Marty Rathbun and the Debbie Cook email

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by timthephoto, Jan 3, 2012.

  1. timthephoto Member

    we should be making plans on how to achieve this. i'll poon marty and suggest that it might be a good time to step up the "indi success stories", find that other forum, formerly geir issenes that doesn't allow high level materials... mission on
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  2. Demented LRH Member

    Marty knows that the Tech is a piece of shit because he had access to Hubbard medical records showing that he spent time in a mental institution after World War II (L. Ron Hubbard Junior said in one of his interviews that his father was a mental patient). But Marty wants to make $$$ by auditng the Indies, so he keeps this info to himself.
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  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Sounds like he's trying to dead agent her.
  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

    Edit: her friends list didn't show before, nor does it now. Marty is insane.
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Marty is insane but he may be right. Have you ever lost your password to your facebook or signed on from a new computer and location? The security questions they ask you are "here is a page of 10 pictures, five of them are your friends and five are strangers - check which ones are your friends" and "here is a list of 10 names, 5 of them have your number in their phone - which five would that be?" or your security questions, which are generally where you met your spouse, the first address you had growing up, a favorite book or teacher or movie.

    Also explains why she friended Terrill, lol.
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  10. Anonymous Member

    Marty is a dumb fuck who still has no idea how the Internetz work... plus he's a bald-faced liar.

    Hey, Marty! You're not Inspector General for Ethics anymore. Come to present fucking time.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    If OSA figured out her password and took over her FB page, she could send out 12,000 emails saying so. Also, she is un-friending people, but moonbat Marty is not correct as to why that is.
  12. incog712 Member

    So now Mahtty's referring to corporate scientologists as "Kool Aid Drinkers" as if somehow his own band of fools are sitting somewhere above that level. And yet he notes the importance of readying his little club of fail to be prepared to usher some imagined "fallout" onslaught of these "Kool Aid drinkers" into his own fold.

    Yes, he's fucking nuts alright.
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  13. Quentinanon Member

    A few here seem hasty to judge Marty's response to Cook's email. I suggest you kick back and watch for a while. Savour the developing shitstorm.
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  14. Smurf Member

    His adoring, butt-kissing fan club will follow his every word. A whole lot of ex-Scilons won't. Marty's blowing hot air to massage his ego. He's already thrown Debbie under the bus. Now, he's acting like he cares about her.
  15. Anonymous Member

    There you go again! Dox, PLEASE!
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Demented LRH doesn't know the meaning of dox.. the great story teller is just that.
  17. xenubarb Member

    Savouring....mmmm it is delicious.

    It kind of tastes like the GOP clown car candidates...allies and insiders gnawing on each other. Does this please Xenubarb?

    You have no idea. Dad would've loved this.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I think he jelly.
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  19. James Spader Member

    I think he has his own Situation Room on WWP where people can go to talk about him.
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  20. Cudgel Member

    Just posted this on Rathbun's blog:
    As expected Marty didn't approve my post. How can anyone even think of following him? He leaves a trial of shit behind whenever he moves.

    Marty: you're a lying, self-centered sack of shit.

    [wipes hands on shirt to get filth off from having touched his blog; thinks of burning shirt]
  21. James Spader Member

    If there is a desire to split off a separate Marty/Debbie thread let me know.
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  22. BlackRob Member

    I agree, there should be a seperate marty/debbie thread imho

    That would be... Aaaahh... Excellent!
  23. James Spader Member

    New thread. Please report any posts from the original that you think belong here and, as always, if you have a suggestion for a better title let us know.
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  24. Tin_Foil Member

    I tend to believe it, and I consider Marty a known liar and selfish person. Nothing against Smurf, but it is not likely that someone still emotionally wrapped up in da TECH will be associating with a well-known SP. He's the only known doxed SP here (in which we all know his true identity) that claims she accepted a friend request. She started accepting friend requests then suddenly unfriends them in a matter of hours? I know that she's cultie-crazy but logically Marty's statement makes better sense. It would make sense that OSAOSAOSA would start to accept all the SP friend requests to scare off anyone still looking at her page, and to discredit her.

    No wonder why Herro was laughing at all of us and claiming we were dim.
  25. lostatsea Member

    She may have just decided for herself it wasn't the best idea for her (to accept friend requests, left, right, and center), who knows? She could be riding quite the roller coaster, or she could be attempting to get on the same track that is the intention of her email, which is to open up the eyes of Scilons who are still in (and they're less likely to listen to her with all the Dreaded SP's (!!!) on her list).

    She and I have at least 2 mutual friends who she friended today and has not de-friended (yet). They are not the most outspoken anti-Scis (in a doxed way, anyway), but they are certainly not practicing Scientologists. I'm going to wait and see on this one. Chanting "OSA" can wait for a bit.
  26. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, if I were her, I'd certainly shut down my Comments for a while. Facebook can be hectic under regular conditions, let alone extraordinary.
  27. Ackerland Member

    There's a good possibility OSA got into her FB account by using the security questions, especially given that by now OSA is probably all over her case file and can answer questions like "what's the name of your uncle". I also agree with Marty's conclusion that it would be illogical for her to start adding declared SPs as friends for the first week or so, and I have already said this before Marty did, this will only give ammunition to OSA in the form of: "See, she's connected to SPs, we've been telling you all along!". For my taste, she has received too much exposure in the media too early, the whole media frenzy should have waited a couple of days until the message had time to spread and sink in with the die-hard Scientologists before giving them a better reason than OSAs instructions to ignore the E-Mail.

    A second possibility separate from OSA taking over her account is that she is shocked to see that this went so far so quickly and wants to undo some of that "damage".
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  28. Sponge Member

    Then maybe she's just readjusted her strategy. You might do that if you wanted to attract some key people who maybe sitting on the fence.
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  29. Tourniquet Member

    Let's not overestimate the current OSA - who, if their best capers against Marty are car chases and Squibs, are the most pathetic lot ever.
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  30. Demented LRH Member

    L. Ron Hubbard Junior's interview is all over the Internet -- this is my dox
  31. Demented LRH Member

    My FB page was hacked once after I sent email criticising Scientology to a CoS member. I had a crush on her long time ago, but now she is married to another former Sea Org member. When I was in Sea Org, I tried to kick his ass, but he run away. He was an RTC member at that time I guess, he asked someone within CoS to retaliate against me.
    According to the media reports, FB is easy to hack.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Nibs says a lot of things in that interview that are hard to take seriously (and he had no dox). His statements are good evidence that you wouldn't want to have Hubbard for a father but not so much else.
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  33. How do you know Marty "had access to Hubbard medical records showing that he spent time in a mental institution after World War II"?
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  34. timthephoto Member

    how come *I* am shown as OP for this? and with title like that as well

    OP was just a post in the debbie cook thread when i made it, but since it's now *my* OP.. my thoughts:

    that there's a natural fade-off built into scientology and the indis/FZ don't run gulags or do all that blackmail/pressure BS to keep ppl onlines. so indi = good enuff for me if it chokes daveys church of moneyz

    i think they have found a way to run scn as a cottage industry with smiles all round - like a casino that lets you leave with your winnings... it would be *most excellent* if corporate-kool-aid-drinkers are lurking the net, could find posted: enough info from their old friends who are doing much better w/o DM. just saying

    i PM'd claire , and suggested a place on her forum, which is full of "high level" stuff nao so i don't know if thats the best place after all,

    needs to exist a Trustworthy digital cork board for the no-DM-clams to post their personal propaganda.
    run by clams (indi/FZ/whatever)
    written in clam
    and moderated to fuck to make sure a lurking public wouldn't end up cannot-unread-trolled.

    who would be trusted by the clams? of those would any step up to be "owner"?
  35. Ackerland Member

    A moderator moved all posts related to marty rahtbun from the other thread to this new one.
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  36. xenubarb Member

    The stupid thing about listening to Herro is his short term shortsightedness.

    This thing is huge. It has a lot of potential. But if you expected everything to implode overnight, join Herro over there. Give it a year and we'll see who's laughing.
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  37. Anonymous Member


    Then why would "they" hide the "new" friend list?
  38. Robocat Member

    Her friend list was hidden before, so speculation about her friend list is driven by the fact that some people were bumped off her list, and her wall was sanitized and comments disabled. Now she has some peace & quiet.
  39. Anonymous Member

    Again: How would Martyr know if/since "OSA" hide the "new" friend list?
  40. James Spader Member

    Just bad timing.
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