Marty leaving Ingleside on the Bay (IOB) Texas

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Enturbulette Member

    Um. Wrong. Really wrong. Pride in southern heritage = pride in a flag that symbolizes fighting to keep slavery against all odds and reason. There is nothing else that the Confederate Flag means, it is purely a symbol of the Confederacy, which is a political statement in favor of slave owning and institutionalized racism by definition.

    Please don't continue to delude yourself or anyone else otherwise.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    please fuck off.
    Thank you
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  3. Enturbulette Member

    With pleasure and you are most welcome. Kindly do the same.
  4. Anonymous Member

    It is not just a matter that the PI's truck happened to have a Confederate flag sticker.

    Some people may have missed the part of Marty's blog post where he explained:
    At best, this was a dog whistle. Message received loud and clear.

    Seriously, why do you think the PI made a point of telling Marty "how proud he was to be a Confederate?" Small talk? Polite conversation? At the same time the PI "threatened [Marty] with arrest if [Marty] did not get off his property"?

    So, yes, if my 2D was black, and an agent of my avowed enemy made a point of telling me about "how proud he was to be a Confederate," my leaving town would be the least of the motherfucker's worries.
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  5. rickybobby Member

    Yep. Especially in Texas.
  6. AnyOldName Member

    Agreed. In the above scenario that was a MOST DEFINITELY RACIST message. (Yes, I am shouting and I'm white).

    While the whole "southern pride / rebel" thing appeals to some elements in some cases w/o racist overtones - pointing out the decal to a man married to an African-American/black woman & declaring "I'm proud to be a confederate" is racist and a threat directed at Mosey as well as Marty.

    I also understand why most African-Americans consider the flag a symbol of racism.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Save your Dixie cups. The South will rise again!
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  8. Random guy Member

    Not very likely, but man, that would be fun!
  9. Anonymous Member

    History derail: It wasn't just about the slaves or the grits. Southern intellectuals argued that Greece, Rome, and ancient Egypt relied upon slave labor to build their cities. Without slaves they wouldn't have had the leisure necessary to develop refined, progressive learning traditions within art, architecture, science, and politics.

    What might have been:

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Rathbuns baaaaawing over some Texas PI having a confederate flag bumper sticker on his car as the reason for his "exodus" from that rented resort property is just another shore story. Every third pickup truck for 500 miles in every direction has the same bumper sticker.

    He's got indies to audit and there's an acute shortage of them hanging around Ingelside on the Bay.

    Poor poor persecuted Martyr.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Maybe so. Still, the OSA surveillance is one of the reasons why we protest.

  12. Squirrel needs to set up a new shop..............
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  13. Anonymous Member

    This is the guy who told his flock of Kool Aid bathers that Hubtard only had three children. Would you like more examples of the Marty's difficult relationship with the truth? Now, if he had the alleged statement on camera . . .
  14. Woo Hah Member


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  15. RightOn Member

    Marty is prolly headed closer to the Indy Org In LA?
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  16. Daverator Member

  17. rickybobby Member

    Agree that it's a shore story. He's makin' a bit more money now with the auditing and the books, time to be Movin' On Up (like the Jeffersons) to better digs.... But he is spinning it so it makes him look heroic rather than materialistic.

    More power to him if it gets DMs panties in a wad.
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  18. Anonymous Member

    yes but there are more wads involved.
    he is not only making people's noggins into a wad, he is going after their wads of cash
  19. grebe Member

    When I am protesting a group that relies upon Fair Game to silence critics, and the people beside me say, "Yes but we don't like that guy so it's not a problem for us if he's gamed," then I conclude that my time would be better spent working on my boat.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    rednecks in Texas.....get the fuck outa here
  21. Anonymous Member

    Marty should move to maybe McAlester or Canadian. He would blend right in, its not like he hasn't been there before.

  22. Sorry, guilty as charged, the Triple S Triangle, Squirrels, Snakes and Scientology got the best of me.

    For the most part I feel bad for most of the squirrels and snakes who have been deceived and controlled by the head of the Snake, L. Ron Hubbard whose venom (his alleged 'Tech') has infected them all.
  23. Anonymous Member

    It took awhile, but after reading this thread and giving it some more thought, I'm smelling bullshit from Marty and agree with the others here who believe he has ulterior motives.

    Marty crafts his story to imply that racism is the reason for his move and further makes it look like he's the valiant hero by leaving for the good of the neighborhood.

    Yeah, right. His only dox is a Confederate flag, supposedly from the bumper of the PI's car. Everything else is based on the assumption that what he's saying is all factual. And he's done a good enough job to stir the emotions and get people you on his side - even me at first.

    We're talking about Marty, someone who has NOT been always truthful in the past. So now we're supposed to believe him? I mean even on the flag, how do we know what he's saying is true? Why not show the whole car or even the bumper, not just a cropped picture of one that he could have gotten from anywhere?

    But OK, let's say he was telling the truth. The fact is that anywhere is better off than being a place for Marty to bring in his brainwashed lemmings. All he's doing is ruining them with his scilon mindfuck. And I feel totally sorry for whatever neighborhood he lands in where he will continue to do just that.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    "If you can't find dirt on someone, make it up" -- LRH
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  25. Random guy Member

    And boy am I sure a few of the posters over the last couple of days would like to see just that.


    No-one deserved to be fair gamed, not even Marty Rathbun.
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  26. Gottabrain Member

    Marty blending in somewhere? Srsly.

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  27. Anonymous Member

    "2D was black" (emphasis mine): The scilon terminology gives you away. Go back to your circle-jerk on Marty's blog and stop trying to personal army WWP over to his side.
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  28. He probably likes the free publicity/promotion it gives his business.
  29. grebe Member

    Thanks for the b/lackup, brah.
    Anonymous is strongest when it stands against fair game tactics directed against its own critics. That is a fucking huge PR opportunity. Too bad our community is so full of fail right now we can't make use of it.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    True. So, what do you do about someone who knows all the secrets which could help mitigate the fair game and possible resolve some old crimes but says nothing - for eight years? I know, I know . . . group hug.
  31. Anonymous Member

    Agreed grebe. Am I the only one who senses that anons are being used to fair game Marty further?
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  32. grebe Member

    It is useful and meaningful to isolate the fair game issue in this case.

    We will have plenty of opportunities to point out the problems with "Independent Scientology." But right now, we'll only distract from the more important issue of fair game if we include those concerns in our response to Rathbun's blog about having to move due to fair game.

    Imagine the horrible police state we'd all be living under if Scientology were to win over more political leaders to their way of thinking. Every fight in their world is personal. Every fight is aimed at some identity. They don't seem to know how to argue about ideas and methods apart from personalities.
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  33. rickybobby Member

    Yeah, but aren't we all going after some cash? If he provides a service that people want.... I'd rather they get their crack from him than the C o S. We all gotta pay rent and buy our toys someway.

    And I don't think he's twisting their noggins, their noggins are already twisted. He's just helping them KEEP twisted. Voluntarily. Far as I can tell, he's not misrepresenting the services he provides, and he's not regging anyone.

    I must say I will miss the fishing videos. They were entertaining. And no more squirrel busters in boats, or getting hosed. Ah, the good old days.
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  34. rickybobby Member

    That he is not our personal army.
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  35. Anonymous Member

    brilliant post
  36. Anonymous Member

    This vid deserves another circuit. Fucking hilarious. Thanks Marty.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    What fair game? According to Jesse Prince, Marty's dispute with David Miscavige is little more than a lovers' spat.

    For so long as the InDependents maintain their cone of silence about Scientology's crimes, how OSA works, who its operatives were/are, lie, and defend the very instructions which perpetuate the fair game while all the time parading their contrived "victimhood" through the media, their remain suspect and subject to detailed inspection, including the DOX or GTFO requirement.

    I know exactly what you mean about the personalities aspect. IMHO, it is a manifestation of the Scientology processing which results in subjective reality over ruling objective reality. They simply decide that something isn't true for them and so it isn't. There can no be rational discussion of the essential issues nor a dialogue based on good will until that aspect of mind fuck ebbs . . . but these people are setting up shop to ensure the mind fuck is further reinforced amongst their own and, they hope, new raw meat. They still believe in clearing the planet and the horrible police state you envisage is their idea of freedom.
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  38. grebe Member

    Dude, Scientology hired PIs who have rented a house right by Rathbun's house. They have cameras pointed at Rathbun's place 24/7. That is fucking Fair Game and it is not okay.

    Rathbun says his wife Mosey has recently become a target. At the same time a "Free Mosey!" thread was started here with lulz fail shoops of Mosey. Lulz fail is one of OSA's signatures.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    From ESMB:

    About a year ago (?) Mosey's dad had a human heart transplant (he had been on a transplant list for years before that). Mosey (who has medical training) was with him for about a month after surgery as his in-home caregiver. While her dad was home recovering from that surgery, OSA sent people to his house to tell him he should be worried about his daughter's activities and that she was married to a criminal.
  40. Anonymous Member

    That's only the "noisy" part. Be sure to let us all know when they send a bomb threat written on paper bearing Marty's fingerprints and DNA, or hide a kilo of meth in his car before calling the police, or process a Narconon reject before sending him over to Marty's for some R2-45, or burn down Mosey's family's home, stuff like that. Then we'll know its getting srs. Marty's been out for eight years - he's been giving Miscavige the bird for four years and he's still walking around. Why's that?
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