Marty: Open Letter to Residents of Ingleside on the Bay Texas

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Zhongjianren, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. damn you are one hell of a bitter person. How come ?

  2. BLiP Member

    The M²&M² Show official line on this is that they can't, in all honesty, swear out a statement to the police that they are frightened of OSA - the "The Big Brave Macho Man" excuse. Its a nonsense, of course. One doesn't have to be scared of someone to file a restraining order, there are plenty of other good reasons to do so in this situation. I agree with the other comment here that the current situation suits whatever plans the Indie Dependents' "Brain Trust" has in mind. It also allows them to play the victim card which, as well all know, is SoP for Scilons.
  3. RightOn Member

    aren't the neighbors going to think " why doesn't this guy just press charges? enough already"
    rather than pity them?
    I mean if you took a poll, wouldn't most people viewing his vids say press charges?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    I guess "bitter" must be the new term for someone who doubts the word of Marty?
  5. subgenius Member

    if i was a neighbor i'd call the cops every time i saw those asshats
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  6. Triumph Member

    Is it too much to put yourself in his Neighbor's WOG shoes...

    people get caught up in their blinding arrogance...and refuse to accept their actions effect others...

    its clear that the Squirrel busters don't give a flying fuck ..
    fuck everyone else in their path...

    those fucktards don't live there and are there for one purpose....and it isn't for community development

    well Marty does live there....and the concern for how it effects his neighbors should be second after his personal safety...

    Its a pissing match....and both Marty and the Cult are at fault..but hey its the TECH baby...

    at the end of the day ...his neighbors don't give a flying fuck about his beef..with the cult...

    its like a cat playing with the same dead mouse months after its been dead...whats the point
  7. RightOn Member

    I like my neighbors, but if they had a three ring circus parading around the neighborhood with cameras every day,
    I would ask them why don't you press charges, and if they didn't press charges, I would be upset that they would let it continue for any reason.
    I think most people in most neighborhoods would agree?
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  8. Well being a neighbour I would rather be found dead than to turn on a harashed fellow neighbour

  9. Both him and his wife do call the cops. But not all the time. And calling the police everytime cuts into the allready strained american police apparatus.

  10. subgenius Member

    how would calling the cops on his stalkers be turning on him?
  11. subgenius Member

    we're talking ingleside on the bay
    not the entire american police apparatus
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  12. The man responsible for all of it was L. Ron Hubbard whose self-serving, brutally abusive policies created all of the misery his unfortunate members, ex-members, their friends and families have been put through for decades.

    It's impossibe to KSW because this lieing, scamming fraud's exact "Science" of mental health turned "Religion" for protection from criminal prosecution and tax exemptions simply does not work.

    Hubbard's Scientology controls and depletes members of their assets and their freedom, it sucks for their neighbors also.
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  13. That is not what I ment. I ment blamning my neighbour for being harashed by a cult and asking/demanding him to leave because of that.
  14. Okay that one there than.
  15. Triumph Member

    instead of spinning around on the Hubbard Hamster Wheel ...pretending to have answers...
    piddling around... instead of doing the blindingly obvious...

    pick up the phone and call the cops... insist on filing charges..

    it would solve some of his least take some of it away from his neighborhood.

    The Cult would still look for ways to fuck with him and his...but at least the tomfoolery outside his neighbors doors might end...

    Marty loves attention and notoriety

    and HE certainly IS turning his back on a Neighbors..not calling the cops night after night after night.. AND FILING CHARGES ...Hes a Shitty Neighbor....

    Marty has the ability to do something about the disruption outside his door.....

    yank the fucking welcome the cops..file a complaint and follow through...

    Instead of a Jerk who could care less about doing a civic duty to keep the peace and help protect the rights of his Neighbors.

    its called citizenship.

    play less of a fucking victim...and more of a good neighbor...

  16. subgenius Member

  17. subgenius Member

    you have no idea whether they're strained
    and in any event that happens to be their job
  18. Triumph Member

    the sadistic Cult is enjoying the hell out of the idea its putting a strain on the neighborhood...
    they will gladly play this out for months on end.....

    drop the bullshit....use some common sense...
    take the necessary steps...consult an attorney..file charges...

    the cult has given out more than enough rope.....its that fucking easy...

    The Last thing Marty Needs to have this charade continue on his doorstep...

    if nothing but to act out of concern for the peace of his neighborhood.

    all this piddling around... is stupid..and self defeating
  19. xenubarb Member

    I wonder if "Squirrel Buster Productions" is an actual legal entity. If so, he could get a restraining order against the entity and all representatives, employees and agents.

    If not, the cult can keep sending in random scilons "representing" SBP until the cows come home. Then again, if SBP is a non-entity designed solely to harass the MRs, that might be a whole nother ball of goo.
  20. RightOn Member

    too bad the COS doesn't understand this
  21. RightOn Member

    thats pretty over the top dramatic. lol sorry
    Why would calling authorities or asking them to call athoritites be turning on them? When clearly that would help them.
    I would rather have peace and quiet in da hood too. IMO
    I wouldn't want to have people over for a birthday party or whatever and have them see that circus and have them think they may be photographed.
    What would I say? "oh that guy used to be in a cult, so the cult is filming and harrassing him now"
    No, that wouldn't be too freaky. I am sure friends and relatives would be disturbed by that. IMO
    I think their reaction would be.... call the cops and press charges.
    Marty can call the cops all he wants, but if he isn't going to press charges, what's the sense?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Keeping their stories straight is a common problem for sociopaths.
  23. LocalSP Member

    Don't know if this has been posted before but here is a FB page for SBP.
  24. pooks Member

    Blip, whether you care or not, I am someone who has grown to like and respect you. I think you have a truly fabulous insight into the cult and I enjoy your perspective on all things Scn. But I got to tell you babe,
    that you are being tinfoilly went it comes to this kind of perspective re: Marty still being part of the OSA insanity machine.

    From someone who has "been there and done that" I can truly tell you that your idea that Marty still might be part of the DM/OSA machine makes zero sense.

    It doesn't work. It's not how they think.
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  25. He needs to go door to door like any old sex offender and confess his crimes.
  26. Anonymous Member

    i believe BLiP is on to something. the Marty fiasco has never felt right.
  27. Diablo Member

    Marty, quit being a fucking pussy and go slash all of the tires in front of their house and their neighbors when the cameras are NOT rolling.

    Eventually the neighbors will realize these assholes are the cause of this and force them out.

  28. pooks Member

    I could be wrong but all I see from a post like this is tin foil. Lots and lots of tin foil.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    If I had the retardmobile known as the squirrel busters truck show up at my neighbors house at all hours of the night with fat people inside wearing head cameras - if it were keeping me awake I'd probably slash the fucking tyres so they would have to get a taxi all the way back to California.

    And you better believe there'd be nothing left of that truck when they returned.
  30. Anonymous Member

    Good plan!
  31. That makes the timing of the Reitman book so lulzy. Give it a few months and both the MR2 are no longer going to have the advantages that anomynity provides.

    They won't be big stars or anything, but someone somewhere, on village boards, city councils and neighborhood councils is going to have read that book and be able to tell others just WHO THEY ARE, Lisa McPherson and all.
  32. My wife thinks i'm apathetic at times............. like i give a shit.........
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  33. The undeniable fact that Marty, at the very least, colluded in exactly the kind of behaviour now used against him (and probably did much worse), does not diminish my feeling of pure disgust at the scientology criminal organisation conducting this op on Rathbun - simply because it is an organised attempt to overwhelm a person, a family, (as per SOP for anyone who opposes them in any way).

    If the DA in Sparrow's case can be persuaded to bring criminal charges on such dubious (read: non-existent) evidence, I fail to see why the Texas authorities have not acted already - even if Rathbun did not call the cops on every occasion possible...

    ...and even if he is now reaping what he has sown in the past.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    How about no one slash anyone's tires?

    inb4 "WWP does not promote or condone..."
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  35. pooks Member

    I completely agree. Marty has all this plus more coming to him and in spades. Really and truly, I think the muthafucka has it coming to him in spades because this is the type of evil shit he perpetrated on critics. But to think that Marty is involved in some kind of convoluted OSA op and is doing this to somehow to expand Scn and get dirt on people leaving this cult is just plain retarded.
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  36. Anonymous Member

    i agree with you. thing is it just doesn't feel right and i am left wondering where marty truly stands.
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  37. LocalSP Member

    Maybe we should send an open letter to Marty's neighbors explaining what's going on. :)
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  38. Triumph Member

    imagine living in that neighborhood....and having to explain to your children..why these strange people are hanging around at all hours...
    and worry about an increased level of security when your children play outside...because of the presence night and day..

    certainly you wouldn't want these strangers..communicating with your children. the fact that they are there to harass someone is cause enough for that.

    still they may be exposed to harsh of foul language...and open hostility

    it creepy enough for their delusional reason for being there.

    give the kids ...don't talk to strangers speech...stay on the opposite side of the if approached...get too close kick them in the balls...and scream for help..

    I don't care how polite .. or chit chatty they try to be.....they are creepy assholes...and a nuisance

    politeness towards them would be out of the question...

    they could go away tomarrow junior but the lazy asshole nice man slightly insane gentleman weird guy who they are here to harass Is too chicken shit afraid to call the cops.nice and helpful police men .and press charges..and ask them to go away permanently
    Oh! stay far away from Him too!

    ten years from now they will all crash your childs graduation..handing out way to happiness pamphlets...looking for sea org recruits...because of some photos they took inadvertently of your teenager while lurking in the bushes on date night.
  39. And how long have you known your neighbors? Marty hasn't exactly had his first born son at the house, or built a bond with the community. He's more like the trouble of the town that just moved in. I'm not sure I would tolerate it. I would be the one coming to his door and telling him he's got to handle (pun intended) the situation.
  40. Anonymous Member

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