Marty leaving Ingleside on the Bay (IOB) Texas

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by Anonymous, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

  2. Anonymous Member

    So much lulz in this thread.

    Marty lulz is always lulzy.

    Hobson must be so happy 'cause he's now "positioned" with Rathbun and Rinder. Which may be the funniest thing on WWP this year!

    Love the Bob Duggan nick, btw.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Marty was probably seeing his reflection off the windows.
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  4. Random guy Member

    If his intention is money/kicking the cult in the nuts, then Southern California seems a safe bet. If security for him and Mosey is his chief concern, then I suppose Nebraska or Oregon would be more likely. When he moves, I guess we'll see what his actual motives are.

    Personally, I hope he stays in the fight. Besides, he doesn't seem the cold weather type.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    In the south the confederate flag is the redneck banner of racism. There is no question what it means.
    I have no doubt that they have started in on Mosey. Take a look at the "Free Mosey" thread started here
    and tell me OSA isn't trying to send a message to Marty.

    Grits are tasty btw, but best as cheese grits. Yummy!
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  6. grebe Member

    I'm glad that my wogginess is showing, mate.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Your non southernness is showing.
    We'll let you live but next time, remember

    Grits are corn, corn are grits
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  8. whitesand Member

    I would disagree that the confederate flag is always as you describe in the south, it can mean pride in southern heritage. However, in this case, because the flag was pointed out in an obvious way to a white man married to a black woman, it was an unquestionable racial taunt.

    FWIW I grew up in racial segregation.
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  9. fify
  10. Sneak Moderator

    'Kay guise, once again, if you desperately need to insult Hobson/Sneakster, do it over PM. Or make a thread in his honour in the Thunderdome. I don't give a fuck. But let's try not to derail threads just for him, OK?

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  11. rickybobby Member

    I am a southerner, and I agree with this post.
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  12. Anonymous Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    That was gonna be my xmas prezzie to way ticket to CW!
  14. anon walker Moderator

    Nobody said anything about guns, derpo. Old flabby guys with camera hats just doesn't come up to 'gun in your face.'

    Hyperbolate much?
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  15. anon walker Moderator

    I'll stand right behind you, since you seem to be willing to take a bullet for the cause. Just don't get anything on my leather.
  16. Anonymous Member

    and I thought he was a true Texan ...
  17. Anonymous Member

    LOL most people that “declare independence” with Marty were long gone before Marty even started his blog. Nothing to do with him.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Don't you mean 'long out' since, well, 'long gone' would imply you are here from Scientology Inc?

  19. Anonymous Member

    1) The flags are pretty common in some places certainly not all. And they generally reveal a certain mindset that is not always conducive to a 'lets all get along' ethos.

    2) Grits. They are runny polenta. They stick to a pan and are a bitch to clean. Gimme godamn hash brown potatoes any day of the week.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    I think he's been planning the move for a while. It makes sense for him to move closer to other indies, where he is more accessible to provide auditing, which he does for a living. I also heard from people that visited him in IOB that the atmosphere over there is quite claustrophobic. Marty is probably being a bit dramatic with his post, but I don't blame him for wanting a bit more privacy and thus deciding to move. I would have gone nuts if every time I go to get milk a bunch of stupid goons would bother me and film me.

    California would be a great place for him. It has a huge indie presence there.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    I had some when I was visiting the south, and it's quite a coarse meal. Polenta is much nicer. But semolina is probably serves the best.
  22. Anonymous Member

    Homesick for San Jacinto.
  23. Django Member

    I once predicted that Marty would someday find it prudent to get a hold of some real property, a few acres somewhere, a place he could set up a compound far enough off the street that OSA goons would be forced to impotently ply their shit on the borders, and Marty's visitors/clients could just roll in, do their Scientology thang un-harassed, and go home whenever. This would obviously take some financial resources that nobody's sure he's got (might be that a monied Indy out there would back it), but seems to me this is the thing Marty would do if he were serious about just practicing and providing Scientology services in his own way.

    So, that. Or.....

    He sets up shop in Clearwater. Smack dab in the middle of it, LMT style. With apologies to amaX, this would be a monumental lulz cornucopia. Hell, I could cancel my Netflix for that. Hot Friggin' Damnation, I hope all to hell he does this.

    Granted, that'd take some serious cash, too, but it gets him close to upper management, the major Sea Org center, and a place that every single serious Scio goes at least once.If his goal is to actively take down
    Official Scientology, that'd be the way to go.
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Ah, yeah, the Dixie flag only represent the states' rights movement.
    And, I'm Barack Obama.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    That would irritate Miscavige like a splinter crosswise in 612's snatch bagina (oh, wait...).
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  26. subrosa Member

    It just looks to me like Martay's stellar sales of his books don't make the house payment, so here he can move into a trailer somewhere and blame Miss cabbage.
  27. Anonymous Member

    A nice double-wide at the center of 1000 acres of desert, and a pack of mean dogs....
  28. Anonymous Member

    Or a Bluebird, like his guru...
  29. Anonymous Member

    The same way Best Buy would always open up across from Circuit City.

    But the cult managed to shut down David Mayo's imitation Scientology. What will Marty do different?
  30. Anonymous Member

    Two possible things.

    First, I suspect that unlike Mayo, Marty has blackmail on DM and has largely kept his powder dry. True, it may be a matter of MAD (mutual assured destruction), but Marty may have convinced, or may be able to convince, DM that if Marty is pushed too far, or if Marty has nothing left to lose, Marty will pull the trigger.

    Secondly, it is a vastly different environment following the OG, the ESMBers Anonymous, the internet, much more hostile and aware news coverage, etc. Mayo really was isolated in the the wilderness with no support. Marty, not so much.
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  31. anon walker Moderator

    Yer doin it wrong if they stick to the pan. Grits are the shizz...never woulda had them if mine Uncle had not been from the deep South! I like them with butter and salt. I like them better than Cream of Wheat, and I LIKE Cream of Wheat!
  32. anon walker Moderator

    I agree that Marty "knows too much" to truly annoy, like in court.

    Mutual Assured Destruction = Marty And Davey?
    Yeah, they MAD.
  33. DeathHamster Member

    Can we set up one them up the bomb to trigger this?
  34. Anonymous Member

    DH edit maybe?
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  35. Anonymous Member

    Yeah DH, careful of them Tom Cruise missile threats on the internet.
  36. DeathHamster Member

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  37. rickybobby Member

    I have tried standing across from an org and "leering menacingly" but for some unfathomable reason it did not seem to impress anyone.

    Oh.... Maybe it was the mask. Doh!
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  38. rickybobby Member

    Uh oh, them are fightin' words, boy. As a transplanted Southerner who has tried unsuccessfully to find good grits around here, I can tell you with total certainty that POLENTA IS NOT GRITS. First of all, good grits are made from Hominy, not just ground corn. And they are a totally different texture. As for the bitch to clean part, true dat, but bacon grease and butter helps.

    PROTIP: Grits are eaten with butter, salt and pepper on a plate. Eating them in a bowl with milk and sugar totally tags you as a northerner.

    That said, nothing wrong with good hash browns. Especially when served with bacon and sweet tea.
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  39. rickybobby Member

    Don't want to insult your sensitive feelings, but cream of wheat is vile shit. Not enough butter and bacon grease in the world to make that crap palatable.
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  40. rickybobby Member

    It's a cultural thang, honey. Not saying it has not become a disrespectful reminder of past racial hatred and indignity, but there are a lot more layers to it. Remember, the South was invaded, burned and pillaged by The Union. Our grandparents told horrible stories of the invading army and the stuff that was destroyed and taken. There's still tangible damage here, and family homes and farms were lost. It's a holdover from the cultural memory of a defeated nation.

    Now, don't jump on my case, cuz I am not defending, just explaining.

    Oh, and back to the thread, I am with Tony... I don't think MarTay will leave Texas. Agree that he is going to find some spot at the end of a dirt road somewhere, surrounded by barbed wire, German shepherds, and neighbors with guns.
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