Mark Bunker Appointed to the Clearwater Downtown Development Board

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by peterstorm, Apr 17, 2020.

  1. peterstorm Member

  2. candide2020 Member

    so happy for you mark ,so many people tried to trash you down , but you won and the church of shitology is going to be in the head lights and all their tricky businesses are going to be on the air everyday , so hilarious ah ah ah ah
  3. candide2020 Member

    go mark go , their paradise is going to be hell ,I heard the poor old sea orgers are signing for a billion's years contract ?
    it must be a lil' bit longer at the end ....:D
    sleeping in overcrowded dorm and taking flag overcrowded buses everyday ,watch you ,lil' midget dacvey is coughing out cash in his bunker
  4. candide2020 Member

  5. candide2020 Member

  6. Ten98 Member

  7. xander meehan Member

    quote="Ten98, post: 2784899, member: 5573"]If anyone can get me a copy of this message that supposedly went out to all Scientology followers calling Coronavirus a hoax, I can get Miscarriage arrested within 48 hours.[/quote]

  8. xander meehan Member

    BUNKER....wbm.... I am very happy for you... Maybe now, You can be supremely effective.... I would love to see Lisa's case resurrected... or ant other grand scheme...
    especially if it had anything to do woth income tax evasion, improperly , fraudulently, building code or property tax violations.... or anything else that could be cbbled together... would be awesome!!!,
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  9. kennyfarmer Member

    Mark truly cares about the citizens of Clearwater. If Scientology didn't abuse people and families, he would not go after the "church". It's not about freedom of religion, it's about freedom.Go Mark!

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