March 23, 2013 ATL, Ga Hubbard had a Bday and we had fun

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by ravenanon, Mar 25, 2013.

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    Brace for lots of words!

    I'm not sure what it was exactly, but this protest was a lot of fun. The music was good, the protesters were great, the cult was the usual,

    We arrived at 4 and watched scientologists come and go. All of them angry and if you could flip some one off with your eyes well the cult members have that down. None of them wanted to see us around on hubbards b-day party.

    We had tons of honks and a few people stop by to talk to us. One of which was a gentlemen who was given dianetics and sent the info card in the book into them over 20 years ago. They still send him info to his house. Once he read it he knew the cult was joke and wish he had not sent it in. Anyway way to use your resources Scientology! Nothing like 20 years of junk mail to people who know your a waste. He was happy to see us there and may be back. Another person talked to us and was very receptive to everything we told him about we gave him more information and he will be checking up on things more.

    A few Jehovah witness walked by and they waved to us too.

    Deb Danos our local OSA drove by us. She parked in the back of the cults building and went in the back door. When she left she looked defeated. I felt very unconfronted.

    We noticed the cult members were all driving off so we checked with a new source and found out where they went. Hubbards party was at fancy hotel down the street. We decided to go have a look around. Once inside we noticed very few of the cult members we have seen over the years, but did see some new faces that I think are from the NOI. We exited back out since that entrance was very crowded and slow moving. One of the people inline was complaining about the slow pace of everything and how they had to bring invitations to get in. From what I saw of them the invitations were very plane/cheap looking. On our way out the door some one zipped by us into the "top secret" meeting room and we had the chance to see badly torn tacky streamers hanging everywhere and signs stuck on the walls saying Reserved. The signs were beyond tacking too.

    We went in the front door and wondered towards the hotels restaurant so we could look legit and if need be I would of bought a coke to stay legit.
    As we walked down the hall way Joel Benk saw us and his eyes got huge. He hesitated a bit and could not figure out what to do, but then tried to casually walk by us. It is good to be recognized.
    This area was slow and unorganized looking too.
    After a bit of yftc dropping in that area we left. Joel stared at us the whole time with huge eyes and seemed nervous. I almost asked him how Mary Reiser was, but I figured he would pass out from the stress or need to change his underwear. We got back in the car and dove around the parking lot holding a sign saying CULT in big letters out the windows.

    My pictures are below, but I failed to learn how to use my camera very well so everything is small. Sorry about that.

    as always the cult's yard is un mowed and mostly unmaintained

    Jehovah's Witness off to the right strolling by


    a few good people




    Our simple caek with a Yoda influence. ( after we all had caek we were chatting and I stepped backwards into part of it. The majority of it was saved, but I'm pretty sure that is an Anony Sin.

    I got the back of this car. The front tag is Cali and back is GA. I guess we have some one shipped in to help our pitiful little org.

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