's going on, you turn on the 6 o'clock news. You turn to ABC. A is the first letter, B is the second, C is the third: 1 + 2 + 3 = 6. Or you turn to CBS. C is the third letter, B is the second letter, S is the 19th letter: add it up, it becomes 24, 2 + 4 is what? Or if you're crazy enough to turn on this crazy no good racist station, FOX! F is the sixth letter, R is the fifteenth letter: 1 + 5 is 6! X is the twenty-forth letter and 2 + 4 is what? So in FOX is 6, 6, 6."

    Even the Pope is represented by 6 and "the real Pope is the Honorable Louis Farrakhan" who will "get us into the mind of Christ."

    To illustrate what an ideal society would look like, Nuri Mohammad describes the selfless behavior of an ant in an ant colony. The ant shares everything and it can lift enormous weights "because its mind does not register impossibility". Cultivating righteousness will bring about the new mind, which is the mind of God, and "whenever we all have the mind of God, we're going to make the ant look like nothing."

    After the sermon, Nuri Mohammad invited members of the audience to come forward and let him welcome them to the study program, "this beautiful process of becoming that original woman and original man that we once were before we had this carnal mind fed and lost our natural mind."
  17. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    At least you don't discriminate against sheeple based on the colour of their wool.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    I found this by searching for "Scientology" on the NOI website. Pretty upfront about the connection here. The original web page has a photo of one of the UFO's and a very convincing one, too. It looks nothing at all like a patch of cloud caught in sunlight.

    The Time of Our Delivery By Our Saviour Allah
  19. Triumph Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    its a continuation of this article found on this thread on WWP ufo-sighted-ft-harrison

    another piece of the puzzle.. Mother Tynnetta was part of a contingent from the NOI
    I am sure we will see more of this.

    i guess if you want answers on UFOs.. you go to an expert..a religion founded by a Science Fiction writer

    since Marshall Applewhite isn't in the phone book anymore.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Triumph, just fyi, you said that on the wiki page, but dates don't seen to match?
  21. Triumph Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    I'll amend it

    (note this article refers 2 visits the first visit was at the Clear African Americans Convention - Jul 18th-19th 2010 Ebony Awakenings in which Western Regional Minister Tony Muhammad and Dr. Abdul Alim Muhammad, the Nation's Minister of Health,were featured speakers along with Baptist Rev Alfreedie Johnson also a Scientologist) (the second visit was Aug 10-11th the bulk of the article is about this second visit.)
  22. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Well, I like the video of the drill done by the team of waiters.
  23. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    The windmills of Scientologists minds.

    Nation of Islam - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    "Now as I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel on the earth beside the living creatures, one for each of the four of them. As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction: their appearance was like the gleaming of beryl. And the four had the same likeness, their appearance and construction being as it were a wheel within a wheel. When they went, they went in any of their four directions without turning as they went. And their rims were tall and awesome, and the rims of all four were full of eyes all around."
    —Book of Ezekiel Chapter 1:15-18, Bible, English Standard Version

    Louis Farrakhan, commenting on his teacher's description said the following:

    "The Honorable Elijah Muhammad told us of a giant Mother Plane that is made like the universe, spheres within spheres. White people call them unidentified flying objects (UFOs). Ezekiel, in the Old Testament, saw a wheel that looked like a cloud by day but a pillar of fire by night. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that that wheel was built on the island of Nippon, which is now called Japan,

    YouTube - Dusty in Memphis - The Windmills of Your Mind(audio only)
  24. Anonxmous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    OMG - LOOK - It's all true - The mother plane is real

    circular cloud - Google Search

    (or maybe it's a common natural phenomenon)
  25. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    if the Mother Plane amuses you, by all means, Google "Dr. Yakub".
  26. subgenius Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    The assumption is wrong. You could ask them to ask 100 people to see if they know about it.
    And I believe that the ordering of his sheeple to take the courses or GTFO is a new development.
    Like cops and real crime many in the media don't know a Pulitzer story when it hits them in the face.
  27. Triumph Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    I posted this on Radio Paul's flash raid video thread

    8-24-2010 video
    just a heads up for future protest. the Lapel pin the guy was wearing. is about the same size as a NOI or FOI pin, (Fruit of Islam. NoI security) keep an eye out for those. also cuff links looks the same as the pin, with the NoI crescent on them. they will say "in the name of Allah" surrounding a red flag white star & crescent its hard to make out in the video.but thats what it looks like. they wear them on the left lapel of their jackets.

    180.2 sparrow assaulted video
    the guy accompanying shootyfinger-cameragrabber is wearing a what looks very much like a NoI Silver Allah Pendant :36-:38 seconds

    these things are commonly worn. as well as other NoI jewelry,watches,rings etc.

    I'll see if I can find some images for reference



    a few NoI spotting in sparrows videos @4:36 woman in the red outfit that fits the NoI dress code +color (red) for women. talking to a man in a suit.
    YouTube - anonsparrow1's Channel

    theres 2 guys in the suits..I saw nothing that clearly indicates they are NoI..but they fit the profile..NoI members tend to go all out ..for events.FoI always is in suits..and they don't necessarily wear bow-ties. NoI (Laborers Messengers and Students) they can wear street an event like this . street clothes do tend to be on the dressy side. for shindigs, but not always... get a good look at the jewelry they wear..
    the NoI stuff its very prevalent.

    link for all your NoI jewelry and chachka

    and don't assume they are NoI unless you notice something like the jewelry/pins or they tell you they are.
  28. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Since she was locked up from when he was 2 years old until she was executed when he was 21, that would have been quite a trick.

    (Yeah, I'm quibbling over historical improbabilities in statements by a flaked-out racist UFO cult.)
  29. RightOn Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Wonder what NOI will think of the movie "The Matser"? if it ever comes out
  30. Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Which is worse? Being in NOI or being a Scientologist?
  31. subgenius Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    NoI taking CoS courses.
    (Doubt any scilons doing any NoI activities)
  32. Triumph Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Being in NOI if you are Caucasian.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    150 NEW students on course is WAY too many.
    Word has to get out to the black communities more.

    Perhaps there might be some members of the black community and elsewhere who have always admired the power behind NOI, but never wanted to join them for religious reasons.

    Maybe some are thinking, if the powerful NOI are on course, then maybe it is something I should look into. Tinfoily yes, but honestly... I would have never figured that COS and NOI would ever hook up in the first place.

    I do know that this needs to be nipped in the budd before the cancer spreads. Whether or not the NOI continues on with COS or not.... that new 150 people made a shit load of new money for COS and I would imagine Farrakhan too.
  35. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    While they might think that they're only doing Dianetics, I bet that a number of Scientology courses, starting with the Comm course and TRs, just got instant makeovers into "secular self-help courses". (As they do with Narconon, etc.)
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    I'm not so sure of that. It def needs more coverage and exposure - but the longer it goes on, the better the chances of some almighty lulzfest when it explodes (and I can't see how it could not - eventually).

    LRH v Elijah - bring it.
  37. RightOn Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    Should be now called the" tweak as we go" courses
    Not to mention, that Farrakhan will prolly be tweaking a lot more of NOI's beliefs from here on out. Condsidering if you don't go on course, "you'll be asked to sit down" new rule. Which is fucking major.
  38. RightOn Member

    Re: Marty Recommends Louis Farrakhan

    It can be a lulzfest,
    but the longer this continues to happen and the further COS spreads, the more COS will rake in more dough day by day and the more people get brainwashed.
    Think of all the children that will end up involved in COS too.

    It can also mean a lot more Sea Org members and staff down the line. The NOI are very dedicated and would prolly think that joining the the Sea Org or staff would be serving Allah in some way. Tinfoily of course, but who knows how this will be tweaked?
    I can see some NOI members getting on COS staff. I think Farrakhan wouldn't mind some people more on the inside?
    Of course once this happens, the shit may really hit the fan once they find out the inner workings of COS?

    OR it can also work out that Farrakhan likes what DM is doing and decides he would like it all for his own. (or whomever is taking his place)
    again tinfoily... but at this early stage in the game, nothing would surprise me any more.
    Hey Scientology! careful what you ask for!

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