Marty leaving Ingleside on the Bay (IOB) Texas

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Sorry wolfbane, wrong.

    Marty made claims hinting at potential racial hate crimes due to a veiled comment from a guy he talked to pointing at a Confederate flag on his bumper. He claimed a bunch of Deliverance-looking dudes surveilling him from a house across the street that has tinted windows. He also claimed the Deliverance-looking dudes surveilling him from a boat.

    Marty has showed a house with tinted windows. He showed a cropped photo of a Confederate flag.

    Marty has not shown any pics of the PI-connected neighbor. He has not shown any Deliverance dudes at the house or in a boat.

    Marty documented the Squirrel Busters 1-2 year siege against him and posted it up for all to see. Now, after 1-2 months of a threat that is so bad he has to move, he has posted zero pics or videos of them??

    There have been NO independent witnesses to these supposed rednecks. There are no DOX.

    And now Marty posts pics of a secluded, bigger, nicer-looking spread up by Ray Jeffries. This place is way more expensive looking than what he was paying for his old house.

    Marty is not being honest. He's playing his audience for some reason instead of telling the truth. It just smells.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Revelatory thread and posts.
  3. wolfbane Member

    Both of the above remarks, by themselves, I do agree with.

    The redneck veiled threat thing - meh... who knows. A whole lot of fuss with little to show is how that one singular incident strikes me.

    But the long-term surveillance and the extended Squibs siege has been verified on several fronts imo. That alone is enough for me to say Marty is getting fair gamed, and yes he is using it to his advantage via hype. He's also baiting OSA into fair gaming him. But if he can eventually use what they are doing to him, to file a complaint/charges of some sort - good on him.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Doesn't anyone remember McPherson if Marty & Mike get toyed with who cares Lisa wasn't the first or last victim. These guys just can't say oh-I-quit and walk away they need to be held accountable either in the street or the court either way is good.
  5. Anonymous Member

    It's Texas. Probably not that much. It's a ranch. Space is cheap over there.
  6. Anonymous Member

    A self-described free speech advocate who only defends speech he agrees with is nothing more than a bigot.
  7. YouSeeNothing Member

    You seem to be under the impression that I give a shit about him or your evil fucking cult. Whether he's helping bring down the cult or just building his bank roll he's still the scum of the earth and doesn't get a pass for the shit he's done. The little smiley at the end of my post was intended to to convey my sarcastic sense of humor, but you seem to be vewy, vewy butthurt. Good. I stand by my statement that he's leaving for other reasons until proven otherwise. Fuck you. Fuck Marty and fuck your shitty dying cult. And have a Merry Christmas!
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  8. anon4eva Member

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  9. $250,000 or so but a lot would depend on how much land etc., prices in the midwest are generally much cheaper than closer to the coasts.
  10. Sonmi-451 Member

    The savage sat'fies his needs now. He's hungry, he'll eat, He's angry, he'll knuckly. He's swellin', he'll shoot up a woman. His master is his will, an' if his will say-soes "Kill" he'll kill. Like fangy animals.

    Now the Civ'lized got the same needs too, but he sees further. He'll eat half his food now, yay, but plant half so he won't go hungry 'morrow. He's angry, he'll stop'n' think why so he won't get angry next time. He's swellin', well, he's got sisses an' daughters what need respectin' so he'll respect his bros' sisses an' daughters. His will is his slave, an' if his will say-soes, "Don't!" he won't, nay.
  11. Gottabrain Member

    Go on, keep regurgitating your spew on the forums while your buttcheeks spread while we activists do the real work and you whinge about how we need to do more because we're not personally defending everyone. Fuck off, retard.
  12. I would guess this is a 2-3 bedroom farm house with a guest room over the garage:
  13. Woo Hah Member

    That wasn't me, but whinging about Marty in the Marty subforum amuses me.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    OK, so I just saw an excellent point being brought up over at ESMB.

    To paraphrase, Marty claims to have moved to escape harasssment and potential racial hate crimes. He moves into a house in the same city as attorney Ray Jeffery. He then openly posts pics of his house and the road leading to it as well as giving clues to the general area where he lives. And he does this knowing that it will be posted on sites where OSA gathers intelligence on him.

    /start of tinfoil:
    Sure sounds like a layin' a trap to me - Texas style. And sorry, sure is looking more and more like all those who were upset about Marty's plight have been getting used like toys to try to further his agenda. Once a scilon, always a scilon.
    /end of tinfoil
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  15. anonymous612 Member

    So when did we start giving a shit about where Marty Rathbun lives?

    Although I have to say, screw AMA's opinion. I would pay good money to have Rathbun move to the Clearwater area. We already have Rinder and I *demand* a matched little scifag salt and pepper shakers. Think of the endless amusement we could have, all without needing to refill our gas tank!

    More seriously, I think the obvious probability is LA. Lots of indies in California.

    amaX: I am telling you right now. If the highly unlikely happens and MR moves to CW, we're holding two monthly protests every month instead of one. Since we'll have two Churches of Scientology to deal with instead of one. It's only fair. Let's make this happen. Finally I shall have my revenge for SOMEONE forgetting to tell me about the protest that Rinder showed up at.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Marty trying to get away from OSA:

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  17. Anonymous Member

    Like he wants to be found? It's just too fucking weird.
  18. Anonymous Member

    I'll repeat my question, is is legal for Marty to shoot a trespasser in Texas?
  19. Anonymous Member

    Wut, you didn't like the last two answers you got?
  20. Anonymous Member

    Or.... Marty is disclosing his new location and posting pics for the reason set forth in the following comment:

    He may also be posting pictures to assure his prospective PCs and students that they will have some degree of privacy and security.

    Or it could all be an elaborate trap.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Ask Mike Laws.
  22. Anonymous Member

    who gives a fuck where he lives--peace bitch!
    Let Karma pay ya what she owes ya---pew pew pew(lazers)
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  23. Anonymous Member

    This might get amusing

    Heath | December 2, 2012 at 9:01 pm

    You are going to have guys hiding in the woods doing surveillance on you. DM is a criminal so he will find other criminals that are willing to trespass. If you are going to have a place in the country, you will need a security team to guard the perimeter. If you can’t afford one, a possible solution is to have lots of guard dogs. No one can escape a dog. They smell everything and they make lots of noise. Go to the pound and find big mean looking dogs that bark at you and bark loud. Find dogs that are tough to befriend. Adopt them in time they will know that you are friend and stop barking at you, but they will bark at anyone else. Build a fence around your property and let the dogs run free. Get at least 4 or five dogs. The dogs will have a pack leader and they will work as a pack against any trespassers.

    You would have been better of in a high rise apartment complex with a security guard controlling the front entrance, but if you are going to live in the woods, you will need a defense strategy or you are a sitting duck, also buy guns and let them know you have guns. Guns will scare them off. They will be on your property and you will be armed. Texas has a stand your ground law, so you might be able to shoot them and not be arrested. Do lots of target practice and let them hear the shots. They will stay away.
  24. Anonymous Member

    No. Even in Texas, you are not entitled to shoot someone simply because they walked into your yard.

    The Texas version of the stand your ground was enacted in Senate Bill 98, which can be found at:

    See generally:

    Generally, the Enrolled Bill Summary explains:
  25. YouSeeNothing Member

    Or, he can start a Scientology for dogs farm/cult/kennel/spa. Dogs love auditing.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for answering my question. For some reason, I was under the impression that it was legally ok to shoot trespassers in the state of Texas. Must be bad info from old Western movies.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Good point - Mike Laws has always wanted a "recovery center" where the mind fucked can scamper off to when escaping the cult. Who knows, the new properly may well have a bunk house already half full. Marty - if he's been reading Sunzi - will have been carefully preparing this new property for some time before the shift was announced. Capturing the mind fucked before they get proper help will provide a ready pool of willing slaves.
  28. Anonymous Member

    Even criminals in jail have basic human rights you silly goose. Except when you're a scientologist who swears by that code that says SPs or other enemies have no rights.

    Did "merging our pulse" with the Church of Scientology mean would become just like them except much worse? If so, who knew! :D We have to become just as evil as Scientologists in how we view other enemies of the church, in order to dismantle the official church in it's current form. /facepalm

    That is not what I got out of the Message to Scientology video.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Just curious- why the black pr so much?
  30. grebe Member

    If we can agree as a community on what it means to have free speech and who deserves protection from fair game, then it doesn't have to be you, specifically, running around and defending people. We can come up with a lot of different ways to implement our rules and values once we're all on the same page.

    I'm in favor of every child getting a good breakfast before school. But I'm not actually going to get up early and cook anything for the little dears.
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  31. Gottabrain Member

    Nice post, Grebe. Good thoughts.

    It's a loaded issue, though. An issue that, frankly, I'm not qualified to debate the pros and cons and different scenarios and feel that's best left to the more educated, younger generation.

    I try to stay with social problems where I know I am doing the right thing for those who deserve it and respectfully bow out of this area of the conversation.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Please ignore the black pr/troll posters itt. Kthxloveyoubye.
  33. rickybobby Member

    Ya, really. Marty is small potatoes compared to the money hungry scotch guzzling midget psychopath trying desperately to extort money from his dwindling herd so he can maintain his "big being" lifestyle.
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  34. grebe Member

    This one time, the ACLU stood up for Neo Nazis who wanted to hold a parade through a Jewish neighborhood, many of whom lost family in the Holocaust. Those Nazis are horrible people for doing this, in my opinion. But I'm glad the ACLU took their first amendment case.

    Because you never know. One day Scientology might catch on under some new brand name and I might want to speak out against it. To the Scientologists, my voice might seem as horrible as the Neo Nazi marchers seemed to the Jewish neighborhood. But now there's a powerful precedent to protect me, even if I am made to seem vile.
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  35. YouSeeNothing Member

    'cause I'm O-S-FUCKING-A!

    Your use of "black PR" insinuates that I am anti-Marty and pro-COS. It's really just a matter of me not liking the person that Marty is, the crimes he's committed and his promotion of LRH tech. There's no motivation for me to say the things that I do other than the fact that I don't like him and anything associated with LRH. I will give Battlefield Earth a pass as I enjoyed it as a kid. ;)
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  36. grebe Member

    I guess what I'm learning from this thread is, some people have PTSD due to Scientology /Rathbun /Rinder and so they can't really think strategically. They're just too upset.
  37. Anonymous Member

    Ohmy. Given the derail itt,I was just asking. Chill out.
    Or not.
  38. He will have to move again if the Dukes of Hazzard drive past.

    Im pretty sure I saw the confederate flag on the ol General Lee.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Pretty new member right?
  40. YouSeeNothing Member

    Oh I'm pretty chill. I'm so chill that I'm going to bed. In case you're new around these parts, my OSA statement was a joke. Accusing others of being OSA or claiming yourself to be OSA is funny and it helps people. ;) Nighty night.

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