Marty leaving Ingleside on the Bay (IOB) Texas

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    That's much too reasonable a post. Completely out of line.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    The "dox" we have are Marty and Mosey's testimony about some comments from one of the PIs that they felt were racist. A situation like that isn't going to come with third party verification.

    Of course it is possible that Marty is lying about the comments. But the alleged comments aren't much different from other examples of menacing behavior from the Scientologists toward him that we've seen on video tape.

    I have no interest in helping Marty specifically. But I am interested drawing public attention to Scientology's habit of Fair Game. In that regard I think this situation is useful.

    Perhaps to learn more about what's happening we could research the PIs who are living in that house near Rathbun. Anyone know their names?
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  3. Woo Hah Member

  4. Anonymous Member

    Are you saying that you would support Fair Game of people you don't like?
  5. How much do you have to pay on the U.S. real estate market to get such a house?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Bob Duggan is our resident OT-8 and Reed Slatkin's mentor. Maybe read his comment again with that in mind.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    If a rule against Fair Game doesn't protect douchebags from being a target of Fair Game, then it doesn't protect anyone.
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  8. Anonymous Member

    Objectives . . . just what we need.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Texas Penal Code 30.05:
  10. Anonymous Member

    I stand corrected - thank you.

    From here:
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  11. Anonymous Member

    In the pedal boat video Marty mentioned "Falcon Investigations," "Ralph S Gomez," and "David Lebow." Not sure of the spellings.

    I did a business search on Falcon Investigations and came up with 25 entries. Don't know which one is correct or if these are related companies or not.

  12. Anonymous Member

    <sigh> . . . do we know if they are even still there?
  13. Anonymous Member

    Scientology hire PIs for good time long time!
  14. Woo Hah Member

    ^ Actually, I tend to agree.

    But my point was I think that MARTY IS LYING about his reasons for moving.

    Lying liars lie.

    ZOMG, poor Marty can't handle a Confederate Flag bumper sticker in TEXAS?

    / tinfoil speculation on /
    So my best guess is Marty is omitting something important in his reason for leaving, he has instead come up with a shore story.
    / tinfoil speculation off /
  15. Anonymous Member

    Well now his new location is known so we shall see what happens if dm of scientology wants him gone now will be the time to do it.
  16. Gottabrain Member

    Out for 2-1/2 decades and every now and then I still discover some sort of magikal thinking remnant from Scn that blocks my personal happiness and peace.

    Taking huge, unnecessary risks due to a combination of magikal thinking combined with years of "do or die" is a type of destructive thinking deeply imbedded in the Scn mindset.

    Debasing one's self, health, personal goals and life beyond one's use as a pawn to the contribution of the "greatest good" is a convoluted, extremly destructive form of thinking that is brainwashed into all Scientologists.

    The mind fuck doesn't just go away.

    I don't support what MR writes, promotes and does with these victims to keep this self-denying type of dedication in place, many of which I know personally as friends. He actively recruits those who have left into his group - even those who have been out for years, sparking up the brainwashing program all over again. MR is obviously enjoying personal financial benefits from this, judging from the new, expansive spread where he's just moved, supposedly without any planning and primarily due to personal persecution.


    Grebe, you have little in common with MR. Please put some distance there. Though I see your point, you and MR aren't even vaguely similar. I'm truly sorry YOU are being harassed though. Try not to tie up your thoughts and mind about it - most of the effects of harassment are due to the fears instilled in us much, much earlier and our reactions to these - and OSA knows this and plays on it.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    So what more is there to speculate about? Marty has moved to be near Ray Jeffrey, the lawyer who successfully negotiated what I'm guessing are multi-million dollar settlements from the cult for Debbie Cook and the PIs who followed Pat Broeker for decades. Surely he'll be working with Jeffrey on future cult-related matters.

    Didn't even require tinfoil for that one.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Texas Penal Code 30.05(a) – (b):
  19. Anonymous Member

    Interesting comment.
  20. Malory Member

    You can read my previous post perfectly well and see I never said that and don't try any crap that if I'm not condemning it then I'm supporting it. Bit by bit, Marty's group is just coming out with the same crap as CoS - the fixed donations, the disconnection, the support for harmful Hubbard quackery. As long as my arse points south I'm not going to support, or be involved with shit like that. I'm disgusted by the people who want to do so but I'm not going to whine about it on here all the damned time.

    All this crap because Marty's moving house and a heap of butthurt over the Free Mosey thread. Don't even start me on the OSA allegations but this place is getting as bad as WITP with their cointelpro paranoia.
  21. Anonymous Member

    In Texas, can Marty legally shoot trespassers?
  22. Anonymous Member

    Oh, yeah. There are a few niceties to observe -- for instance, if the assholes are inside his home when they're shot (or are dragged in later without a lot of blood skid markss), he not only gets off scot-free, but gets a parade.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Sure I just don't think he has the guts to do it
  24. Anonymous Member

    the virtue of the new place looks to be that it isn't easily surveilled. No nearby places where the PIs can hang out and eat squirrel melts
  25. Anonymous Member

    ^ That's true however 1 guy can go in covert do the deed and leave quitely
  26. Anonymous Member

    Do the deed. You mean fart? Shit in a paper bag and set it on fire on his front porch?
  27. Anonymous Member

    Mosey might. :)
  28. wolfbane Member

    Indeed they do. But unfortunately, they are deeply conditioned into not being able to see/accept that kind of help.

    Nope. But the Squibs own vids on youtube, the cult's online mag smear campaign that lumped in Lawrence Wright, Jeff Hawkins et al w/ Mahty camp, other real world media coverage which has included Squib responses on one VV occaision, Bert Leahy's coming clean on his employment ordeal proving it was true and TO riding in the back of the pickup when they scoped out the rented home w/ cameras + his interview with former ex-cop PIs -- that big long diversified trail is enough for me. But YMMV if indie-haet makes you blind.

    IOW DOX or GTFO is still satisfied even when the church culties are so fking stupid they dox their own Fair Game shenanigans and it's backed up with other independently witnessed/attested-to means... right?

    However, that said - this is the real problem making things so messy ITT to sort out right from wrong...
    Yet Grebe's point about long-term surveillance = Fair Game. And Fair Game is Fair Game, still stands & I'm onboard with that sage thought even though I don't care for Marty much. That is all.
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  29. Probably why he did the photo advertisement of the place, it's for his customers who want more privacy.
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  30. FreakE420 Member

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  31. Anonymous Member

    Marty has several pics of his property (or rental) up at the link, 3 pics of the dirt road going in, 2 pics of the surrounding mature trees and growth, 1 pic of the actual house. It almost looks like a welcome mat.
  32. grebe Member

    If you really mean business when you say you are for free speech and human rights, you have to stand up for people saying things that are contrary to your own opinions.

    I don't want Scientology to Fair Game anyone, including vile Narconon supporters like Rathbun.
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  33. Gottabrain Member

    The way I see it, I have to choose my battles wisely.

    I'd go to battle for you. Not for MR. As for those saying things with which I don't agree - if they are true, I respect that. If not, I don't.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Uh, the point isn't whether anyone here agrees with Rathbun -- it's whether he should have full access to the same civil rights (to wit, protection from fair gaming) that any other citizen has.

    What say you on that one?
  35. Anonymous Member

    ^ For Marty Rathbun's prior acts with scientology he has no rights anyone can do with him whatever they may please with my blessing.
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  36. Gottabrain Member

    I agree.
  37. Anonymous Member

    In other words he is Fair Game. Got it.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    ^ yes he is and even more he deserves whatever he gets along with Rinder
  39. Gottabrain Member

    ^^ That's not me that said that. Mod can verify.
  40. Anonymous Member

    ^ No it wasn't anyone other than an anon however Marty Rathbun & Mike Rinder were enforcers for a criminal organization and they deserve that no quarter be given they have no rights.
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