Mark Bunker - Scammer or salt of the earth good guy?

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by TerapinEd, Nov 1, 2014.

  1. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Lol lol lol
    Why haven't they offered me $$? Tara you little minx- they paid you rite?
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  2. Ogsonofgroo Member

    ^^^ Not only that, since the banks stopped accepting Marcabian Zorks many Anons have had to sell off their interwebs just to make ends meat, and not even to mentioning Pig-Pharma bouncing so many checks to the psyches who support us....

    *gags and rolls eyes like a depressurized rock cod*

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  3. The Wrong Guy Member

    Here is the end of an article that was published today by Tony Ortega. Quote:

    It’s also great to see Bunker in action in that video. We asked him how things were going for him lately. After moving back to Clearwater, he’d run into a string of bad luck that had slowed down his work on his feature-length documentary, Knowledge Report.

    “I am doing better. My health has been on an upswing and I have been putting my life back in order, coming up on one year at my latest job, where a few had even heard about Wise Beard Man before I entered the building. As of two weeks ago, I also now have a three day weekend allowing me to work more on the film,” he says.

    We’re glad to hear it.


    The beginning of that article was shared in another thread:
  4. [IMG]
  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    Wise Beard Man’s ticker needs an overhaul

    By Tony Ortega, July 25, 2017


    Mark Bunker is facing a pretty scary situation with his usual good humor. He’s scheduled to have a triple bypass operation in a few days, and even though he seems to have the right attitude about it, he admitted to us that he is worried about paying the rent when he gets home from the hospital.

    He put together this video and started a new Gofundme. We told him we’d be happy to post them here and let folks know what he’s up against.

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  6. Missfit Member

    You know, I'm pretty much down to help most people when they are in shitty situations but I can't help but feel like Mark takes advantage of the recognition he has gained from being a critic. Every thing he does he crowd sources....his rent, his legal fees, his "movie", his move to FL, his medical bills...Enough is enough. He's a grown man who seemingly cannot figure out how to get a job that will at least help keep him afloat to where he doesn't have to pander to people for money every time his life hiccups. I truly stopped caring about his cash grab for this "movie" that I do not believe will ever get made, whatever, let people help fund it if they want. But I think it's gross that he now uses us for every nickel and dime he can get.

    I'm sorry if this sounds insensitive, I do really hope things go well for him and he has a speedy recovery. But I also think he needs to buck up and stop using the anti-sci community as his personal financial safety cushion.
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  7. I realize that some bad circumstances are often beyond one's control and medical situations can easily wipe out anything you've managed to save. I feel empathy and sympathy for Bunker. Medical situations can knock you off your feet financially, I've seen it happen.

    But like you, I'm getting weary of a beg blog post appearing for him every time he needs help. If he would just admit what he did with the Knowledge Report money and ask for forgiveness, then maybe I'd want to help him out. He's put a lot of his life into this fight without much reward.

    I also feel anger that Tony puts us in a position to feel shitty for not wanting to support someone's poor life choices, or make us feel like an asshole because we're tired of seeing him beg for everything. Many of us are working our asses off to avoid being in Bunker's shoes when we get older so there's a limit to our sympathy and empathy.
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  8. The Wrong Guy Member

    This is from Mark on Facebook today. Quote:

    Thanks so much for blowing past the goal in less than 12 hours! That is truly amazing. Special thanks to Tony Ortega and everyone hunkered down in the Bunker. Day in and day out, Tony is breaking stories and exposing the ruthless nature of the Church of Scientology. He's created not just an important resource but also a family full of great readers and contributors.

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  9. Missfit Member

    I also felt this neededto be added/ amended to my first post.

    While Bunker has done some amazing journalism to propel the anti-Sci community ahead, if I'm being honest, it has been much less effective or meaningful than at least 25 other people and he has been unable to afford his life consistantly. Yet we see people who have left the cult with NO outside ties and NO real job skills outside of the SCI job and especially with no adapted social skills who are able to support families (More than a single person) without ever having to ask for a dime. If you cannot see that even in sickness Bunker is fucking you, I mean, bless your heart.
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  10. Quentinanon Member

    I can think of a few folks who have done scientology expose's in the media without soliciting or receiving handouts.
    They took all the risks and managed to pay their health insurance premiums and pay their bills from their job income.
    Then, there's Mark Bunker.
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  11. The Internet Member

    I agree Bunker has not been productive and he's a mooch.

    Still I feel compassion for him because everyone who wrestles with Scientology gets at least a little bit broken. A lot of the Scientology critics seem to get a degree of PTSD. They can't handle normal stress like they used to.

    When the cult sees critics struggling they cheer and hand out points to some OSA person. I hate that part the most. I don't know how to fight institutionalized cruelty like that except to tell Bunker I'm on his side even if he's not getting shit done and he's a mooch.
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  12. Missfit Member

    Bro, you wrote the same thing earlier. WHO the fuck are you and why the fuck are you here?! How many Internets hav you studied?
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  13. We must keep him alive to finish his Scientology documentary!!!!! It's almost finished!!!!!
  14. The Internet Member

    But why you so mad?
  15. Missfit Member

    Fair question. I'm just a girl, I rather not be, cause they won't let me drive late at night.

    Kidding, I don't drive. Truth is, whie I know this is the one community that can protect itself, I'm also super protective of this community. I don't think I've been a part of something this long until I started attacking Scientology. That being said, the last people in the world I want to see fucked over is this crew here. And I feel like when we blindly promote people just because of their status, we end up with Donald Trump. And if you don't think shit could ever get that bad I will refer you to the 2016 election. I rather attack you then try and take down a hegemony of evil shit later.

    So please understand, it's nothing personal. But this is the one place in my life where rational thought still reigns supreme and I'd like to keep it that way.
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  16. What a load of absolute tosh, Missfit.

    You're drawing a parallel between Trump and Mark Bunker now?

    Such an unmitigated smear is beneath contempt.

    Here's my tuppenceworth: it is so deep-rooted in the American psyche that you must do whatever it takes to get money to provide for your material needs that you are willing to work three jobs, hardly ever see your family, never take a holiday - it's so deep-rooted that you cannot contemplate how anyone could fail to measure up; who can't (or won't) go to such extremes.

    When you hold to that view even when a person is suffering poor health, whether physically or mentally, I think there's something the matter with you.

    I'd call that an acute dose of the American Dream - precisely what Trump has been cynically seeking to exploit with his 'Make America Great' slogan.

    tl;dr: Ludicrous Trump-Bunker comparison is ludicrous.
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  17. The Internet Member

    Scientology actually thinks "ruining" people is winning. They cherry pick mistakes or failures to make a person seem like a total loser. Repetition equals truth so the Scientologists repeat the negatives until it's impossible to have a conversation that isn't simply a repetition of negative associations.

    Smear campaigns are highly effective and difficult to fight. But our ancestors came up with a few sayings that help, like, "to err is human" and "judge not lest ye be judged," and "walk a mile in his shoes," and "there but the grace of God go I," and "err on the side of innocence; better 10 guilty go free than 1 innocent convicted."

    Paulette Cooper betrayed her friends. So did Bob Minton even though he had brass balls and a zillion dollars. There is a rumor Stacey Brooks returned to Scientology. I like to think I'd kill myself first but I don't want to underestimate the enemy's capacity for control. Look at Marty Rathbun, what a sad fuck he has become.

    "The weak are meat the strong do eat" --this is what we are up against. Scientology turned this ancient instinct into a religion. Others have done the same. I'm thinking of the libertarians, the Koch network, the Freedom caucus, and Vladimir Putin's promotion of Aleksandr Dugin's "traditionalism" within far-right groups around the globe.

    When compassion becomes a sin, be compassionate. This rule of thumb should help the civilized in their effort to resist the strong. But everything useful comes with a few unwanted consequences. A lamb's compassion for the wolf might slow his impulse to flee. So be careful. But not so careful that the cold-hearted win. With respect to Mark Bunker, compassion is more likely to help than hurt, IMHO.
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  18. sallysock Member

    Compassion. Generally I agree that we all have issues, We make mistakes, hurt others etc. Some feel remorse and some don't.
    Mark appears to show no compassion or remorse. In fact, he reveled in the drama he created at Flag Down, He admitted to being smug. Donations here-Same's the "you need to understand" instead of the "I keep fucking up and I'm sorry" approach. Don't care for either.
    Sorry that Mark is sick. Sorry for anyone that is ill.
    There's my compassion.
    As far as he goes, I stopping thinking of him as WBM long, long ago. When he refers to himself as such, I fucking cringe.
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  19. RavenEyes Member

    There are different ways to show compassion. WWP is not Bunker's personal fundraising site. Perhaps, moving forward, sue/mods/users can agree to keep his begging (for whatever his reason-du-jour is) off WWP?
    These pleas can be found many other places, anyway, so no one will be left in-the-dark by omitting them.

    "Compassion" isn't always demonstrated via contributing to someone's coffers when they panic. Sometimes it's saying "no" and using tough love. Are people planning on supplanting his needs for the rest of his life? If he hasn't learned how to sufficiently manage his money yet, it ain't gonna start now, especially if he has no reason to stop holding out his hand. ("Please, sir...may I have some more?")

    I agree with sallysock re: his smugness as well as that silly WBM moniker. That a grown man would still cling to it makes me laugh at how narcissistic he truly is. How smug he was to brag how quickly his gofundme "blew" through a BEGGING goal is actually quite pathetic and hilarious, simultaneously.
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  20. Fuck off you spunk faced whore .
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  21. Fucking Raven always having the last word sticking your ugly great nose in when there's shit to stir.
    You and that fuckbucket Disambiguation are two of a kind interfering has-beens with no interest in anything other than pissing in the wind about something that could and should be left alone.
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  22. Is that a proposed rule just for Mark Bunker? Or for anyone who asks for financial help? Or only for people who are, by WWP consensus, smug/moochers/incapable?

    Supplanting? Did you mean supplying? Supplementing?

    Raveneyes, your quote is from Oliver Twist, who was meant to represent the thousands of innocent children starving in workhouses created by an Act of Parliament to be deliberately punitive to the poorest in society, regardless of the circumstances that brought them there.

    You could have written the same thing about anyone who happens to be poor and who requests help. I wouldn't say there was much evidence of compassion there - you seem to me to be mocking someone who is ill and in need of help to keep a roof over his head.

    So, a friend in need is pathetic and hilarious and a BEGGAR. This not compassion, or tough love - it's just kicking someone when they're down.
  23. Quentinanon Member

    I don't think that you have to stay "broken". You can repair yourself with education, therapy and healthy relationships.
    You can learn to think discerningly, reject destructive belief systems and stay away from toxic people.
    I have found that you can deal with institutionalized cruelty by publicly identifying it as such, not feeding the institution with people and money, and hitting them back harder than they hit you.
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  24. sallysock Member

    Bold is mine. I have no friends in this game. Most don't. History kinda says a lot as far as tt goes.
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  25. We all get to choose our friends. In the quoted sentence, I was referring to what I saw as Raveneyes' slightly warped idea of compassion/tough love - which I doubt would be appropriate for those who are not friends.

    Who among us is not sometimes hilarious, pathetic or in need? Why would a friend choose a time when a person is at their most vulnerable to mock or vilify them, and at the same time seek to remove a possible source of help?

    If WBM is a 'silly moniker', it was some wit here who coined the name. Mark obviously felt honoured - even knowing it was a humorous, playful meme. I don't see why that little bit of pride should now be cringeworthy, or why anyone would describe the gratitude for others' donations as smugness. It sounds a tad twisted to me, if not outright malicious.
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  26. The Internet Member

    All y'alls annoy me. Especially the ones who say that taxes are theft and we should hand over Federal lands to billionaires. Fuck those guys. But thanks for protesting Scientology!
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  27. White Tara Global Moderator

    No matter where he has wound up, Mark Bunker has quite some history here, I see no problem with people reporting and discussing his comings and goings on wwp. Although I have noticed this thread contains more than the average number of shitfights per thread, I just cant see it as a valid reason to start censoring Mark Bunker news.
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  28. So.

    Did he died?
  29. RavenEyes Member

    I didn't suggest censoring MB "news" or his comings/goings. I reiterated what others had said immediately prior to my post ITT or posted someone's suggestion to me (off this forum) about keeping his gofundmes off WWP to prevent the attacks. lol
  31. White Tara Global Moderator

    My apologies, I posted not as a direct response to you Raveneyes, more so as a response to a general sense that people were asking for some level of censoring aspects of Mark Bunker news. Even some of the more lame gofundmes that appear here from time to time, haven't warranted removal. That was why we created the gofundme thread. Admittedly that was mostly intended as a point and laff troll thread. Go figure, TT has attracted more trolling than that one has. :confused:

    /brb cleaning off topic
  32. Quentinanon Member

    In the U.S. such people are called libertarians or very stupid, depending on who you ask.
  33. The Internet Member

    This is how Scientology fights critics:

    We can disagree about many things. But we should remember all the major stuff that brings us together so we keep our disagreements in perspective.
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  34. Before Project Chanology, before Leah Remini, before Louis Theroux, before Anderson Cooper, there was the video camera of Mark Bunker and Nobody else at the time was as prolific at making and posting videos on the internet exposing scientoogy.

    I am embarrassed and ashamed for the few people remaining at WWP that feel that it's OK to have a "dead agent" thread against him, and am disappointed at the mods for not putting this thread in the basement where it belongs, next to the thread that did the same to Tory Magoo.
    park viaduto
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  35. Go fuck yourself.
  36. Did Tory Magoo raise $100K from her supporters for a Scientology documentary and then never deliver it?
  37. Boggle Member

    Please provide evidence that Mark Bunker raised $100,000.

    By the way, do any of you know how his surgery went?
  38. Lurk Moar
  39. Boggle Member

    Sorry, don't want to "Lurk Moar" here. I asked you two simple questions. You provided no answers. Bye bye.
  40. As of today he has NOT had his surgery as for his funding ask it's always live.

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