Mark Bunker - Scammer or salt of the earth good guy?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by TerapinEd, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. This thread is at page 30. You couldn't look at page 29? I have provided the documentation you were asking for in previous posts in this thread. It is not my responsibility to repeatedly repost the documentation I have ALREADY gathered when I make the claim that Bunker has raised $100K. You're a lazy fuck and you need to lurk moar.
  2. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Moving this thread into the Dome because people are mean to Bunker is not happening. We'd have to Dome most threads for "mean".
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  3. Let sue decide, you're too stupid!!!!!
    Calle Heath
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  4. Nice call
  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    WBM Day 2 Goes Horribly Wrong | Mark Bunker

    The day following my triple bypass the staff had me stand up to walk around but I immediately was in incredible pain and had to sit down. Found a blood clot in one lung. Getting better.
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  6. I.B

    I wonder what David Miscavige would have to say about this situation?

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  7. bongodream Member

    I wonder if Bunker would be amenable to uploading all the raw footage to youtube as public domain so other editors could take a crack at at. It would be sad if everything he shot ended up in a landfill.
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  8. I doubt it. If some new video equipment comes out that he wants, he can still use the unfinished doc to do another go fund me money grab. Due to his ability to raise funds, the incentive is not to finish or share material.
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  9. xander meehan Member

    Now that is actually really funny
  10. xander meehan Member

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  11. It's anything else than funny as for missfit she's a regular mean bitch with nothing else to do with her time but make sarcastic comments about other people.
  12. Irony
  13. The Internet Member

    Missfit is better than all of you.
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  14. He is requesting more money, too.

    Also, he has officially been lapped by Leah Remini in the Scientology documentary project game.
  15. Missfit Member

    Welcome to the internet. You should be receiving your AOL CD-romand explanation booklet within in 7-10 days. In the meantime, go fist yourself. ;)
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  16. Missfit Member

    Wasn;t making the association between Bunker and Trump beyond how you can be surpisedby the outcome of something and by not trying to look at things objectivly you may end up with an unexpected result. Not the greatest of my analogies but I in no way meant to put them on the same level.
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  17. John Basilone Member

    Been gone a few years. At the risk of not digging thru 30 pages of bullshit, did WBM ever get that movie made? (Thread title gives me a bad feeling but better to ask...)

  18. No he did not. It doesn't look like he has any intention of getting it made either as most of his time is spent begging for money to either pay rent or settle medical bills.

    just read back a page or two and you'll see it all for yourself.
    That guy is a fraud and no mistaking it.
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  19. What else did you expect from Missfit ?
    She's the only person I've ever come across in this forum who so blatantly flaunts her loyalty to this forum but takes a sideswipe at anyone and everyone who crosses the bitches path.
    Her astounding ability to not engage brain pre post is amazing for someone who so evidently considers herself above everyone else.
    A hard slap on the face would waken her up to the fact she's not as great as she thinks she is.
    Missfit is the classic cunt .
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  20. White Tara Global Moderator

    Oh good Bunker thread erupts into a personal shitfest all over again.

    Stay on topic please.
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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

    His words are wise, his face is beard: 10 years ago, Anonymous got some good advice

    By Tony Ortega, The Underground Bunker, January 27, 2018


    Ten years ago, at 2 in the morning on January 27, 2008, Mark Bunker uploaded a 9-minute video he’d made after a long day of work.

    Two weeks before, on January 14, Bunker had made a little history by posting another 9-minute video, one featuring Tom Cruise talking about what it was like to be a Scientologist which had been leaked out of the church and ended up in Bunker’s hands. That video (which had actually been recorded in 2004) went nuts on YouTube, and the church reacted by trying to get it yanked down with various legal threats.

    Offended by what they perceived as Scientology’s censorship of information on the Internet, the Anonymous movement then struck back with a video of its own on January 21 as DDOS attacks took down numerous Scientology websites.

    Alarmed by some of the tactics that Anonymous was using in its sudden war with Scientology, Bunker decided to say something. The result was his message to Anonymous, which itself garnered a lot of attention and won Bunker a new nickname: Wise Beard Man.

    Watching the video again for the first time in nearly ten years, we’re struck by how much has happened since then — this was before “The Truth Rundown” and Going Clear and of course Scientology and the Aftermath — but also how timely Bunker’s words still are.

    He’s right: The best way to expose Scientology’s controversies and abuses is by spreading information, and doing so as forthrightly and honestly as possible. A lesson for us all.

    So here’s the video, a transcript of it, and then some thoughts from Bunker himself.

    [Transcript snipped]

    We asked Mark for his thoughts on this auspicious anniversary. And here’s what he sent us:

    I just watched it again for the first time in years with a knot in my stomach at what I might have said and was relieved that there weren’t too many missteps. That video was shot at 2 a.m. after I came home from my night shift at XETV in San Diego. All week long the world had gone nuts over the Tom Cruise tape. It was everywhere. On every TV channel, every website, being talked about on the radio and by people in the streets all over the globe. On Friday night, I collapsed on my couch and as 20/20 started playing their opening credits and Cruise’s face appeared, it was only then that I took a moment to glance over at my desk and tell myself, “Damn, that tape came out of that computer,” and the enormity of it sunk in.

    I made this video out of concern for the people in the orgs as well as for the members of Anonymous who might not know what they were getting into. I had little to go on for info on Anonymous other than one L.A.-based Fox TV news report which painted Anonymous as a dangerous terrorist group. I was worried that by addressing them, they might turn their wrath on me, but that didn’t turn out to be the case.

    To my utter surprise, they understood my message. They quickly adopted me as a kind of Obi Wan Kenobi, dubbing me Wise Beard Man. I offered some further suggestions for peaceful protests; rules that Jeff Jacobsen had been advocating for years. When the media wanted to talk to someone from the group, they asked me to speak about them so they could remain anonymous. But it was very clear that they didn’t need my help. They very quickly got up to speed and set out to chart their own course, taking on Scientology in their own loopy but determined way. They mixed fun with facts and threw in some caek.

    A few weeks into their efforts, they launched their first global picket and around ten thousand people turned out in cities across the world to peacefully protest Scientology. They built websites and spread fliers and gave speeches and scared the hell out of Scientology’s leaders who had no idea how to bully or intimidate a huge, amorphous, leaderless group of people with no names, all wearing the same Guy Fawkes mask. People had been protesting Scientology since Scientology was formed but never on this scale. And Anonymous added costumes and themes and brought street theater to their events.

    As the months wore on, the numbers dwindled but that was to be expected. Some were in it just for the lulz. But others came to see that there was a real reason to take action and help those being abused by Scientology and they continued to protest, to flood the net with terrific videos and build websites and help the cause. I admit I am not an expert on Anonymous but I’ve met hundreds of them at pickets across the globe and talked to thousands in e-mail, on YouTube and elsewhere on the net. They come from all walks of life and while many are young, net-savvy students, Anonymous spans all age groups.

    Ten years later, people still will address me as Wise Beard Man. For a brief spell I became a meme. Slogans popped up along with amusing images. Someone turned me into a puppet and created a bizarre series of videos featuring me, Tory Christman and Carol Channing. It was all very surreal. I was amused, shocked and proud to have played a tiny little part in this continuing saga.

    Co-workers Google me and surprise me with a “Hi, Wise Beard Man.” There’s a little buzzing as the word spreads around. It gives me a chance to share more info on why those who came before me (and those who follow me) have good reason to speak out about Scientology’s fraud and abuse. I’ve slowed down some, others have picked up the slack. Such is the way of life. I’ve had my heart overhauled and have more energy and feel better all the time. And don’t worry, someday I’ll get the movie done.

    So says WBM.

    More at
  22. "And don’t worry, someday I’ll get the movie done.
    So says WBM."
    Just because he's feeling better doesn't mean he won't die first.
  23. Another more likely scenario is that WBM dies and a film is made afterwards about his efforts to bilk people for as much moola as possible.

    It'll be one very cold day in hell before he makes the movie.
  24. White Tara Global Moderator

    Pretty sure LRH and Scientology would feature in that^
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  25. Why is this piece of shit thread not in the dome?
  26. Because the public at large eagerly awaits the day when this longed for film is made plus we are most concerned about WBM's health and his means of paying for healthcare.

    Does that answer your fucking fucking question?
  27. That's not what this thread is about rocks for brains. It's a shit slinging contest orchestrated to defame WBM.
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  28. .
    Fuck th fat bastard, or rather screw him, god damn mofo

  30. Page 31. This shouldn't be Domed.
  31. 31 pages of raw sewage

    Even the dome can barely contain this level of filth.
  32. I was merely voicing my contempt for WBM in my own way but clearly reading between the lines isn't one of your strong points so I'll be content to watch you make that error over and over again.
  33. What a douchebag.

    Anyway, now that WWP is on life support, the question of whether to dome or not is moot. Anyone with anything of value to contribute is now on Tony's blog.

    Nobody wants to wade through a pile of garbage to find the info they're looking for.
  34. +1 for proper grammar.
  35. Isn't this thread exciting?

    I'm on the edge of my seat eagerly anticipating the next installment of bitch slapping.
  36. Is he still alive?????
  37. And here it comes
  38. Still no slap fest?

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