Marian Mapother Henry's new business...

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Anonymous, Aug 19, 2010.

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    Re: Marian Mapother Henry's new business...

    Um, ok?
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    Re: Marian Mapother Henry's new business...

    bet she knows of a bridge to sell you! yuk yuk yuk
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    Re: Marian Mapother Henry's new business...

    Get out. Now.
  5. RightOn Member

    Re: Marian Mapother Henry's new business...

  6. Moriene Member

    While setting up new business Enrich Consulting provides personalized business solutions to your business needs s they believe in building long-term business relationships with our clients.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Naicin pills & worthless "tech" amirite?
  8. Who is she again?
  9. Anonymous Member

    Cruise's sister
  10. blackdove Member

    So is she not living with Tom anymore? Or am I thinking of Cass?
  11. Smurf Member

    Marian & husband Ray live in Clearwater. Cass (Catherine) Darmody and husband, Tim (with whom I've been informed are now separated) moved to California. Cass & sons Liam & Aden live with Tom in his Beverly Hills mansion; Tim lives in a small home in Pasadena on Cooley Place and he works for a Scilon-owned firm in Pasadena. Son Aden is believed to be at the Delphi Academy in Oregon; Liam is here in LA.

    Liam's promoting his uncle's movie, 'Mission Impossible 4' on his Twitter...!/Ldarmody

    Liam, Connor & friend in an "airsofting" competition [IMG]

  12. blackdove Member

    Thanks for the info, Smurf. The endlessly marrying Mapothers are fascinating to me.

    Wasn't Liam on staff in somewhere remote like Russia not long ago?
  13. Smurf Member

  14. Been There Member

    No offense Smurf, but your information is very out of date and inaccurate. Marian and Ray split up several years ago. She's still living in Clearwater. You were right about that. Her son has a band and plays at Scieno functions.

    Cass divorced Tim years ago and is now married to Greg Capazorio, the head of Criminon in LA. She works for Cruise. She has 3 kids. The first one was with Artie Lesavoy, her first husband. That child, an adult woman now, is in the SO. The two boys are with Tim Darmody, her second husband. Capazorio is her third. Tim is out of their lives completely. I'm not even sure he's IN anymore. Both boys go to Delphi in LA, not Oregon. Also, not that you mentioned her, but Lee Anne Devette is no longer married to Derek DevetteNot sure where the stuff about Liam and Russia is coming from, blackdove other than kids tend to say silly stuff online. He was never in Russia and he's never been on staff. He lives in LA with his family and goes to high school. He's not even old enough to drive. They no longer live with Cruise either. Liam is only 16. Aden is only 13, which leads me to a concern I have.

    Smurf, the boys are only children. Should you be posting their pics here? Listen, I'm all about taking down CoS for what they've done to me and my family, and believe me, I have serious issues with Cruise, but these are underage children you are posting pictures of. I'm sure you got them from the kid's facebook pages. Please don't say they're in the public domain making it OK to post them. I think we both know its just not right. They're children. Their half wit parents should be supervising them so that their pictures aren't online, but that's still no excuse to post them. We're adults. If their parents are irresponsible morons who are too busy working for big brother and kissing his ass, instead of watching what their kids are doing on facebook, we don't have to be like them where the kids are concerned. Believe me, those kids are going to have really huge problems in the future.

    Again, you have no idea how much I hate the CoS and how much I'd like to see Cruise taken down along with Miscavige, but the kid thing gets to me....maybe because of the way they treated me when I was Liam and Aden's age. I know the family well (and wish I didn't). Cruise is a jerk and his sisters are no better, but I don't think 2 wrongs make a right in this case. Please, can we leave the kids out of it?? Or I should say, atleast leave their pictures out of it? Its the right thing to do. Once they're 18, have at it, but as long as their minors.....

    Thanks for listening and I hope you aren't offended.
  15. Been There Member

    No he wasn't, Smurf. Liam has never been on staff, let alone on staff in Russia of all places. He's an LA kid who lives at home with his family and his most recent "Dad", goes to Delphi Academy and hangs out with his cousin Connor Cruise and Jaden Smith and other rich Scieno kids like Jake Isham who Connor has formed a DJ company with. The farthest he's been is to visit his crazy uncle on location or to visit his stepfathers family in South Africa. I'm not doubting that you saw something like that, probably on the kids facebook page, but you have to know that kids do that.....say they live somewhere they don't or give other inaccurate information. Trust me on this, he lives at home in LA in a very nice house bought by money from Cruise. He is not on staff or in the SO.
  16. are you still in contact with the family? I'm wondering what they are up to now, and also, would like to chat with you if you are able to

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